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Samsara: Extra Heroes (Version C2) + ExMixer (0.81)

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 11:58 pm
by Shiny Metagross

If you're here, presumably you are familiar with Samsara. If you are not, then you may want to look here first. Otherwise, read-on.

Link to Zandronum topic

The release of HC was a pivotal moment for Extra Heroes as it widened the audience of the addon to ZDoom users instead of simply Zandronum players. It made more changes to the mod in any update for Extra Heroes, or perhaps Samsara, period. At the same time, the update took much longer than desired, but along with it came a lot of redesigned content. Today is the release of Extra Heroes version C2, which will be the last version of the version C builds (with the exception of future patches until the release of the next major build, which will go under a different designation). Version C had a major issue, however, in that a lot of the original player base could no longer play as a result of opening up the player base to ZDoom and using CVARINFO to log CVARS. In order to fix this issue, Extra Heroes had to be merged into 0.3666, creating one file (yes, we got permission from Kinsie to do this). Therefore, anyone can play these new builds now. I will repeat:

DO NOT RUN THIS BUILD WITH 0.3666, you will have errors - it is no longer needed!

What is the main goal of these addons anyways? Well, I, S_Andrew_S, or Zandrewnum as I like to call myself these days (it's my preferred support and my name fits into it, the name kinda just caught on and I felt it was quite clever) and Jesh with the help of Dynamo (formerly) have created this mod with much of the same intentions of the original Samsara, however, we differ in that we have added heroes that were left out of that cut, ones that we felt should've been there, perhaps from my very own testimony ones that deserved a place more than other heroes. The roster of heroes added:

[spoiler=Character Roster]
  • Ian Paul Freeley (Rise of the Triad)
  • Blake Stone (A game with his name)
  • Caleb (Blood)
  • Strife Player (Uh, the game?)
  • Doom 64 Guy (Uhuhuh... duh?)
  • Eleena (Eradicator)
  • Space Seal (Corridor 7)
  • Rebel Moon Commando (Rebel Moon Rising)
  • Kyle Katarn (Star Wars: Dark Forces)
  • Mooman (In Pursuit of Greed)
  • Jack (Disruptor)
  • Grondoval (Witchaven)
  • Gordon Freeman (Half Life)
  • Lo Wang (Shadow Warrior)
  • Cybermage (I don't expect you to know this one, but Cybermage)
  • Jon (Powerslave or Exhumed)
  • Leonard (Redneck Rampage)
  • Bitterman (Quake 2)

[spoiler=Credits]Main Developers: Zandrewnum (S_Andrew_S), Shadowlink223, Magglus


- TerminusEst13 (for making this compatible with samsara v0.3, helping & beign very patient with me, and ofc, for creating samsara!)
- Ijon Tichy (for making this compatible with samsarav0.3)
- Kinsie (for Samsara 0.3666)
- Jesh (for doing merge of Extra Heroes and Samsara 0.3666, along with some other fixes)
- Cruduxy Pegg (for polishing ZBlood X addon)
- BouncyTEM (for his Corridor 7 Addon & some tips)
- tehvappy50 (for his Doom64Guy addon & some help at decorate stuff)
- The_Riet (for letting me use his Strifeguy HUD graphics and adding Katarn)
- Lex Safonov (for making Shadow Warrior TC)
- PresidentPeople (for letting me use his zandronum guy player sprites temporary!)
- MaxED (for creating re-hexumed)
- Doorhenge (for making wide-screen friendly hexen's mace)
- Knight_Kin (for making the Hexen Weapons Improvement Project)
- Scotty (for making laser guided rocket code)
- TheCamaleonMaligno (for letting me use his Q2Stuff as a base for Bitterman! This would've been a lot more difficult without him.)
- LanHikariDS (for making the size 11 Bitterman HUD)

Special Thanks:
- Hiragamer : for his amazing work on HUDs and every art related stuff, and beign a great support too :D
- Dynamo : for helping me in a lot of stuff and for beign a good friend & support too :D
- Cyantusk : for his balance and work on addons
- Gardevoir : for his Strifeguy addon & helping me in some workaround {HI!}
- Watermelon : for help & teach me Decorate & ACS stuff. Thanks for beign such a great person & friend man, this planet needs more people like you!
- IvanDobrovski : for creating the first pack of those addons, his great job on his ZBlood X addon, and making an awesome Lo Wang
- -Jes- : for tweaking Eleena and some tips!
- Flynn : for helping me on ideas and beign a good artist
- Jack Freeman: for helping me and addons team to do a lot of stuff, doing gldefs and recoloring player sprites
- meleemario: for being a good friend, provided info on blood, help with keeping the mod alive and being good support

- Apogee Software (For Blake Stone & Rise of the Triad)
- Accolade Inc. (For Eradicator)
- Monolith Productions (For Blood)
- Capstone Software (For Corridor 7)
- Fenris Wolf (For Rebel Moon Rising)
- Rogue Entertainment (For Strife)
- Xatrix Entertainment (For Redneck Rampage)
- LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC (For Dark Forces)
- 3D Realms Entertainment Inc. (For Shadow Warrior)
- Origin Systems (For Cybermage)
- Lobotomy Software (For Powerslave)

- And every other person that helped me on this and it's not in the list (sorry, i tend to forget names :P).

* If any other person who worked on something in here is not in the upper list, check if your name is in the list below. (if ur name is not here, please let me know!).

EX Mixer

Current Active Modders: Zandrewnum (S_Andrew_S), Shadowlink223, Magglus

Inactive: Jesh, Dynamo, IvanDobrovski


Author(s): IvanDobrovski(Former), Dynamo, Jesh and Zandrewnum.

Resources: Rise of the Triad: The Hunt Begins||Dark War, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold||Planet Strike,
Eradicator, Star Wars: Dark Forces||Jedi Academy, Corridor 7: Alien Invasion, Strife: Quest for the Sigil,
Cybermage: Darklight Awakening, Redneck Rampage & Rides Again||Cuss Pack||Suckin' Grits On Route 66, Witchaven||Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance
Wolfenstein: Spear of Destiny, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Quake||Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon||Mission Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity, Doom 64, Half Life||Opposing Force||Blue Shift.

