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Blood Stalker 2.3b Play as anything! Stability&Balance

PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 11:51 am
Would you accept the deal?

Please read notes for details.

Would you accept the deal?



All that noted, I've had this character created for most of my life. It could be considered a life project at this point. Now that I've become knowledgeable enough with coding I can make strides towards making this project better.

So far the mod itself allows you to play as her, Psycho, to use your powers in any way you see fit. It's an addon type of mod, meaning that it should work with most mods you want to combine it with. It doesn't have it's own game play story yet but it may come in the future.

So far almost all of her abilities have been created and are working such as: Draining Blood, Reviving from death, creating folllowers with your blood, utilizing psychic powers, enjoying enhanced agility to even dodge projectiles and flip across the room, absorbing genetic info into your blood, turning into your true beastial form, and even having your allies turn into their own forms depending on what you have absorbed.



2.3 Stable Release
A lot of bugs have been fixed regarding possession, which is a new mechanic that still has a lot of work to be done.
Figured I should release this stable version now because I'm probably looking at a whole code rewrite/cleanup in the future.

2.2 Stability Update
Have been bugfixing and brainstorming on what to add this entire time. Figured now would be a good time for an update.
Main changes besides bugfixes are that now your blood drain damage scales with how much damage you've taken.
Trying to get the perfect spot where you become stronger when near death.

2.0 B-Day Experimental Update
Been gone a long time yet again, but not without great strides in coding. As you may have noticed from the title, you can now play as ANYTHING from any mod. This means you can play as monsters, other player classes, effectively change classes permanently, and other kinds of hilarious things.

New options menu to simplify a lot of things. You have to enable the option to play as this class to start. At first nothing looks different until you start pressing your form keys. As Ryuvain you always have your original form to use. You swap between your current body and that form by holding sprint/speed and pressing use. You can also pounce to move around quickly in this form by holding sprint/speed and jumping.

How it works is simple. If you should die and not have enough blood points to revive yourself, you'll turn to abandoning your body and can now search for a new one. You can come up to any monster (that bleeds/has blood) or (enemy) player and take their body for yourself. To do this you hold the sprint/speed key and press use.

This is a completely redone mechanic that has you enter rage mode when taking too much damage. In this state you have increased defenses and heightened melee damage. The downside is that your health will drain if you stay in the mode too long without killing anything. Also taking critical damage will force you into your beast form, having immense power but no range capability.

There's probably a lot more things that I could touch up on, but this is a highly experimental phase that the project is going through and things change wildly from week to week. Having all of it put down here would probably be a waste of time as it could just change soon. Everything under these update parts might be inaccurate or flat out wrong. Mostly wanted to get this release out for my B-day as a celebration of how far I could push this mod. Have fun!

1.2 BIG Update
Whoo boy, sorry I've been gone for so long. I havent stopped working on the mod but also never got enough off time from work to test and upload properly. I've fixed countless bugs including one which prevented all morphs from appearing. New abilities are also included, one of which I fell in love with: Pouncing.

Pouncing allows you to use a aimable dash to traverse the map or dodge attacks, please use responsibly since most map makers probably don't think you would have this much mobility. Pouncing along with dodging makes you hyper-mobile and its just plain fun as heck.

Theres also another important mechanic: Rage.
When rage activates your entire screen with flood with red meaning you barely flinch from attacks anymore and do much more melee damage. Your regeneration also starts going out of control, taking your blood points and making you almost unstoppable, but also draining it passively. You can stave off rage by draining enough blood so that your body stops craving it. That's made more difficult with how it drains blood in rage.

Reviving has been somewhat reworked as well. It prevents you from respawning for a while so that you don't accidentally respawn when you could have revived yourself instead.

A lot more things have changed but it's definitely hard to keep a stable changelog when you hardly have luxury time to play with things and keep track of all the small changes.

0.7 Update
Thralls now properly check for room before mutating into something that would most likely get stuck.
Hook pull ability is back but redesigned. Is now a psychic ability with different graphics but functions the same.
Other fixes I can't remember atm. Sorry there's a LOT.

