Hell League: A Boss mod Version 0.6

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Re: Hell League: A Boss mod

Postby XASSASSINX » Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:05 pm

Hey! I made that the evil butcher does an earthquake attack which hurts you in certaing radio, and a knife spray attack. Any more ideas? A new boss idea? (BTW: The next boss is probably going to be a stealth one)
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Re: Hell League: A Boss mod Version 0.2

Postby XASSASSINX » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:10 pm

XASSASSINX wrote:Hello everyone. This is my first "complex" mod that use alot of custom stuff (Credits below and in file)
Holy crap! It's been some time without update, huh? (30/10/2017)

Random screenchot of this mod: Image

Alright, Credits time:

Code: Select allExpand view
NOTE : Credits are also displayed at the start of the boss decorate.
Anyways, i don't have to explain what is this section, right?
So here it goes!

Senior Imp : Sprites - Doom

Nasty Mutant : Sprites - Eriance

The BFG9500 General : Sprites - Doom (Sprites Edit:Itsnaturetodie, neoworm)

The Zombie Overlord : Sprites - Raven, Doom (Sprites Edit: Magic Wizard)

The Necromancer Master : Sprites - Raven (Sprites Edit: Eriance)

Death Squad : Sprites - Rougue, id, Collin Portratz, RBCSkins, (Sprites edit: zirron the insect, TheMightyHeracross, Xim)

The Lighting God : Sprites - Raven (Sprites Edit: Pyroscourge, MagicWizard)

The Zombie master: Sprites - Xim

Terminator : Sprites - Vader, Eriance

The Hell Lord : Sprites - Doom, Mid Way, Eriance (Sprites Edit: Eriance)

Other stuff like projectiles:

Terminator Annihilator Missile sprite : Eriance

Mr spooky (necromancer master minion) Sprites: Dungeon keeper

So what is this about?

Do you think that doom and doom 2 bosses are too simple? Yes? Do you think that they should drop some stuff after being kiled? Yes? So i guess this mod is for you! This mod (For now) add 10 new bosses with custom attacks, skill levels (To easy to trohwing your keyboard at the wall level), custom sounds and sprites. Also note: All credits are here AND in the file. If i forgot to put you here, PLEASE advice me and i will put right away.

NOTE: Most of bosses drop small to extreme HP/Armor Bonus, that means it will drop some health or armor bonus to give you a boost.

ALSO, PLEASE Tell me what do you think, what should i improve, remove, critics, death threats, whatever. just tell me what do you think. Thanks.

Link of this mod in bold text for some reason: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a2hwtmg61 ... BOSSES.wad

Alright, Let's talk some about the bosses.

The Senior Imp
Summon : SeniorImp

The highest rank that an imp can get. He don't use custom sprites for now. Anyways, this guy is a pretty easy boss, 3 attacks (1 weirdly moving fireball, a seeker fireball and 5 imps fireballs) Don't drop alot of supllies, but is cool for use as mini bosses.

A nasty mutant
Summon : NastyMutant

This poisonous mutant summons toxic gas clouds and can shoot some poison projectiles, he's pretty annoying, since his poison is additive and deals an considerable amount of damage, this guy can spam rooms with his gas, so avoid that happening. He drop some stuff to assist you, but still not a true boss. still a mini boss.

The BFG9500 General
Summon : TheBFG9500General

Some random general got a BFG9500 and turned into a zombie on hell invasion. Do i even need to say more? This guy wears the experimental UAC BFG9500, Capable of quick burst of shots and shoot a bunch of smaller red bfg balls which do alot of damage. Avoid that. This guy contain some tricks, like shooting very left in a spiral way, then shooting straight to confuse you and hit you, kinda hard to explain, have to play to understand. This guy is already boss (And so for this point and beyond) Also he drop some stuff, and can even drop a blue armor, and lots of cell, including a BFG9500, A challenge foe.

The Death Squad
Summon : DeathSquad

One single monster is too boring? What about 7 highly trained assassins? From snipers to flamertrhowers, this squad was "Recruited" by hell in exchange for more effective weapons and armors. Their last mission is a big one: Eliminate all earths forces. that includes you! There are 7 (again?) assasins: The ranger, which uses a sniper rifle and will hit you almost all times (Except if you're ridicicolous far away), the flamertrhower guy: Don't need any explanation. The elite assassin: A heavy machine gun soldier, careful with this guy on close combat. The shield assassin: use a really powerfull shield which will block projectiles and bullets. Also has alot of health. Grenade Assassin: Probably the most dangerous, use a deadly grenade launcher, CAREFUL with this guy. The plasma assasin: will trhow 3 small bfg at you! these deals an annoying damage, not much a trheat. The commander: He has the most health. You will probably kill this guy for last. Also, ALL the assassins can't deal damage to each other. They all drop some stuff and their items may vary depeding on the assassin. (Ex: Plasma assassin will drop to you alot of cells.)

The Evil butcher
Summon : TheEvilButcher

Very agressive boss, can trhow DEVASTATING knifes, and jump at the air and shakes the earth so much it actually hurts you. Drop items like berserk, chainsaw, ammo. A medium boss. Also can do a dash attack towards you, this attack is more experimental, I WILL improve it on the next version.