Special Thanks to:

Jesh - For managing the Samsara addons for years and providing additional patches after resignation
IvanDobrovski - For making the first pack of monsters (Rott and Blake enemies)
Yagotzirck - For optimizing the mixer ACS+DECORATE code.
Jack Freeman - For helping on the recolor of some sprites.
Hiragamer - For help with some art stuff, ideas and gldefs.
ShadowLink223 - For creating the original monster mixer.
Roak - For a lot of great help in testing.
Nev3r - For creating the custom flying robots for Rott set.
Ryan Cordell - For making the original Dark Forces enemy mod.
Cruduxy Pegg - For polishing some stuff on Ivan's ZBlood X addon.
AEoD Team - For making code which served as a base for some of the enemies.
HorrorMovieGuy - For making Quake Stuff Ultra, which was used as a base for most of the quake monsters.
Antuan Rockatansky - For making the first base of the Hell Hand from Blood.
Captain Toenail - For making the Plasma Globe
Cyantusk - For making Zandronum Monster Randomizer (ZMR)
ssv_170379 - For making Smooth HD Doom 3

Original monsters and sprites/sounds belong to their respective owners, including:

Apogee Software - Rise of the Triad
JAM Productions - Blake Stone
Monolith Productions - Blood
Accolade Inc. - Eradicator
Xatrix Entertainment - Redneck Rampage
LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC - Star Wars: Dark Forces || Jedi Academy
3D Realms Entertainment Inc. - Shadow Warrior
Origin Systems - Cybermage
Insomniac Games - Disruptor
Rogue Entertainment - Strife: Quest for the Sigil, Quake Mission Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity
Mind Shear Software - In Pursuit of Greed
Fenris Wolf - Rebel Moon Rising
Lobotomy Software - Powerslave||Exhumed
Capstone Software - Corridor 7, Witchaven, Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance
Raven Software - CyClones
Looking Glass Studios - System Shock
Studio 3DO - Killing Time
Hipnotic Software - Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon
Valve - Half Life
Midway Games - Doom 64

// Original Mixer //

Author: Shadowlink223, Minesae Hiromu(Former)

Resources: Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Chex Quest, Chex Quest III, Wolfenstein 3D, and Marathon.

Description: This pk3 randomly spawns monsters from Doom, Heretic, Hexen,
Chex Quest, Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem 3D, and Marathon. Soon, it will also spawn Quake monsters.

Use: Load after the main Samsara pk3

Thanks to:

PresidentPeople - For custom Duke gibs, custom sprites to give some Marathon monsters special Duke XDeath states, providing info for the Marathon set, helping code for said set, and some bloodyhell states.
TerminusEst13 - For help with some coding and creating Samsara.
Ijon Tichy - For some help with ACS.
All from #samsara - For help finding that old invasion spawning bug.
"S" from ZDoom forums. - Code for the cvar based spawners.

Original monsters and sprites/sounds belong to their respective owners, including:

ID Software - Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, and Quake
Raven Software - Heretic and Hexen
Digital Cafe - Chex Quest
3D Realms - Duke Nukem 3D
Bungie - Marathon[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Changelogs]Current Modders of Samsara Addons aka. Extra Heroes: Zandrewnum (S_Andrew_S, El Oscuro), ShadowLink, Magglus

Inactive: Jesh, Dynamo, IvanDobrovski, Hiragamer


- Fully Merged Samsara V0.3666 with EXH and resolved CVARINFO conflicts for Zandronum players
- Added strafe functionality to Wolf3d movement, Wolf3d movement now works online as well
- Modifed the kill counters to include a bar counter item so a bar can be added for heroes that have ally cell phones
- Optimized kills script to function for the "killcountbar" inventory
- Added killcount ACS script to replace killcount tokens in order to add better compatibility with some TCs
- Fixed bug with duplicate hotkeys, this is patch related because I should've known that keyconf only needs what I added
- Changed misc characters label and set to slider to make it more intuitive
- Fixed miscellaneous characters from respawning, and allowing the bonus items to respawn
- Ally health now regenerates; it allows allies to be more sustainable for 250 kills.
- Removed Crash Debugger scripts
- Potentially fixed level exit crash that can happen randonmly
- Removed other pointless content from the Hero soundtrack ACS
- Modified Y-Offsets of Small Shell pickups so they're not clipping through the floor
- Added Custom Weapon Bobs to all heroes who didn't have it originally
- Fixed a large number of startup errors related to invalid states

IWAD Support:
- Fixed Quake 1, 2, and Half Life weapon slot models for Heretic, Hexen, Strife, Chex, and the Automap replacers
- Removed Spectral Content and replaced it with a Sigil Inventory weapon for non-strife classes, so strife is no longer blocked
- Deprecated Strife Beacon Items for other classes. They are now a Strifeguy-exclusive mechanic.
- Buying a beacon in Strife gives a Slot 1
- Replaced the Hexen Beacon with a Slot 1 spawn
- Moved spawns of some Hexen weapons
- Restored Heretic's Ammo pickup Sprites
- Renamed Chex Quest actors as a work-around to fix Mixer issues in GZDoom when running CQ
- Removed duplicate Flemkeys so they appear on the HUD and open doors as they should
- Added support for Leonard, Duke, Lo Wang, Grondoval, Bitterman, Strifeguy and Ranger's unique ammo pickup states to Hexen Ammo pickups
- Fixed Hexen ammo 1 and 2 pickups failing when full on clips but not on shells
- Restored Chex, Heretic, Hexen, and Strife keys for the Extra Heroes, and aligned them on the Legacy HUD
- Fixed Alternate Class Slot weapons for Hexen
- Added Chex, Heretic, Hexen, and Strife keys for Adrian

- Corrected ammo type for staff of Dsparil

- Added Lost Missions weapons skins

- Added in Strippers for miscellaneous characters
- Fixed Jetpack loop continuing to play when turned off online
- Implemented remaining monster functions to misc characters
- Modified top bar to include uniques from Samsara regen
- Added Samsara Renegeration Life's a Beach widescreen weapons
- Added Weapon Bar graphics for Life's a Beach mode
- Life's a beach hotkey now toggles the correct cvar

- Added a progress bar for ally cell phone
- Added support for Ranger's Plasma Cell Altfire for LG
- Increased Ammo capacity for PlasmaCell
- Added some extra polish to LG weapon so it functions as it should

- Fixed nailgun projectiles going through walls
- Added Plasma Cells to Ammo 4 pickups

- Fixed SecOff getting full ammo from SUBSEQUENT Rifle, SPNKR, Fusion Pistol, and WMC pickups (initial pickup still gives full ammo)

- Fixed excalibat primary
- Updated RoTT Hud elements to function on any screen size under 12
- RoTT upper bar now disappears when using fullscreen HUD (screensize 11)
- Added Powerup duration indicator for God Mode and Dog Mode
- Fixed Gas mask bugs when another radiation suit is picked up
- Added a progress bar for ally cell phone
- Removed RoTT bar toggle option, this is no longer needed as the bar will not appear with fullmap