0.6 Update
Countless bug fixes again. Max health gain lowered. Ultimate form health cost changed to 200.
You can now give your thralls your own health to revive them, allow them to heal, or even use their own ultimate forms.
Completely fixed enemy dodge rolling.
Ryuvain_Monsters cvar now reads from 0 to 256 to allow you to customize how often these types of enemies appear.

0.5 Update
Added a way to freely remove absorbed forms. Use with Sprint+Reload.
General bugfixes.

0.4 Update
Fixed a lot of bugs. Alt classing works again along with fixing the powers not working through levels and hubs.

Important Update!

I've taken to learning ZScript for its enhanced potential and vastly improved performance. A lot of things are either disabled or removed for now until I've gotten the hang of scripting.
The main modules and mechanics are still the same but much of it has been ported to ZScript so the performance hit problem has been fixed. Pardon the mess inside the scripts.

Thralls (those you join blood with) have been reworked. Now they can increase their own power by draining blood making their health and damage stronger. They can still transform into their beast forms but they need to drain enough blood from enemies to do it now. Also make sure you have at least 1 monster absorbed into your own blood so they can access it as a form. (Press the same key to infect on an allied target that's big enough.)

Another New Update!

Dodge Rolling has been added. You can freely dodge attacks at will with good timing. Mutants dodge roll as well as dash like the player making them tougher. Ever see a zombieman flip and shoot you?

New ways to dodge roll added. Rolling forward and back with flips to match. Naturally added to AI as well.

Main Update?

The mod is basically finished right now besides a few bugs. This doesn't mean I won't update it or add new abilities or powers, it just means that the baseline for the mod is complete. Btw if you have any ideas feel free to share them!

New Powers
Whip Attack to grab enemies to bring to melee range.

Nightmare attack basically turns the game into the horror genre for your enemies. Comes with music and effects for players!

Psionic Blast Ultimate takes over weak enemies instantly and blasts everything else with a shockwave.

Balance is pending atm.


Nightmare is bugged atm causing lag. Working on it.


What do you get when you take -Prototype- 1+2 (XBox), a Vampire, and a Werewolf, and mix it all together? This mod pretty much.

Born from the free time I had for years I've decided to finally release this mod since leaving it to sit on my computer was kind of a waste? I don't know.

What is it?:

This mod is a class and a play style, both designed to work with as many mods as possible and run well. I normally use this along with ZDoom Wars, Stronghold, and many others. It works. (for the most part.)

It features a leveling system that unlocks powers as you drain blood.

I'm trying to balance this as well as I can, but know that it's difficult to do so when the base characters don't often have much to work with themselves.


Wield the power of blood itself to drain life from enemies, regenerate, mind control, mutate, shapeshift, and more. It's meant to give you the feeling of being a viral mastermind/vampire/werewolf thing(?), but using a leveling system so that you must earn your power.

It's designed to work with almost any monsters as well. Like Barons? Try learning their class and mutate some of your enemies yourself!

How? Controls:

To be honest, there's a LOT of maneuvers and game play changes that go with this mod. It's almost like a fighting game with all these combinations.


The action key along with sprint, crouch, and the use keys activate differing powers. The leveling system will tell you how to use them.
If you are using the class, your weapon contains most of your powers itself. You WILL need reload and zoom binded as well.

Draining Blood:
Secondary attack while unarmed.
Alt classes hold sprint then press the Action key.
Your most important ability, it allows you to gain power and heal too. Almost ALL of your abilities use your stored blood.

Kick attacks
Scales with your health.

Action Key for alt-classes
Share your blood with the target, taking control of them or mutating them if used again.

Steal Weapon
Multiplayer only, makes your target drop their weapon or copies it if it can't be dropped.

Action Key:
Weapon Swap
Quickly switches to unarmed if holding a weapon or switches to your last weapon.

Hold both while not moving to take a defensive stance and reduce damage. Hold both while moving to dash at high speed instead.

Alt Classing:

ryuvain_altclass bool
Must be changed in console for now.

Even if you don't want to use the main class you can alt-class. This means you still get a lot of the powers but can use another class as well. Like Doomguy but with powers! There's a drawback though of starting at low health. (This may change, no ideas atm)
Controls are different as well, and not all powers will be available.


