[Zandronum][BETA] Aliens vs Predator: Hunter or Prey

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[Zandronum][BETA] Aliens vs Predator: Hunter or Prey

Postby Laggy » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:09 pm

Note: Technically, I'm not the author of this mod. This mod belongs to Tetssian. But I'm kind of a co-author so I guess I can post this anyway, right? He asked me to make this thread because he can't access his account for some reason.

Zandronum forums thread: https://zandronum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=8991

Aliens vs Predator: Hunter or Prey is a 3 team multiplayer Zandronum mod designed for TLMS (works in TDM as well). Each team has its own classes.

Weyland Yutani:
- Regular marine: Carries a shotgun and a pulse rifle with grenades. Can deploy a turret as well.
- Light marine: Carries a sniper rifle an a grenade launcher with 3 fire modes: Spider mines which stay hidden until an enemy comes neaby and try to explode next to them, EMP grenades which can stun predators and drain their energy (revealing cloaked ones), and regular grenades which can bounce off walls.

- Facehugger: Currently the only available class. Can jump into enemies, killing them instantly. Once it has killed one, it morphs into a chestburster which is mostly defenseless so it must run away from danger once it emerges from its enemy. It will grow up after a few moments, morphing into an adult xenomorph which can use its claws to attack quickly, pounce or use its tail to stun. Its stats varies depending on whenever it came from a human or a predator, being slower but stronger in the latter case.
Both facehuggers and adult xenomorphs can climb walls.

- Basic predator: Has one claw and a shoulder cannon that fires homing projectiles.
- Berserker Predator: Is stronger. Can use two claws, combisticks and nets that make enemies unable to move or attack until they free themselves.
All predators an cloack, use night-vision, recharge their energy and heal. Try not to use these last two abilites while fighting.


Test video:


Downloads (files need to be loaded in the following order order):

This mod requires skulltag content:
http://static.allfearthesentinel.net/wa ... beta01.pk3

http://static.allfearthesentinel.net/wa ... -1.5b4.pk3
http://static.allfearthesentinel.net/wa ... -patch.pk3

EDIT: Oh yeah, this mod uses custom controls. Remember to check "customize controls".
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