- Implemented remaining monster functions to misc characters
- Sorta remove the bug where using give ammo and throwing TNT would blow you up, it's a lot harder to do that now
- Added Aerosol can
- Nerfed fire damage from burning corpses
- Altered the speed of burning enemies to be dependent on the speed of the enemy that is burnt
- Voodoo doll no longer takes ammo when infinite ammo is enabled
- Added missing sprites from Caleb's Aerosol can
- Fixed Caleb getting infinite Rocket Ammo from Ammo 3 pickups
- Added Custom Weapon bobbing

- Implemented remaining monster functions to misc characters
- Moved upgrades to unique spawn
- Added a script that checks for upgrade proximity, so you can get more than one per map, but you cannot farm upgrades from respawing uniques
- New Slot 1: Teleport Beacon. Summons up to 6 Rebel allies of three different types to assist Strifeguy in combat. 120 sec cooldown
- Added Secondary ammo types for Poison Bolts and White Phosphorus Grenades
- Buffed damage of Electric Bolts
- Picking up Slot 3-7 weapons now gives pieces of the Sigil directly, which you can use without the need for a Slot 7
- Updated Legacy HUD to include new ammos and weapon
- Re-added RebelMissile nullifier to Strifeguy (???)
- Fixed StrifeGuy getting nothing from super health pickups

- Added a progress bar for ally cell phone

- Added a progress bar for ally cell phone

- Modified sprite scales

- Made Slot 2 3x more ammo efficient, slightly reduced damage
- Slot 3: Slightly raised damage cap

- Added custom fullscreen HUD, along with damagetype and weapon pickup indicators
- Made all weapons more smooth
- Replaced footstep spawns with a velocity-based script. Now it matches the player's speed more smoothly
- Slot 2 now uses Shell ammo instead of bullets
- Freeman can now loot ammo from weapon spawns, MP5 has a 1 in 3 chance of giving a single rocket
- Freeman no longer loses his Snark weapon when ammunition is depleted
- Added recoil to all weapons
- RPG lasers now appear along floors
- Fixed and updated H.E.V suit talk, removed legthy log-in sequence
- Fixed flashlight flickering in GZDoom
- Flashlight no longer interacts with the environment
- Implemented remaining monster functions to misc characters
- Added Weapon Bar slots for Crossbow and Snarks
- Replaced Weapon Bar graphics with ones based on HL1's weapon menu
- Introduced Opposing Force Mode: Take on enemies as Adrian Shephard with his own variations of Freeman's arsenal!
- Made it so Freeman cannot unload weapons when he is full on the corresponding ammo type(s) (except snarks)
- Moved Flashlight HUD graphic diagonally up closer to the upper left corner, and made it disappear when screensize is 12 (no hud)
- Replaced some player model textures for Freeman

Lo Wang:
- Fixed ammo not being deducted from some weapon in GZDoom
- Lo Wang can now get a second Uzi from Slot 4 spawns, instead of requiring Slot 4 drops
- Smoothed Riot gun animations slightly

- Added alcohol and gut system
- 2 cvars added to client menu, 1 for allowing alcohol and gut system, the other for controlling whether health items are pickup exclusive or a mix of pickups and inventory (pickups are technically pork rinds and goo goo cluster)
- Optimized motorcycle script in order to make it easier
- Modified the HUD drastically so gut and alcohol is visible along with "yer stuff"
- Added Dyn 'O' Mites and Huntin' Rifle With Scope to Weapon Bar
- Added a progress bar for ally cell phone
- Added Redneck GDX sprites from Samsara Regeneration
- Implemented remaining monster functions to misc characters

-Slot 7 now consumes 40 cells instead of 62
-Slot 2 and 3 no longer give 40 shells(!?) on pickup

-Fixed Lasers spawning the wrong color of puffs

- Implemented remaining monster functions to misc characters


- Merged base samsara version to 0.3666
- Merged latest sm-exfix changes
- Included new visuals for samsara bloody hell brutal mode
- Created the Samsara OST
- Merged the ballgag cvars into one that can be toggled with a button
- Fixed issues that 0.3666 Samsara had when running Zandronum multiplayer, such as cvars crashing out clients (although a crude solution was implemented)
- Converted old 0.31 based cvars into cvarinfo
- Added a menu option for Duke expander mode (Vanilla will function as vanilla Duke, Microwave Pop will create a chain of explosion)
- The bloodyhell gore effects are now handled in a single actor, instead of writting massive lines of code on each enemy (unless needed)

- Improved Zorch effects to show the last frame of zorched enemies

- Added staff of D'Sparil (planned in final build)
- Removed morph ovum (it should have never been in the first place as it will break scripted maps), and put the tome of power in it's place.

- Added Baratus and Daedalon allies

- Added Life's a Beach mode
- Added Duke Nukem babes
- Added the shrinker and expander which will work on most base and mixer enemies
- Improved Jetpack functionality
- Updates on player third person visuals, including crouching, swimming, jumping, and jetpack
- Added Duke Nukem blood sprites and puddles
- Improved freeze effects to show the last frame of zorched enemies

- Converted the entire class to 3D
- Added gib system to base enemies and mixer enemies

Ian Paul Freeley:
- Added the heatseeker
- Rearranged heatseeker to slot 1, double pistols to slot 2, bazooka to slot 3, and mp40 to slot 4
- Added dog mode
- Made the split missile a third unique, included the ability to control when the projectile splits
- Added Taradino Cassat, Thi Barret, Doug Wendt, and Lorelei Ni allies
- Made gib system more portable and moved to base enemies (and mixer enemies as well)
- Added RoTT god mode disintegrate improvements to all base and mixer enemies

Blake Stone:
- Added new player sprites (thanks BFG!)

- Added flame aerosol can (planned in final build)
- Improved recoil on super shotgun
- Included 3D blood spots
- Created a more portable gib system which is compatible with base and mixer enemies
- Added flame deaths and shock pain to humanoid enemies
- Updates on player third person visuals, including crouching, swimming, and jumping
- Included Blood innocents and mimes
- Added blood style wall decals for Blood actors
- Improved Caleb flare gun alt fire to actually use the player's pitch when bursting
- Also managed to make flares from his flaregun stick to enemies where they hit

- Implemented the sigil phases. Players must pick up weapon slots 3-7 in order to obtain the full sigil. Players will get the sigil itself when picking up a slot 7
- Implemented beggar and peasant miscellaneous characters
- Improved Disintegrate effects to show the last frame of zorched enemies

- Added Kamchak, Dan Blaze, the marine allies

- Added new player sprites (from "Kyle Katarn Ultimate Pack 1.1" loaded here by GPChannel: ... pack/)