Being a viral like blood creature you can also add monsters to your strain. Add anything you can find from any mod and infuse them into your blood by trying to infect them again. You can then choose which slot they will take and design your own mutants.
Requires ryuvain_custommutants set to 1 or higher.

This system can also absorb morphs and other classes too. You can hold several morphs to yourself and transform back into them when you need them. Uses the same system as for mutants except using the action key with the Use key.


There's a LOT of settings, but if you must know them...
You can also type Ryuvaincheat in console if you want everything instantly.
A lot of these may be outdated now and more have been added. Once I get time to do a full proper update I can change all of this to accommodate.


Also, I didn't originally plan on releasing this mod. Many things may need a lot more work.
Let me know if there's any concerns or even suggestions. Feedback is always appreciated.

Re: PyreWolf -Prototype-

PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 10:00 pm
by -Ghost-
Sounds interesting, do you have any videos or screenshots to show it in action?

Re: PyreWolf -Prototype-

PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 10:52 pm
Not yet, will probably add a video later. I don't think screenshots will help much since its mostly gameplay though.

Was just trying to release it first.

Re: PyreWolf -Prototype-

PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:51 am
by Whoah
Sounds sick, but the dropbox link doesn't appear to work

Re: PyreWolf -Prototype-

PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 4:31 am
Sorry, forgot to create the link. Fixed.

Re: PyreWolf -Prototype-

PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 2:37 pm
by YasuoProjectX
This gets me a puke after playing this mod but its nice tho

Re: PyreWolf -Prototype-

PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 2:46 pm
Thanks I think. Prototype 1 and 2 weren't any cleaner tbh.

Re: Bloodtaker -Prototype-

PostPosted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:14 am
New update out. Adds dodge rolling/flipping as a new mechanic. Mutants can also dodge roll and dash like the player too.

Re: Bloodtaker -Prototype-

PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 6:00 am
by Ahpiox
TXTX wrote:New update out. Adds dodge rolling/flipping as a new mechanic. Mutants can also dodge roll and dash like the player too.

That's some Enter the Gungeon thing.

Re: Bloodtaker -Prototype-

PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 7:04 am
Ahpiox wrote:
TXTX wrote:New update out. Adds dodge rolling/flipping as a new mechanic. Mutants can also dodge roll and dash like the player too.

That's some Enter the Gungeon thing.

It honestly looks like it. Although I play more Nuclear Throne myself.

Re: Bloodtaker -Prototype- 0.3?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 7:24 am
Yet another update to bring flipping to the new roll mechanic and new powers detailed above.

Re: Bloodtaker -Prototype- 0.3?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 6:00 am
Version 2.0 is out now. Have been attempting to learn ZScript painfully but a lot of things have been ported over or improved.

However a lot of features have either been removed or made redundant as well. Along with a lot of things that are unfinished.
Until I've gotten the hang of ZScript updates will be slow.

Re: Lord of Beasts-Z Edition

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 8:02 pm
by Jayrassic Park
One of the foxgirl(?)'s evolution forms mentions a whip, but I can't seem to activate it.

I also think the 500 Health for the last form is a bit much.

Visual indication that we've successfully turned an enemy (besides backflips) would be nice.

Re: Lord of Beasts-Z Edition

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 9:55 am
Jayrassic Park wrote:One of the foxgirl(?)'s evolution forms mentions a whip, but I can't seem to activate it.

I also think the 500 Health for the last form is a bit much.

Visual indication that we've successfully turned an enemy (besides backflips) would be nice.

The grapple whip was temporarily removed for balance thoughts but I can re-add them though.
Not sure where the balancing is ending up.

500 health may be high but you can get that much from a cyberdemon/spider mastermind. It's worth it though since that form's damage and health are probably way too godly.

I did have an indicator before, I can probably re-add it with a few tweaks.
Have re-added the old translation code so that they will share your colors now.

I'm putting up a new version anyway.

Re: Lord of Beasts-Z Edition 0.2 Story bits

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 7:42 am
BugFix update, changed hook to psychic power instead.