[RELEASE] QuakeStyle Unbound v1.3

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[RELEASE] QuakeStyle Unbound v1.3

Postby That Blind Guy » Sun Apr 21, 2019 10:55 am

I can't even remember how long it's been since I posted about this mod, but at long last, it has been completed!

FQuakeStyle Unbound is a randomizer that adds player classes, tons of weapons and monsters, more powerups, and some utility mods created by Nash, gleasspty, and others. It is a sequel of sorts to Xterra's QuakeStyle ZX, itself a sequel of sorts to silentzora's original QuakeStyle mod.

The mod features:
-16 player classes
-Over 100 weapons including 2 exclusives per class
-A weapon wheel to streamline selection between all of these weapons
-Multiple fire modes for nearly every weapon
-Over 150 monsters including many DOOM and Quake staples
-Over a dozen powerups that are stored for use whenever you need them
-A variety of HUDs to select, depending on your tastes
-And more!

At this point, the mod is receiving bug fixes and compatibility patching only. Nevertheless, critiques are still welcome!

Download here: http://zorasoft.net/doom.html
GZDoom 3.6+ required.

Happy slaying!
That Blind Guy
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