- Added Mutant, Lizard, Dominatrix, and Cyborg allies

- Added nuke effects from nuke spell to all base and mixer enemies

- Improved the bullet effects
- Inverted UVs of .357 model as they look the same but the chrome less funky (it's not real, it's baked in Half Life's engine in reality)
- Made the rocket launcher have a toggle-able laser guidance system
- Made the gauss beam bounce once
- Changed vfx of gluon gun (until we're working with better tech we don't have a lot of options)
- Added the crossbow
- Converted squeak to an actual weapon
- Added scientist and security guard miscellaneous characters who can follow players and provide fire support and health
- Added a universal gib spawner using half life gibs on humanoid enemies
- Added the HEV system, including a flashlight and voice which can be toggled in menu
- Drastically updated the player.txt, Freeman is in 3d, shows what weapons he's holding, each animated completely
- Added improved Half Life blood visuals and wall decals

Lo Wang:
- Made sticky bombs stick where they landed on enemies
- Improved pickup code to allow nukes to no longer be picked up only once per game
- Also made improvements on his pickups to actually give rocket ammo from slot 2 crates correctly
- Added a universal gib system which has been implemented to base and mixer enemies when applicable
- Updates on player third person visuals, including crouching, swimming, and jumping

- Added a universal gib system which has been implemented to base and mixer enemies when applicable

- Added the motorcycle which can be found without cheats by Frank Doyle bikers from the mixer
- Added the Dyn'o'mites
- Improved redneck bullet puff visuals
- Added Bubba and Bubba Elvis allies
- Matched ranch rifle and scattergun to match vanilla redneck more closely
- Buffed .454 Revolver damage per shot to 20
- Added Pig, Chicken, and Cow miscellaneous characters
- Added an universal gib system which has been implemented to base and mixer enemies when applicable
- Updates on player third person visuals, including crouching, swimming, and jumping
- Added Redneck Rampage blood visuals and decals

- Brand spankin' new (based off of TheCamaleonMaligno's base mod, all changes below have been added to the base code by us)
- Added the Ion Ripper and ETF Rifle
- Added the Quake 2 prisoner miscellaneous characters
- Added Dual Fire damage and Quad Damage
- Fixed some small bugs with Bitterman's player actor including a frame flicker on spawn
- Added a universal gib spawner for all base and mixer enemies where appropriate
- Added a size 11 HuD for Bitterman


- Added sm-exfix20.pk3 changes

- New HUD
- Pickups now are models
- Slot 2: faster reload
- Slot 4: faster reload
- Slot 6: fires faster

- New HUD

- New HUD

- Added missing bullet sparks

- Unique has been moved to slot 8

- Better HUD
- Fixed missing bullet reflections

- Slot 7: Sightly nerfed

- Slot 1: Now you can increase the throw distance by holding the fire button

- Slot 7: Impact damage sightly nerfed (It could 1-hit OHKO almost anything at close range)



- Addressed a ton of syntax errors in the main ACS core
- Addressed some scripts that were using the same numbers
- Added latest smaddonsfix changes


- Reworked defense (buffs/nerfs) for the next list of classes:

Caleb : rebalanced his defense system, recived more buffs than nerfs
Jon : generally reworked a bit more, recived the same amount of buff & nerfs
LDF : buffed resistance against hazardous elements and radiation
Jack : buffed his defense against arachnotrons and archviles
Cybermage : recived buffs against bullet-based guns and melee based attacks
Mooman : some defense buffs against melee based attacks
Leonard : defense base overally nerfed, more on melee and explosive related damage
Blake : overally buffed and nerfed by the same amount
C7 : buffed by a bit
Grondoval : overally buffed and nerfed by the same amount by a bit

Space Seal:
- Fixed size and scale values for all weapons

- Added Christ (Int0x) buff patch for Freeman
- RPG - radius on explosions increased

- Better aesthetic for Parias pistol
- Wide-screen sprites for Parias fist

- Nuke spell - now deals half damage, with an increased radius as compensation

- Sawed off - Constant damage value changed to a randomized one, toning down its maximun power output
- Sawed off - small aesthetic and alt fire animation improvements
- Dynamite - faster throwing animation

- Napalm Charge - range sightly decreased, PAINLESS & FORCERADIUSDMG flags are activated and deactivated by some frames randomly to tone down its power
- Sonic Shock - maximun damage output increased by a whole 1
- Sonic Shock - tried to polish its animations?
- Better firing animations for Pellet Bomb

Lo Wang:
- Grenade Launcher - explosion radius decreased by half amount
- Guardian Head - ammo consumption increased on: Fire ball > 3 ammo
Circle Ring > 15 ammo
Pillar Wave > 30 ammo
- Missile Launcher - damage on missiles reduced
- Railgun - base damage increased, added +FORCERADIUSDAMAGE $ FULLRADIUSDAMAGE to one of its explosions, making it usefull against bosses now
- Nuke missile - removed FULLRADIUSDAMAGE and now makes a quake effect

LDF Commando:
- Railgun - damage reduced, now has a wider spread

- Lock-on Cannon - impact damage increased, now self damage is less deadly for players

- Plasma Obliterator self damage removed
- Each fist spell now consumes more ammo per shot : Electroschism > 5 clip ammo
Magna Rip > 3 shell ammo
Painwave > 4 rocket ammo
Nova > 96 cell ammo
- Alien Arm Cannon - damage increased
- Ranch Rifle - bullet spread decreased by a small bit
- Teat Gun - bullet spread increased, minimun damage output reduced by a whole 1
- .454 Casull Pistol - damage and accuracy increased

- Mauler - normal fire has been buffed by a bit
- Strife now slow downs & walks at 10% hp or less, instead of 15% or 20%

- Sacred Manacle - range increased
- Magnum - damage and accuracy increased

- Spear of Destiny - projectiles should not harm allies anymore (and does not rape ur fps in small rooms with people and bloodyhell effects on anymore)

- Devastator/Pipe Bomb/RPG - ear rape spam of explosive sounds removed (it was annoying af)


* As a special note, addons are supposed to be played in coop modes, they will not (and probably never) work on DM and competitive stuff,
unless you want a spaghetti rage-inducing match, use it at your own risk.

