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Doom Difficulty Wad Center [MAPINFO Edit]

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:52 pm
by DifficultyGuy
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Here are a few difficulty mods that change the MAPINFO file with the intent to be as compatible as possible with the Doom IWADS and other IWADS similar to Doom (Freedoom, Chex Quest, Hacx, etc). There are some here designed specificly for PWADS that have their own MAPINFO files (Brutal Doom, etc). If there is a specific difficulty configuration you want to see, let me know in the reply section.

Doom Series

Nightmare Without Respawn Pack-v2.0 ... W984hBWyEf

This set focuses on removing respawning monsters from nightmare difficulty and providing altered damage rates and monster health, along with modes that remove large ammo pickups. (The low ammo modes my conflict with mods that use large ammo pickups as unique pickups when playing on those modes.)

Doom Wad Specific

Brutal Doom

BrutalDoom Low-Ammo Nightmare-v2.0 ... OkCDRxAwnR

This one revolves around replaces large ammo packs with smaller ones similar to realism mode. (Designed for Version 21 Gold)
[Credit to SGtMarkIV and co.]

DUMP 1-3

DUMP Difficulty Bypass-v1.0 ... 78ZSGa52i-

This is designed so that you can play all 64 maps on difficulties other than Nightmare. (Results may vary)
[Credit to TerminusEst13 and co.]

Re: Doom Difficulty Wad Center [MAPINFO Edit]

PostPosted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 7:16 pm
by DifficultyGuy
To elaborate on the DUMP difficulty bypass, the way the dump series limits the number of levels you can play on select difficulties is by counting the number of difficulty choices. So what this means is that any mapinfo file (not just mine) that has five or more difficulty selections will be able to access all the levels. Selecting any difficulty past the fourth option will let you play through all the levels in the wad. For example using BrutalDoom Low-Ammo Nightmare, selecting Nightmare Normal or Nightmare Hard will give you all the levels.