VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED January 26

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Re: VDP-MonsterRandomizer UPDATED January 26

Postby Plynthus » Sun May 31, 2020 8:22 am

Turin Turambar
Thank you for saying that. I'm pretty happy how this has turned out so far.

I am still open to adding that option at some point. I remember you asking it before on Doomworld.

But going through every monster and trying to decide which belongs to which category is going to be a pain.
Some would be obvious, but some not so much.
Some should be in more than one category, and some in only one.
I feel like I would need a little help with it. At least ask opinions on the ones I wouldn't be so sure of.

Of course I could just categorize them the way they are in Realm667(most of the monsters are from there).
Any suggestions would be great too!

Unfortunately now is not the time though.
I'm not currently working on this, and that would require the kind of time I currently don't have.
But at some point I will jump back in to this for sure.

Captain J
The monsters that belong in the same replacer category. Like Imp and all its replacers.
They should not fight each other, or the monster they're replacing.

However there are few exceptions.
Because some monsters have attacks that can still cause infighting, even if they belong to the same species.
Like explosions and rail attacks. I've managed to work around some of them, but some still are there.

Mostly replacers for enemies that normally wouldn't fight each other, won't fight each other(including the original monster and all the replacers for it), which has been my goal.
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