* Due to a zandy bug, Leonard's teat gun shake has been temporary disabled.*


- 2 New heores joined the pack:
+ Leonard (Redneck Rampage) {Class made by Jesh}
+ Jon (Powerslave/Exhumed) {Class made by Dynamo and Jesh}


- Unique fix has been applied
- Each class has their own separated sndinfo text file
- Lo Wang has a new HUD
- Blake has a new HUD
- Strife beacon item should not give uniques to other classes anymore
- Fixed angle calculation on some hitscan (coop) weapons to similate a better spread effect (Thanks for the tips Jes!)
- Fixed size and scale values for weapon pickup frames
- Added GLDefs for classes that were missing em'
- Jack has a new taunt
- Strifeguy has a new taunt

- Unique: he cant hold more than 1 extra life anymore (due to obvious reasons)

- Slot 7: holy missile should go through players now

- Slot 4: buffed accuracy with a tighter spread
- Slot 1: faster throwing animation
- Slot 7: now eats 2 ammo per shoot
- Voodoo doll has been moved to slot 8

- Now you can enjoy bloody gore effects with him! (also, theres a small change with ludicrous gibs!)
- Slot 5: improved its behavior
- Slot 7: should be able to climb taller steps
- Due to popular request, dark staff has been added as a second unique

- Faster raising animation for some weapons
- Now you can switch weapons between raising animations
- Improved some distance range calculation on some weapons (melee and magic modes)
- Slot 7: Nuke magic now deals full radius damage (OPPLSBAN)
- Slot 5: Due to popular request, homing ability is back but in a way nerfed method

- Jetpack: duration time reduced to 70 seconds
- Slot 6: added a bit of spread, nerfed its damage
- Slot 2, 3 and 7 are able to kill ghosts now.
- Slot 4: sightly buffed its damage

- Smoother speed and tics for some weapons.
- Now you can switch weapons between raising animations
- Slot 1: raising animation improved
- Pistol: Smoother tics and faster reload
- Slot 3: faster reload, smoother tics? (needs review)
- Slot 4: faster reload
- Slot 5: smoother tics, faster reload, raising animation & cooldown
- Slot 6: faster and smoother cooldown animation and sightly buffed its damage
- Slot 2: faster (and smoother?) firing animation, damage increased by a bit
- Unique: squeaks should last longer

- Slot 6: has been nerfed (again)
- Slot 3: better fire animation?
- Unique: useless boomerangs had been replaced by enhancement chip item (allows you to use special alt fires for 200 seconds)
- New enhancement chip only works for pistol, slot 2, 3, 4 and 5.
- Slot 2: smoother animation and sightly buffed its damage
- Slot 6: +range

- Slot 6: removed ice damage
- Re-added self damage for Jack's slot 5 in coop (without it's a broken op weapon)
- Slot 5: nerfed its radius, seeking ability and impact damage

- Slot 7: improved scatter altfire behavior. Now its small projectiles can bounce up to 4 times b4 exploding
- Some other improvements in programming (applied software engineering patterns where possible)
- Slot 2: improved firing pattern
- Slot 3: improved firing pattern
- Items: proxymines, timebombs and grenades have improved explosion effects and
damages. Clone derpiness fixed. Clone movement speed increased. Clone AI improved.
- NOW explosives work properly (derp)
- Slot 6: improved laser trail effect
- Slot 7: rebalanced it, and fixed altfire bug. Splash altfire cant push actors anymore
Ammo given changed to 50
- Fist: increased its damage a bit, faster animation

- Pistol: due to popular request, old pistol sound is back
- Slot 5: improved phosfire. Now it behaves quite similarly to Strife game
- Fixed fire nades
- Fixed damage range calculation
- Sigil is now on slot 8

- Slot 5: increased impact damage, and reduced splash damage by the same amount
- Unique: magic's now point their original names
- Clip magic lasts longer

- Slot 5: slightly nerfed normal and seeker rockets damage (seriously it was WAY too powerful)
- Slot 7: fixed a bug that prevent'd you from using circle magic again if you exit a level with its effect on
- Nuke missile: first explosion deals full radius damage
- Wang is now able to pick Nukes more than once
- Fixed a bug that prevent'd wang from picking ammo 2 when ammo 3 was full and vice-versa
- The chance of getting a seeker missile when picking Rocket Ammo has been lowered

- Slot 6: old behaviour is back
- Slot 4: sightly buffed so slot 2 doesnt clash it


- Better Dynamite system for caleb (some AEoD and ZBlood X/Addon stuff were used)
- Caleb now can dual wield revolver.
- Better Disruptor rips (by Jesh)
- Fixed a bug with reflective stuff and lo wang katana and fists.
- Lo wang clone should not kill allies anymore. (wang players may still getting harm!)
- Lo wang sticky mines dont alert monsters until they explode and now should harm other wangs too (WHO PUT THIS HERE?!)
- Fixed a bug with Cybermage, C7 and Mooman defense.
- Strifguy's grenade launcher flames should not force radius damage anymore (it made it a broken op weapon)
- Fixed a bug with reverso pill and armor modes. (by cyantusk)
- Some small rebalance to mooman slot 3.
- Grondoval's freeze spell now do full radius damage.
- A small nerf to Lo Wang's slot 5 normal fire.
- Sightly nerf on Eleena's slot 6.
- Caleb's akimbo power now last for 1 minunte.
- Caleb's tesla recived a small buff and normal projectiles spawn their proper tracer.
- Caleb, Eleena, LoWang, Strifeguy, Doom64guy, Jack and Cybermage are able to use pistol ammo with samsara_pistolammo now.
- Mooman's slot 1 now has a poison effect on monsters too.
- Eleena's discs now should bounce in wall/roofs as how they did in Eradicator.


+ 1 New Class: Cybermage (made by Dynamo)

* A new and fresh Lo Wang has joined the pack (made by IvanDobrovski, thank you man, this couldnt be done without you, ur the best!)

* Eleena's Slot 7 +100/160+/200 dmg randomly for coop games, removed +FORCERADIUSDMG.
* Eleena's boomerangs had been buffed.
* Eleena now has a health bar.
* Freeman's reloading bugs should be fixed, his reloading speed has been increased, some rebalance has been made too.
* Mooman's Luck factor has been removed because it turned out to be bad at doom, now hes freed from bad luck. (By Cyantusk)
* Mooman has new 5 types of Uniques, given randomly by an item generator. (By Cyantusk)
* Mooman now can store medikits with "Meditubes".
* Jack now has different player sprites! (Sprites provided by IvanDobrovski)
* Jack's slot 5 homing ability has been reduced.
* Jack's slot 2 has been buffed by a bit.
* Jack's slot 1 flashes derping online had been addressed.
* Grondoval's slot 5 homing ability has been removed.
* Blake slot 6 sightly nerfed (damage -5)
* Grondoval's slot 3 homing has been toned down, and damage was buffed by a bit.
* Rebel moon commando now has a jetpack as one of his 2 uniques.
* Rebel moon commando's slot 6 has been swapped with slot 4 and vice-versa.
* Rebel moon commando's slot 7 has been buffed and does small explosions.
* Rebel moon commando's slot 8 has been buffed, eats 20 ammo instead of 30, and now has a ripper ability (cant rip bosses).
* Caleb's slot 7 > removed +FORCERADIUSDMG so it shouldnt be brokenly op anymore.
* Caleb turrets point/score bug has been addressed.
* Strifeguy's slot 5 (fire grenades) has been nerfed because it was brokenly op.
* C7's slot 2 accuracy has been increased for coop games.
* C7's slot 3 accuracy has been increased for coop games.
* C7's slot 6 accuracy has been increased for coop games.
* C7's mines are now shootable (DM modes only).


