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Re: [3.4!] FINAL DOOMER +

Postby Randomguy7 » Fri Dec 31, 2021 12:10 am

I'd love to see more! Perhaps a Sunlust one!
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Re: [3.4!] FINAL DOOMER +

Postby Nobody2 » Fri Dec 31, 2021 10:02 pm

Nice. Can't wait to try this with Plutonia!
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Re: [3.4!] FINAL DOOMER +

Postby rotts » Tue Jan 11, 2022 8:05 pm

Registered here to say that this weapon mod is fantastic.

I have been using FinalDoomer with the Bloodstain (*edit* corrected name) megawad which has the exact type of level design i love, it's nice and fighty. Large amounts of strong monsters; I don't think it counts as a slaughter-wad but things can get pretty hairy. The extra oomph (SO MANY SHOTGUNS) is *chefskiss*. This mod, playing Bloodstain, w/ Pistol Start is my new favorite way to play classic Doom.
For me this gameplay mod really hits that sweet spot where the weapons feel minimalist, like in the classic game, but now there's a huge variety! Well done!
Every couple of maps I swap classes, by starting a new game then warping to the level I just reached. Not missing anything, because Pistol Start. :)

I'll join the many others in the C4 fan club, that is one goddamn fantastic weapon. The mini-missile launcher is also very, very, very nice and the beefier regular melee attacks are a ton of fun. There are a *lot* of (early-map) Berserk pickups in Bloodstain so you can imagine how a lot of levels start out. One-punch-manning demons, yes.

Have been trying this with some other megawads as well, results have been invariably FUN. Congrats dudes, you made something special here! Hope to see more, but either way it's great stuff!
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Re: [3.4!] FINAL DOOMER +

Postby YasuoProjectX » Tue Feb 08, 2022 7:50 pm

Compatible with DRLA (Monsters), yes?
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Re: [3.4!] FINAL DOOMER +

Postby Cheater87 » Sun Feb 13, 2022 6:33 pm

Is this only for Ultimate Doom? Doom 2 and Final Doom say E1M1 not found when trying to load it.
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Re: [3.4!] FINAL DOOMER +

Postby Delfino Furioso » Mon Feb 14, 2022 2:14 am

Cheater87 wrote:Is this only for Ultimate Doom? Doom 2 and Final Doom say E1M1 not found when trying to load it.

final doomer should work with any Doom IWAD

you are probably loading some other mod which requires the (ultimate) Doom IWAD
check your launcher settings and/or your gzdoom autoload sequence
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Re: [3.4!] FINAL DOOMER +

Postby RastaManGames » Mon Feb 14, 2022 5:09 am

Um... I think that "The Vendetta Machine" kinda broken for me?
I mean, it sends a beam in a way of many bulletpoofs (that also leads targets to bleed w/o any HP loss) and then it just do nothing instead of firing a bunch of dead beams or something...
Which addon may cause this?(
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Re: [3.4!] FINAL DOOMER +

Postby JohnnyTheWolf » Thu Feb 24, 2022 9:52 am

Kind of late and probably obvious to most, but I have been replaying Serious Sam 3: BFE lately and it just occurred to me that the Hellbound arsenal is heavily inspired by the former's arsenal! :o
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Re: [3.4!] FINAL DOOMER +

Postby Finder153 » Sat Mar 19, 2022 12:26 am

So I found out a bug:

Alien Vendetta's phased tachyon cannon doesn't aim properly with smart autoaim when freelook is turned off in the gameplay options.
It aimed fine when I enabled autoaim from the player options.

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Re: [3.4!] FINAL DOOMER +

Postby flamming_python » Wed May 18, 2022 12:03 pm

Any chance of configuring Final Doomer + so that I can automatically activate a certain weapon set upon loading it with a given .wad?

Like say a config option I can set for a default weapon set and disabling the weapon set selection prompt.
Or maybe editing the .pk3 file somehow so that only a single weapon set exists?
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Re: [3.4!] FINAL DOOMER +

Postby flamming_python » Thu May 19, 2022 11:46 am

Nevermind, figured it out quickly, even as a non-entity in any sort of Doom modding.
I'll post the instructions here for anyone who might be interested for either this mod or any other that offers a selection of player classes that you want to limit when combined with a given map .wad

The first route I tried was by running the playerclasses command in the console to see how they're all named, and then use the +playerclass class startup argument to specify the class desired
Now, when paired with the -skill x startup arg, this worked. The trouble was however that:
1). The intro/title screen is skipped
2). The player doesn't get the choice of what difficulty level to choose, it's down to whatever is specified as a startup arg
3). The player can start a new game from the menu whereupon he would get the choice of weapon set as normal, which is what I want to avoid

The second route was through editing the .pk3, and required me to get a little acquainted with playerclasses in the Doom engine (https://zdoom.org/wiki/Creating_new_player_classes), but it was no biggie, took 5 minutes of reading and then another 5 minutes of using Notepad++ to search the parameters I was interested in within FinalDoomer_v3.4.pk3 (I found renaming it to a zip and then editing internal files directly through WinRar was a better idea than extracting the archive, which can lead to replaced/lost folders)
Anyhow it was pretty much a case of editing MAPINFO and deleting all the entries in the PlayerClasses section apart from the one I was interested in
Now, if only there was a way to get rid of all the now unused graphics/sound/etc.. by the classes I disabled, that would be great. But nevermind.
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Re: [3.4!] FINAL DOOMER +

Postby Delfino Furioso » Fri Jun 03, 2022 9:45 am

hey people, I've added FD compatibility to a custom HUD initially posted on DW

I should have correctly implemented support for all weapons of each player class, but bugs might have slipped through - so feedback is appreciated

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