The Soldier Z - WIP - Update 12 3/5/2019 - MK23 Poll

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Add a new sidearm, the HK MK23 SOCOM?

Yes, add it!
No, don't.
No votes
Yes, but have it replace the M9A3.
Total votes : 51

Re: The Soldier Z - WIP - Update 12 3/5/2019 - MK23 Poll

Postby Brohnesorge » Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:53 pm

Gear has been being pecked at in the background for quite awhile, but has had one hold up or another. Its coming but I dont know when. As for weapons, I want to be super careful. I don't want a CoD situation where I have 40 guns that all fire the same. That said, I am working on adding some kind of anti-material rifle and still working on the MK23 SOCOM.
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