Samsara_ExtraHeroesv1.1ob3z22 (Credits and stuff Below)

* Grondoval and Freeman joined the pack (classes made by Donald)
* Lo Wang Class joined the pack (It contains Donald stuff/decorate, and Ivan's ZShadow stuff/decorate too! AEoD method for slot 7 was also used.)
* EGON cannon was derping online, a band aid was needed for that.
* Freeman has a new tipbox.
* Better tipboxes for Mooman and Jack?


Samsara_ExtraHeroesv1.1ob3z21 (Credits and stuff Below)

* A bug with freely and shotgun dropped from shotgunguy's has been addressed
* A Katarn HUD detail has been addressed
* A missing actor for mooman has been addressed

- Thats it?


Samsara_ExtraHeroesv1.1ob3z2 (Credits and stuff Below)

+ Wide-screen Weapon bars for Katarn and Mooman (made by Hiragamer)
+ Better tipbox graphics for Katarn (made by Hiragamer)
+ Using Zandronum guy player sprites for Jack temporary (made by PresidentPeople)
+ Jack (Disruptor guy) joined the addons (made by Jesh, sounds ripped by Kaiser (and some recorded by me), HUD & Tipbox made by Hiragamer, credits for other ripped stuff goes to their respective authors { Special thanks to Dynamo })
+ Kyle Katarn has joined the pack (Made by The_Riet) { Storm Trooper phase 1 sprites had been used as player sprites temporary [Sprites ripped by Crazy Ivan & recolored by Hiragamer] }
+ A bunch of duplied actors and useless decorate stuff had been addressed/removed, other simple methods were used too.
+ A temporay universal tipbox has been added to classes that lacks of one (made by Saltymancer Joel)
+ Mooman (Aldus Kaden) has joined the pack (Made by Donald { I know that he said that he didnt want his addons to be added into a pack, BUT he allowed a friend and me to JUST add MOOMAN in the pack })
+ Strifeguy tipbox! (Graphics made by The_Riet & Gardevoir and edited by Hiragamer, text by Saltymancer Joel)



+ A bunch of changes made by CakeDog (-Jes-) for Eleena, thanks dude!
+ Eleena's Slot 7 now behaves as it should now.
+ Added +BloodSplatter and removed +BloodlessImpact to Freely's slot 3, 4 and 6, so now he can enjoy the bloody gore effects.
+ Some messed decorate stuff were adressed and fixed.
+ Freely's Hand of God now behave as it should.
+ LDF Commando has a new and accurate Tipbox (made by Gundere), and his slot 2, 7 and 8 were buffed.
+ Eleena's Boomerangs should not (i hope) spam boomerang ammo indefinitely anymore.
+ A "Band Aid" was needed to fix Caleb Turrets.
+ +20 damage on Caleb's Dynamites (a long time request)
+ Better BJ player sprites (Credits goes to Mason, the firing and knife rotations were made by Ivan Lisanti. Recolored by Hiragamer & Jesh)



+ 1 New Hero: Rebel Moon Rising Commando (Made by Jesh & Hiragamer)
* (His weapon tipbox will be added in the future, alongside with Eleena's weapon tipbox)

- Caleb now gib death enemies with napalm, tesla alt, dynamites and sometimes with the life leech.
- Space Seal now has a smaller HUD & new mugshots.
- Blake now has a smaller HUD.
- Freely now has a Weapon Bar.
- Each Class now has a wide screen (856x480) weapon bar. (Everything made by Hiragamer)
- Eleena's slot 7 behaviour cannot be replicated at the moment, so it will eat less ammo than it should temporary.
- BJ now has new "Ouch" and "Side Pain" mugshot frames (Made by Hiragamer)



* Fixed the infinite ammo for space seal in single player.
* Space Seal accuracy has been lowered.

+ Freely now has a different HUD bar (Graphics made by Hiragamer).
+ Eleena now has her proper slot 7 weapon (it do not work as it should, since zandronum doesnt handle the required features yet).
+ Eleena now has a better weapon bar (Graphics made by Hiragamer).



* Fixed a problem with Death states and Bloody effects
* Some balance changes on Space seal and Freely's slot 4

- Made this compatible with samsara 0.31-beta.
- Freely now has a knife as fist to make him more strife-friendly.
- Freely's Drunk Missile is now slot 6, and Split Missile is slot 4.
- Some other minor changes.
- Working Strife's HP & Armor bars (not at a 100%)


- *Some little annoying bug with caleb effect's were just fixed.
- *Some other changes were made too.
- +Caleb and Eleena now play their Enter sounds when spawning.
- +Added some taunts to Caleb.
- +Freely's slot 7 was buffed.



This contains:

- Better weapon bar for Blake, Caleb and Space Seal (everything was made by Hiragamer)
- Better effect for Caleb's pistol?
- Eleena now has a new slot 3, and her Flame Thrower has been replaced with the Napalm Charge.
- Better Caleb graphic formats and some effects and stuff? (the effects were intended to similate the blood gameplay)
- Eleena now has a fire death animation and some changes on her taunts were made too.
- Some better fonts for Eleena's HP & Armor.
- Blake can now Wolf-Retromovement.
- Blake's bar doesnt look that taller anymore (at least) (graphics made by Hiragamer)
- Strifeguy now recives randomly the Scanner or a Teleport Beacon when picking a berserk.

Still missing and to-do list:

- Keep waiting until zandro handle more features.
- Punchdrunk weapons.
- Tipboxes for Eleena and Strifeguy.


Samsara_ExtraHeroesv1.1 (Yeah, no more Samsara Addons).

