Turn-based Mutator

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Re: Turn-based Mutator

Postby dard98 » Sun Apr 25, 2021 1:19 am

OverDriver05 wrote:Yo, Josh771! Just tried the "Turn-Based Mutator" for DOOM, and i'm a bit interested with it.

I find it missing a few things to make it befitting the title of the mod "Turn-Based DOOM".

Here's some suggestions and ideas:
A Customizable "Turn Meter": It's what it was said: A small gauge that tracks how much you can do certain action(s) in a single turn. I think this kind of gauge should be called the "Turn Stamina Gauge", or "TSG" for short. The look of the "Turn Stamina Gauge" can be customized to fit one's taste. Want a sci-fi themed "TSG"? Go for it! Want a steampunk themed "TSG"? You're welcome!
Various types of Turn-based Gameplay: Befitting the theme of the mod, the mutator can be customized in a number of ways, such as change the type of gameplay:
* XCOM Style: The default setting. Performing various actions, such as movement, steadily decreases the "Turn Stamina Gauge", while shooting enemies exhausts the gauge much quicker. The turn ends either by ending the turn with the "End Turn" key, or by fully expending the "Turn Stamina Gauge".
* VC Style: Based on SEGA's Valkyria Chronicles series. Doing basic actions such as movement expends the "Turn Stamina Gauge", meaning that the player is unable to move. During the turn, and even after the "Turn Stamina Gauge" is depleted, the player is able to aim and unload a fixed amount of bullets/shells/rockets/cells at a single enemy once per turn. The turn can be ended prematurely or after making your move with the "End Turn" key.
Adjustable Clip Ammo for VC Style: Exclusive for the VC Style setting. Each turn has a number of bullets/shells/rockets/cells that you can expend onto your enemies, taken from your current ammo pool. This can be customized with a slider for each ammo type.
Compatibility with other DOOM mods: So far, i tried this mutator with DOOM 4 Vanilla and Smooth DOOM, and somehow worked! When trying out the mutator with other mods such as Brutal DOOM, and , they unfortunately doesn't work. Hopefully, there's a fix for this!

Hope this suggestions would help!

I think it's missing a feature to have a out o bound camera to see more area and been able to control character pointing him a direction to go and who to shoot whith interface to show how much action points he has left and end turn button.
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Re: Turn-based Mutator

Postby RastaManGames » Thu Dec 30, 2021 5:18 am

I am not want to be a necromancer, but i just need to note one thing about this mutator (in case if Josh gonna return to GZDoom modding someday). :oops:

Inaccuracy setting for enemies also works for player and that makes all mods with projectile based weapons kinda unplayable. I mean, as example, M4A1 from "Lethal Doom" mod can't hit anyone even on close distance, if this inaccuracy tuned up to very big value.
In future, can you, please, made that only enemy projectiles can be affected by that option?
I just want to be live while playing with that nice mutator and also be able to shoot someone while having projectile based guns...
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