La Tailor Girl v1.75B

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Re: La Tailor Girl v1.75B

Postby Someonewhoplaysdoom » Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:37 am

Hi, I want to report some minor issues with the mod: 1- On Eviternity, the Invincibility sphere sprite have some kind of recolor that overwrite the Kamui dress. I couldn't pick one during the playtrought (because they are on hidden areas) and the item aparently only appears on Map 32, but I think its only visual and the mod works fine on that WAD.

2- A vissual Issue on Nari's Succubus Cool gun shows that both firemodes shoots with medium charge cells, while actually the weapon fires an enhanced first fire and the low level normal fire on secondary.

3- Im not sure if this is a Glitch or is intended, but the Ultra BFG have a greatly reduced posibility to spawn. For example, on my eviternity playthrough I only found the Void orb, while on Epic 2 the BFG spawned only on 2 or 3 maps. Finally on Kins Test map, the Ultra BFG is spawning like 1 or 0 between the 6 BFG weapon slots of the map.

zm5 wrote:Loving this mod, though I do also wish there was a fitting monster randomizer to go along with it - CH stuff keeps destroying me (abyss monsters in particular).

Has to be asked - what's the full artwork for the new console background?

On that, I could sugest you Stylish Hell, with replaces the demons with cute Demon girl variants that have different powers depending of their suits. Fits pretty well the style of La Tailor Girl in both appareance and gameplay. The only drawbacks are that mod got abbandoned and maybe could have some incompatibility issues (And makes the former soldiers and Arch-viles really cancerous to deal)

For me Colorful Hell is better, but I sugest you to configure some of the spawn rates for the extra monsters like the void, fireblue, Etc.
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Re: La Tailor Girl v1.75B

Postby Captain J » Wed Jul 08, 2020 1:05 pm

It's been a while since i played this neaty witty mod with some sense of fan service and humor. I now see a lot of clothes to try on and it's nicely randomized that weapons' behavior gets different depends on what kind of outfit you're on.
Spoiler: I guess it's a fine day to share me some feedback
Holy shiet, that's all for now. I only looked for Daina because other two characters act very differently as well. So i might come back later. Also i've got a question: Who drew the console pic? It's very fancy and beautiful-
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Re: La Tailor Girl v1.75B

Postby Darkbeetlebot » Sat Jul 18, 2020 8:34 pm

Is Nari's PDA not functional yet? I get an error (Unknown script "PDANARI") whenever I try to bring it up. Daina's works fine. Is this intentional or something? I noticed that the code for it isn't compiled in the mod, but compiling it doesn't seem to make it work.

Love the mod, by the way.
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