This contains:

- Better player & pickup sprites for Eleena.
- C7 Class slot 4 speed work as in original game.
- Tried to rebalance (duh) Caleb (Jezz, hes impossible to balance...)
- Some other minor fixes.
- *Added C7 class a HUD (HUD made by BouncTEM / the mugshot frames are from the Corridor 7 TC, all credit's goes to their respective authors)
- *The C7 HUD was polished (I made some graphics, edited the statusbar, mugshots & weaponbar)
- Added a HUD for Strifeguy (The graphics were made by The_Riet).
- IPFreely now has a statusbar. (At least it doesnt have the ugly no-clipping messed look anymore, {Is this some kind-of-like coop bar from original Rott?})
- Added friendly monster for IPFreely (Low Guard used from Return of the Triad (Credit's goes to ELZEE & Respective Authors, some extra attack, sight, death, etc.
sounds were used from the Rott goddies pack (credit's goes to respective authors & Apooge; also, i made the full firing rotation frames.)))
- Better weapon 3 sprites for Blake Stone (Sprites made by Dynamo).
- Added friendly monster for Eleena (Monster frames & some projectiles ripped by Diodeus, i ripped the rest graphics and sounds (God, rip sprites from Eradicator is a REALLY BIG TORTURE)).
- Added friendly monster for SpaceSeal. (i made the full firing rotation frames; Graphics & sight sound taken from the Corridor 7 TC, i recorded the firing & death sounds too (Thanks for the tip BouncyTEM))
- Added friendly monster for Caleb (Sprites, code, etc. are from IvanDobrovski's ZBlood X Addon).
- Added friendly monster for Blake Stone (i made the full firing rotation frames; Graphics & sounds taken from the Blake Stone Demo TC, all credit's goes to their respective authors).
- The Blake Stone HUD was edited (it isnt that taller as before).
- Added friendly monster for StrifeGuy. (Made by Gardevoir)
- Eleena now has a HUD.
- Caleb now has an upper bar (i made & edited some of the graphics).
- Some weapon effects for Caleb were polished (Code used from the ZBlood X addon by IvanDobrovski).

* Note 1: Punchdrunk isnt made yet because im out of time.

* Note 2: Im trying to fill every missing thing, so i wish that this
wont feel incomplete anymore. (Please, check Note 1*)

* Note 3: I hope that this is compatible with Hexen & Strife (wew) now.

* Note 4: The Eradicator addon could have a lot of better effects & visual things, but some of the required graphics
were just impossible to rip.

* Note 5: Tipboxes for Strifeguy and Eleena will be included in the next version of this.

* Note 6: If something isnt working well, please let me know! (Any feedback will be appreciated too!)


//Samsara ExMixer 0.81 (includes 0.8 patches):

//needs updating since June 5 2020

-Updated menudef that includes miscellaneous character changes
-Updated menudef that includes Redneck gut and alcohol enabler/disabler
-Added multipliers for some half life enemies
-Added multiplier capabilities with Quake 2 enemies
-Added multipliers for RoTT low guards laying down
-Removed Plasmasphere that replaces computer maps, it was broken and will never match the use of a slot 3 in Ultimate Doom
-Fixed the weird behavior of corpse actors along steps
-Removed Fixes.txt since it's the same exact actor that appears in EXH
-Removed mm_banxxx and mm_xxxp cvars
-Removed references to pre-merger files
-Updated menudefs to contain only what they need
-Updated Spawn Options to dispay cvars for entire sets all on that menu, zandronum patch adds the sub menus below
-Fixed bug with random sets require two map changes to take effect
-Updated all spawners to use only one script; all spawn modes operate on the same script (all functionality is controlled by script 668 (and 669 if it's random sets)
-Updated boss sightings for all monsters
-Updated all monster definitions to consistently contain some functions at the beginning of their existence like original mixer enemies
-Added Marathon Stun and Mighty Boot pain states to relevant monsters that were missing them
-Added +NEVERTARGET to corpse actors, so allies don't attempt to shoot them
-Integrated CommonFuncs.h into SMMACS
-Added an extra 3 tic delay for enemies to spawn in coop for good measure (and to account for alternative modes)
-Ported vanilla SMM invisible token system
-Added A_KillMaster function to all AV replacements' death states, treating them as a de Facto miniboss

-Korax steps now use CHAN_BODY
-Undead Masters are now exclusively AV replacements, Death Wyvern is an Arachno

Wolf 3d
-Removed duplicate pain states from a few Wolf3d enemies

-Fixed crash when using flare gun on simulacrums

Rise of the Triad
-Lightning guards can now steal added weapons

-Added fire nerf changes to blood enemies as well

Quake 1
-Added Multipliers

Quake 2
-Cut back on A_Warp calls incorrectly since that means little when the warps move a small amount in 0 tics, so now they move 5 times more, additionally found a way for warps to be run on client
-Changed lasers to use additive renderstyle
-Thickened widow form 2 beam
-Modified to use proper HL Gibs
-Corrected Tank Commander Model Paths
-Added A_KillMaster to LaserBrain and Medic
-Fixed corpses for good

Rebel Moon Rising
-Fixed Hover Gunner not giving players a killcount and improved death animations

-Added Multipliers

Shadow Warrior
-Removed Duplicate Actors

-Added Multipliers

Half Life
-Hopefully fixed HECU Sarge broken death animation
-Fixed Stukabat going invisible briefly in a pain state
-Updated Geneworm radius so it does not get stuck in tight rooms
-Nerfed PitWorm Beam damage (it was ridiculous)
-Added Friendly Marines for Opposing Force mode
-Updated almost every single Half Life enemy (such as animation smoothing, footstep sounds, corpse sounds, etc)
-Updated Grenade drops to give Unique 1 or 3, reduced droprate
-Male Black Ops now sometimes drop their rifles, gives unique 2
-Shock Roaches now give Slot 1 to players when they leap at them. Except when they already have their Slot 1
-Modified scale on some ammo drops and corrected amounts
-Added the AR2 variants of Combine Overwatch units

-Removed Rebel from spawning as an enemy.

-Updated Hawk, Selkis, Kilmaatikahn, Necro and Omen Wasp

Redneck Rampage
- Removed NoDelay from Frank Doyle + Cheerleader
- Buffed alien hulk health to 1200, meleedamage to 22, mine explosion to a solid 50, and plasma shots to a solid 5 (from 2-4)
- Blue vixen now has 1000 hp, Red Vixen 2000, Green vixen 500, and Brown vixen 750
- Alligator bite does 5 or 10 damage
- Each turd projectile does 8 solid damage instead of about 15-30 damage
- Assface health reduced to 2500
- Billy Ray does a solid 6 damage, and has terrible accuracy
- Daisy Mae now has 200 hitpoints (melee damage reduced to 5)
- Daisy and Frank Doyle making out now has 150 damage
- Regular Doyle Bike has 300 hp
- Doyle Daisy bike has 450 hp
- Frank Doyle now has 150hp and has similar attack damage and accuracy to Billy Ray
- Guard dog now has 200 hp
- Jackelope has 50 hp
- King Hulk now has 2400 hp, and is shrunk to regular Alien Hulk size (uses similar attack values to regular alien hulk)
- Momma Jackelope has 2000 hp
- Mosquito has 1 hp, and does 4 melee damage instead of 1-3
- Queen Vixen has 3000 hp
- Skinny old coots now fire twice in a row (second shot has no projectile) and has terrible accuracy similar to RR (although each shot does 19 damage, that may need to be lowered)
- UFOS now have 100 hp instead of 430, will always spawn the pilot, and have cut variations implemented

- Added BossDeath and BossWait to AV Spawners
- Heretic Lich, Hexen Masters, and Chex Maximus spawners now inherit directly from AV spawners
- Heretic Clink spawners inherit from Demon spawner instead of Hellknight
- Chex Spawners now inherit from/replace renamed Chex Quest actors, fixing GZDoom issues

//No previous logs kept[/spoiler]

Now that new builds are released, you may use them on GZDoom (at least version 2.1) or Zandronum (3.0 or above).