The Zombie Overlord
Summon : TheZombieOverlord

A vampire. Yes, A vampire. Trhow homing bats, A blood sphere which explode into some toxic blood. Avoid that hitting you, Can do some teleport, charge towards you (pro tip: don't use rocket launcher while he's jumping to your face) can do a 3 weaveing missile attack, and a machine gun one style. Pretty simple, Drop some good stuff on death. Also careful with the homing bats, they don't some damage, buy boy they are annoying.

The Necromancer Master
Summon : TheNecromancerMaster

This guy. Oh boy this guy. He's one of these humans that use some dark magic with some dark demon and summon him with generic old evil spell books. yeah. Anyways, This guy summons mr spooky skeleton with swords and shields. He also trhow some high damage projectiles WITH A RIDICULOUS knoback. Also when one of minions there's a high chance that will drop some bonus to help you, like a clip, some armor bonus, health bonus, anything like that. Also, DO NOT these skeletons surround you, and do not let these skeletons accumulate. The boss itself will also go into a skeleton summon turbo when he is low on health. he drop some ammo, backpacks, health, useful things.

The Lighting God
Summon : TheLightinGod
Oh boy, this guy is one smeghead. Contain lots of attacks, like homing eletric fire (Wait what?), some weird eletron attack, enchaced cacodemon balls, and his most powerful attack: He can spawn 4 rippers lighitings which can nearly instakill if you stand on it. Also, He can summon in vertical and horizontal, or
diagonal, CAREFUL, Do not any of these rays touch way. Also if he notices that you are far away, he will do a dash to catch you. In any situation, do not let any of attacks hit you. Once on death, drops lot of stuff, Backpacks, maybe a soulsphere/blue armor, some clipbox, plasma pack, rocket box, shell box, whatever. Careful, Do not understimate this guy.

The Zombie master
Summon : TheZombieMaster
REALLY Painful and REALLY Annoying boss, has some attacks that mostly like hit you, including a some sorta of death ray, a homing soul, a quick almost 100% that will hit you hitscan attack, and another hitscan one that will probably also hit you but with less chance that deals ALOT of damage. This guy also can teleports and trhow a grenade at you. CAREFUL with his teleport, since that when he does that his teleport fog explode into 8 projectiles. A tough guy, but if you have cover and be careful, you will probably survive. OH! Also when this guy dies he will come back to trie to kill you as "last act" (but wait ins't he's dead?), in this state he will only melee you and dash to hit. So just avoid him.

The Terminator
Summon : Terminator
No one knows the origin of this guy. All that matters that he have a high caliber machinegun, Homing rockets, and some weird cluster grenade and a red energy plasma shotgun, This guy act like a poison guy, He have his machinegun, Which will (almost all times) hit you, So to avoid dying to his machine gun, DO NOT let any of his attacks hit you, since they all do a crap ton of damage. On death drops alot of items, chaingun, and other things. A respectable boss. Do not mess with him without a decent arsenal.

The Hell Lord
Summon : TheHellLord

What? So you're saying that the terminator wans't a challenge enough? Ok! I got the toughest boss for now: The hell lord, 6500 of health, fire trail wherever he goes, comet attack that can deal more than 100 damage, can shoot 3 bigger baron balls that deal even more damage, 5 baron ball attack, 2 more left/right big baron ball projectiles that can hit you if you're strafing, also, the comet spawn some fire and leave a trail of fire which has +RIPPER flag. Yep. But Hey! At least he will drop a megasphere, ALOT of stuffs, LOTS AND LOTS of stuff. So yeah. Enjoy this guy.
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Re: Hell League: A Boss mod Version 0.2

Postby Facínora » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:10 pm

The Hell Lord's actor "TheHellLord" doesn't work. "TheHellord" works though.
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Re: Hell League: A Boss mod Version 0.2

Postby MrToots » Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:02 pm

not sure if i'm doing something wrong but neither mod loads for me do i need a specific gzdoom version or something?
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Re: Hell League: A Boss mod Version 0.2

Postby XASSASSINX » Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:20 am

MrToots wrote:not sure if i'm doing something wrong but neither mod loads for me do i need a specific gzdoom version or something?

The Spawn of the monsters is manual. And no, You don't need a specific version (But i recommend the last one)
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Re: Hell League: A Boss mod Version 0.6

Postby SnakeTheJake » Sat May 11, 2019 11:09 am

when do the bosses spawn?
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Re: Hell League: A Boss mod Version 0.6

Postby slyrboi » Wed May 15, 2019 1:34 am

can this be done with any gameplay mod, such as PB, BD, D4T, Doom Incarnate, QCDE, and more
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Re: Hell League: A Boss mod Version 0.6

Postby XASSASSINX » Sun May 19, 2019 10:48 am

Oh damn, after a year some people are replying here... Damn.

But yes, i basically stopped advancing this. But feel free to ask for any changes or balance
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Re: Hell League: A Boss mod Version 0.6

Postby Yakton » Mon Jan 18, 2021 12:35 pm

How do I play this? Do I just launch the wad files as a pk3 file?
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Re: Hell League: A Boss mod Version 0.6

Postby XASSASSINX » Tue Feb 23, 2021 6:21 am

Heya, yep, that's right. This is an old mod of mine, you just launch it with doom, and use the console (press ') to summon the monsters. their class names and spawners names are on the post.
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