The Wayfarer's Tome: a standalone gameplay mod for Heretic

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The Wayfarer's Tome: a standalone gameplay mod for Heretic

Postby Not Jabba » Sat Apr 20, 2019 4:08 pm

The Wayfarer's Tome is a standalone gameplay mod that lets you use the gameplay rebalance from The Wayfarer with any standard Heretic map. Although the rebalance was designed primarily as a base for creating new maps, I've found it to be enjoyable with any well-designed Heretic map. Hopefully you will too!

How does it play with Heretic.wad?
Heretic has mixed quality when it comes to level design, and a gameplay mod isn't able to address all those issues. However, playing with the mod does improve the pace of the game and keeps the combat from dragging. I think it's worth playing Heretic with the mod, especially if you didn't like the game much in the past but want to give it another shot. E1 is super quick and breezy with all the fodder enemies, and the tougher maps in E3-E5 are generally more fun as well. E4M1 is still nonsense. If you play continuous, you'll often end up with enormous amounts of ammo and armor, so consider using Wand starts if you're looking for more of a challenge.

What do you recommend playing with the mod?
I've tested the following maps and mapsets with The Wayfarer's Tome, and I would highly recommend all of them (with or without the mod, but especially with).

-Elf Gets Pissed*
-Realm of Parthoris
-Curse of D'Sparil*
-Templum Dormiens Dei
-Dark Deity's Bastion
-Where Serpents Ever Dwell

*Requires a patch, which is included with the release. Load files in the following order: the mapset you're playing, then wtome_sa.wad, then the patch. The patches are as follows:
-wtome_egp.wad: Elf Gets Pissed
-wtome_cod.wad: Curse of D'Sparil
-wtome_ub.wad: UnBeliever

Gameplay changes from Heretic:
The Wayfarer's Tome adds a variety of mostly minor tweaks to Heretic, which are intended to make the gameplay smoother, improve the overall balance, fix a few weird design choices that could be considered features but are probably bugs, and so on. The main goal of these design changes is to make the game a bit more fast-paced and fun to play. The following is a complete list of changes.

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Re: The Wayfarer's Tome: a standalone gameplay mod for Heret

Postby Hipnotic Rogue » Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:55 am

Cool beans! Can't wait to give it a try. :)
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Re: The Wayfarer's Tome: a standalone gameplay mod for Heret

Postby Not Jabba » Tue Apr 30, 2019 5:03 pm

Here is Beta 2

Changes from B1:
-D'Sparil's first form now has a pain chance of 25, like a Maulotaur. His second form has a pain chance of zero. This is primarily to keep him from being stunlocked by the Tomed Phoenix Rod.
-The mod now includes a KEYCONF lump, which adds a section to the Configure Controls menu in ZDoom/GZDoom that lets you bind keys for every artifact in your inventory.
-Nearly all of the sprite fixes from the Heretic Minor Sprite Fixing Project are bundled into the mod, as is the widescreen-friendly status bar.
-Fixed all the missing dynamic lights I could find; this includes Tomed and un-Tomed weapon projectiles, ammo pickups, enemy projectiles, and the Iron Lich's death sequence. I think everything is accounted for, but let me know if you see anything that's missing lights.

In addition, I played Dark Deity's Bastion and added it to the recommended maps list.

Still to do (these will probably be on the backburner for awhile):
-Patches for specific mapsets.
-Menu option to replace Firemace with Lightbringer.
-Making enemy melee attacks pass through ghosts. This may be messier than it sounds, as it will potentially screw up a lot of enemy infighting, and I may not end up implementing it until I eventually convert to ZScript.
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Re: The Wayfarer's Tome: a standalone gameplay mod for Heret

Postby hybridial » Tue May 28, 2019 5:11 pm

Hey, I've been playing a bit with this mod and also played the first level of the maps you made and took a quick look at the second. It's all quality work, and Heretic deserves more appreciation than it's had over the years. I actually want to suggest, if it can be done, that the Lightbringer could be added in properly as it would be cool to have an extra weapon, and I actually liked using it way more than I thought it would.

Also, glad its just not me that finds the first level of the Ossuary to be like Hell Beneath only this time it's not messing around. A pox on that level. :x
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Re: The Wayfarer's Tome: a standalone gameplay mod for Heret

Postby Not Jabba » Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:47 am

Beta 3 is ready!

This release of Waytome includes a patch for Curse of D'Sparil (wtome_cod.wad), which fixes the custom status bar graphics. Without the patch, parts of the status bar are overwritten by the widescreen-friendly status bar graphics. The mapset is totally playable without it, though.

Other changes from Beta 2:
-A menu option has been added that replaces the Firemace with the Lightbringer and all Firemace ammo with equivalent Lightbringer ammo. I make no guarantees that any map will be properly balanced if you do this; it's just for fun.
-The firing and impact sounds for the Phoenix Rod have been replaced with ones that sound more powerful.
-The firing sound for the Lightbringer has been replaced with a better one.
-Fixed the Tomed Phoenix Rod not making sound when it fired.
-The faux-brightmaps for weapon/ammo pickups are no longer offset incorrectly in OpenGL.
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Re: The Wayfarer's Tome: a standalone gameplay mod for Heret

Postby Not Jabba » Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:05 pm

Slight update to Beta 3b, which includes a patch for Ryath's UnBeliever.
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Re: The Wayfarer's Tome: a standalone gameplay mod for Heret

Postby Ixcuazl » Sat Dec 07, 2019 9:50 pm

Hey, all. Sorry for the necromancy, but I did a thing.

See, it occurred to me lately that I've never actually finished Heretic. It's just kinda lacking, you know? So I went fishing for gameplay mods, and in the end it came down to this or Brutal Heretic/Heretical Doom, (since I'd tried Heretical Doom before and that's pretty good, if a bit over the top at times). In the end I preferred the relative elegance (and balance) of this one (and the fact that it's compatible with RPG-Lite) but there was exactly one thing from the other one I rather missed: altfires.

So I did some surgery, plus some tinkering.

>> Wayfarer's Tome, with altfires.


Anyway. Thanks for the good mod, OP. Hope you don't mind.
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Re: The Wayfarer's Tome: a standalone gameplay mod for Heret

Postby m8f » Mon Feb 24, 2020 8:14 am

Bug report: if Wayfarer's Tome is loaded last, its MAPINFO lump removes any installed event handlers.
Solution: just replace EventHandlers command with AddEventHandlers.
Took me a while to understand why certain addons didn't work with The Wayfarer's Tome.
This is also an issue in The Wayfarer.

Also, more of a nitpick: I don't mind graphics being converted to PNG and therefore palette-locked. There is probably a reason behind that. But if FLTWAWA* remained paletted, all water textures would be compatible with HeresyPal, which is like a new coat of paint for an old game.

Edit: And, of course, thank you for making The Wayfarer and The Wayfarer's Tome! It definitely improves the gameplay for Heretic, perfectly fulfilling its "didn't like the game much in the past but want to give it another shot" role!
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