[spoiler=Downloads and Installation]Extra Heroes or Alternate
Ex Mixer or Alternate
Ex Mixer Zandronum Patch or Alternate
Samsara Hero Soundtrack
Samsara File Loader

Installing and running just Extra Heroes:
1) Have an IWAD (such as Doom.wad, Hexen.wad, etc) in your Zandronum or GZDoom folder).
2) Place the Extra Heroes file in your GZDoom or Zandronum folder along with the core Samsara file.
3) Select both files and drag and drop over your port's executable.
4) Any map packs should be loaded before Samsara files.

Installing and running just Extra Heroes and Mixer:
1) Use the same installation steps as running with just Extra Heroes.
2) Place ExMixer file along with your other Samsara files.
3) IMPORTANT!: Under no circumstances do not drag and drop the files over your port's executable, it will does not work and has not worked for almost 5 years, and will never work. Instead use the provided loader file, or use a tool such as ZDL to set the load order manually. If you use the loader file, you only need these files in your ports directory:
-skulltag_content-3.0-beta01.pk3 (Zandronum Only)
-Extra Heroes
-Zandronum Patch (Zandronum Only)
-Samsara Soundtrack (GZDoom Only, put in Skins folder for Zandronum)
4) Any map packs should be loaded before Samsara files.
5) If interested in using any of Zandronum's functionality such as invasion, you must add the Zandronum patch to your load order.

Installing the Samsara Hero Soundtrack:
1) Follow the same steps as setting up Extra Heroes, or Mixer.
2) When using Zandronum, put the Soundtrack file in your SKINS FOLDER, unless you are on GZDoom, where you will put it with your load order.
3) When hosting a server with Samsara soundtrack, do NOT make it a required file under ANY circumstances. It's a large file and it's optional data.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Our Discord Channel][/spoiler]

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 12:07 am
by Whoah
Words cannot express my excitement for this! Can't wait for the GZDoom-compatible version!

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 1:06 am
by Captain J
Maaaan that trailer was one heck of a big rigs ride. I see you added tons of classes and monsters in one package, including some less-known ones like Witchaven! Looks really super-impressive and i can't wait for the first release. Please keep it up!!

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:04 am
by Nailz the Ravager
I have to admit - it's magnificent! I'm very happy to see the characters from "In Pursuit Of Greed" and "Cybermage"! Good luck with your project!

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:17 am
by CD-Roman
WaWaWeeWa - outstanding work. How about the SiN game? :)

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:26 am
by Kinsie
Tried to run the linked Extra Heroes in GZDoom 3.4.0 alongside Samsara 0.3666 and received some errors on startup that stopped the game from running:

1.) The "C" versions of the fireballs in Lo Wang's slot 7 try and re-define the user_angle variables from their parents, and the engine doesn't like that. Commenting out these re-definitions seems to suffice.

Code: Select all

Script error, "samsara_ex-hb3.pk3:decorate/lowang/slot7.dec" line 1211:
'user_angle' is already defined in 'MagicCircleFlameBall_1C' or one of its ancestors.

Execution could not continue.

Script error, "samsara_ex-hb3.pk3:decorate/lowang/slot7.dec" line 1211:
Unexpected ';' in definition of 'MagicCircleFlameBall_1C'

2.) The SBARINFO barfs upon accounting some old Skulltag shit.

Code: Select all

Script error, "samsara_ex-hb3.pk3:sbarinfo.txt" line 492:
'RuneIcon' is not a type of inventory item.
Script error, "samsara_ex-hb3.pk3:sbarinfo.txt" line 505:
'teamscore' is not a type of inventory item.

Script error, "samsara_ex-hb3.pk3:sbarinfo.txt" line 505:
Expected ',' but got string constant "Red" instead.
I'm not sure how to fix these in a way that doesn't make Zandronum angry. I think I might have just left them commented out in 0.3666?

3.) GZDoom does not support, and never will support, the ConsoleCommand ACS function. Please see the Samsara 0.3666 version of script_auto.h to find out how to convert these commands into something both GZDoom and Zandronum can tolerate (namely, GetCVar and SetCVar!)

(EDIT: Just seen people talking about an unreleased(?) GZD-compatible version. I guess that answers that. Hopefully these comments help, at any rate.)

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:28 am
by Shiny Metagross
Kinsie wrote:Tried to run Extra Heroes in GZDoom 3.4.0 alongside Samsara 0.3666 and received some errors on startup that stopped the game from running

That's because the current builds are Zandronum only. The trailer was recorded in GZDoom 3.3.2 with my test builds of extra heroes and the mixer.

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:29 am
by Kinsie
S_Andrew_S wrote:
Kinsie wrote:Tried to run Extra Heroes in GZDoom 3.4.0 alongside Samsara 0.3666 and received some errors on startup that stopped the game from running

That's because the current builds are Zandronum only.
Yeah, I just noticed people talking about a GZD-compat version.

Well, hopefully those comments help at any rate.

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:30 am
by Shiny Metagross
Kinsie wrote:
S_Andrew_S wrote:
Kinsie wrote:Tried to run Extra Heroes in GZDoom 3.4.0 alongside Samsara 0.3666 and received some errors on startup that stopped the game from running

That's because the current builds are Zandronum only.
Yeah, I just noticed people talking about a GZD-compat version.

Well, hopefully those comments help at any rate.

I'll keep them in mind.

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:32 am
by GeneralDelphox
This is nice. Mind if you make the ExMixer as a standalone monster pack?

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 6:44 am
by PixelWAD
This is like best thing ever!

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 6:50 am
by PlayerLin
I'll try this mod when this can run at latest GZDooM release. :)

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:22 am
by killbotvii
PlayerLin wrote:I'll try this mod when this can run at latest GZDooM release. :)

I don't think you read the OP correctly. They literally say that it can run on the latest version of GZDoom.

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:48 am
by Shiny Metagross
killbotvii wrote:
PlayerLin wrote:I'll try this mod when this can run at latest GZDooM release. :)

I don't think you read the OP correctly. They literally say that it can run on the latest version of GZDoom.

No, not yet.

Re: [WIP] Samsara: Extra Heroes + ExMixer

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 1:11 pm
by killbotvii
Looks like I didn't read it correct then lol.