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Colourful Hell Custom Difficulty Addon

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:17 pm
by itsmedoggo
Decided to make my own post for this so I don't have to bug Hege Cactus about updates.
This is an addon for Colourful Hell 0.97ccc and must be loaded after Colourful Hell 0.97ccc. Requires GZDoom 3.5 or later.

What this does:
Lets you set the chances that each color enemy has to appear per enemy type or globally. E.g., You could make all chaingunners abyss or 50/50 black/white.


This also adds a menu option at Options -> CH Settings -> Custom Difficulty. In the Global menu you can set global modifiers to enemy health and damage and, optionally, global spawn weights. If not using global spawn weights, spawn weights can be specified for each enemy type in the other menus. The default values should be the regular Colourful Hell spawn weights. If you don't change anything, this mod won't do anything! Note that this still respects your Abyss, FireBlu, Grey, and other Colourful Hell options! This means that the aforementioned weights are still used even if you have those types disabled, just they turn into different colors (e.g. a FireBlu zombieman gets turned into a yellow zombieman if you have FireBlu disabled).

Be sure to set the slider or reset to default if new enemies are added after an update. Enjoy!

Spoiler: Changelog

Re: Colourful Hell Custom Difficulty Addon

PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 4:20 am
by Yakton
mind showing how it is done? i try adding it in with the colourful hell 0.97ccc but it shows that "Colourful Hell is not an option menu that can be extended"