BDLite [V1.2 RELEASED - 2019-12-20]

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Re: BDLite [V1.1 RELEASED - 2019-02-15]

Postby DavidN » Fri Dec 20, 2019 8:53 pm

I've pulled a lot of the fixes and suggestions above together and released a v1.2 (updated in the original post)! I've got to say special thanks to mxd for helping this one along the way, because he came out of nowhere and submitted an absolute boatload of fixes and adjustments to rename the sounds in a better way, trim out unneeded sprites, fix monster heights and checks and so on. It was a lot of repetitive work that I found suddenly done for me!

Full change list:
- Special mention to mxd who contributed a ton of sprite fixes, height adjustments and various other pieces of cleanup! Significantly, tidying up the massive sounds folder and the terrain file, removing the need for the deathmatch check script and updating A_CustomMissile to A_SpawnProjectile absolutely everywhere. This kicked me into fixing up some other things and releasing a 1.2 version :)
- Fixed switching to fists prematurely even when the player had ammunition for other weapons! My assumption of the priority of Weapon.SelectionOrder was backwards.
- Fixed melee attacks across the board. These are implemented as invisible, very short-lived projectiles for reasons I haven't been able to identify. Made them more consistent by removing randomization and fixing some ludicrous damage values (Baron of Hell did 16-160!). Greatest offender was the Revenant which accidentally had an infinite melee distance and could theoretically punch you from across the map given a line of sight.
- Improved performance in maps with underwater areas by preventing most gibs/blood from persisting underwater
- Stopped discriminating against keyboard users, removed the no-autoaim flag on the base weapon class because I couldn't think of a real reason to have it.
- Made gibs and ammo fade by default.
- Altered some more effect classes to have more satisfactory names (such as ImpFireball instead of Fireball_)
- Removed unnecessary definition of BRIGHT on 103 occurrences of TNT1 A 0 frames

I've put it on and have also updated the two AK rifle weapon addons that NovaRain provided.
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Re: BDLite [V1.2 RELEASED - 2019-12-20]

Postby Tango » Sat Dec 21, 2019 3:01 pm

fantastic work mate, this project is excellent :D
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Re: BDLite [V1.2 RELEASED - 2019-12-20]

Postby vitriolicv » Tue Dec 31, 2019 10:43 am

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Re: BDLite [V1.1 RELEASED - 2019-02-15]

Postby CyborgParrot » Fri Feb 14, 2020 5:36 am

DavidN wrote:Certainly, feel free to use it as a base and build on to it! 3D models would work on top of the custom classes, the same way as they do for standard - how are you planning to use them?

What exactly do you mean by how I am planning to use them?

Also, why is the melee kick the secondary for every weapon instead of being a seperate function?

Like what if I or someone else wanted to modify the existing weapons (example: give the Assault Rifle a scope or sights to aim down or a underbarrel grenade launcher, make the Shotgun fire Dragons Breath shells, Plasma Gun with a lightning beam attack, ect) or make new weapons with a secondary fire mode like a Pistol with a secondary burst fire or a CS-style attachable silencer or a Sniper Rifle/Railgun-type Weapon with a zoomable scope or charged shot.
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Re: BDLite [V1.2 RELEASED - 2019-12-20]

Postby sargebriar » Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:25 am

I really love BDLite, in my opinion it is the definitive version of Brutal Doom, and a great coding accomplishment in general. I've tweaked some balance stuff on the inside to my personal liking and thought other people might be interested - this isn't an addon, just a modified file with the changes included. Generally these make the game a bit harder.

- Grenades are are more integrated in core gameplay. Following in BDLiteF's footsteps, all monsters now have a 1/255 chance of dropping a grenade. Additionally, all rocket boxes have a roughly 15% chance to spawn a grenade box instead, while individual rockets have a 5% chance to spawn a grenade instead.
- The amount of Armor/Health you get from bonuses of each kind has been reduced back to 1, as per vanilla.
- The Shotgun's firing speed has been reduced by 2 tics. I've commented out the original code line in SLADE, so you can easily restore it if you prefer the standard version.
- The Rocket Launcher's splash radius has been increased back to vanilla values (100 -> 128). Splash damage is still 120.
- All former human variants are more dangerous. Zombiemen and Sergeants have reduced delay between starting their attack and firing. Sergeants and Chaingunners do more damage. Chaingunners are 25% more accurate.
- Arch-Viles are now a lot closer to their vanilla counterparts and should be more threatening. The time it takes to complete their attack has been reduced and is now equal to vanilla, they no longer check line of sight halfway through the chargeup, they have a longer pause after completing their attack (about half that of a vanilla Arch-Vile), and have more of a delay between resurrecting monsters and becoming active again. I also commented out the particle effects that appear when they resurrect, I don't like the look of them at all - sorry David : (

Thanks again to DavidN for an excellent mod, keep up the good work. File can be found here
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Re: BDLite [V1.2 RELEASED - 2019-12-20]

Postby DYD » Sat Feb 15, 2020 8:41 am

Sometimes there's weird flames popping up on the floor. How do I fix that?
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