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Re: Doom Raro! Like Normal Doom but Strange

PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:42 pm
by ZomBieMan Alpha
Gorec wrote:there were no powerups in gzdoom version(playing 5 wad and nothing),mastermind not infighting leads to map breaking were u supposed to do this
and yes i really enjoy this hehe

mmm there not new powerups, i say the d3 hunter monster got power ups!! when he active the time power play the betruger laughter in all the level. i have to fix the slow motion Effect (it see like lag hehe).
i think this Weekend i will upload a new vercion. for the moment i dont have much time so i only will upload fix and balance.
anyway these are the change at this time

* SpiderMasterMind infight all except he self or arachnotron
* Chaingun got better fire sound
* Pistol and SMG do a little more damage
* Lower Demons damage
* PlasmaRifle better area damage (it dont hurt you)
i have to change more things!!

Gorec wrote:its impossible to dodge doom 3 brains alt attack where he launches missile that follows you around corners and u cant do anything about pinkys melee since its instakill,there is a lot of stuff that makes it unnecesarly hard when low hp

okay more things to mention new powerups,maybe in coop too didnt checked
2.when cacodemon kills u(with melee at least)it becomes more powerful,but it has no use in single player
3.not all monters can be seen in the game(wip?)

yeah brain rocket too hard i will see it!. i test mostly in coop some things dont see to hard in this way hehe.
yes about cacodemon he and other monster when kill a player got a prize this and some monster are specifically for coop, like blood demon and some more.
ty for play it so much!

Re: Doom Raro! Like Normal Doom but Strange

PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 5:49 pm
by ZomBieMan Alpha
New version Doom Raro 1.2!! links and changelog in the First post :D
Thank all for the feedback i fixed and balanced varios bug and add a soul cube! (it appears very rare)
Still need to change the melee weapons, dont sure what to do :( and fix the Lag bug from D3Hunter.
Have fun!

Re: Doom Raro! Now with Doom3Guy Too!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:55 am
by ZomBieMan Alpha
a new version!! link in the first post!
now you can select 2 clases (Normal DoomGuy or Doom3Guy)
the Doom 3 guy it's not slow as hell, still fast and his weapons are balanced like the old doom (they are not identical). the main differences are, he need to reload weapons, change weapons faster, and the bfg is "mortal!!" 8-).

also there are various new monster!! and rework melee weapons , Have Fun :D