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Re: Bullet-Eye - v0.11.6 - Frozen Wrath - 8/9/21 (4 Weapons?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2021 7:42 pm
by user5124
Tried it in Eviternity already- doesn't work. :/

Re: Bullet-Eye - v0.11.6 - Frozen Wrath - 8/9/21 (4 Weapons?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2021 7:52 pm
by Mor'Ladim
user5124 wrote:Any chance of a "don't die at episode end" feature to allow maps like Eviternity to not break the levelling/continuity aspects of Bullet-Eye? :?:

I think some mods like guncaster (or guncaster vindicated?) have this..

If I recall correctly, this was attempted way back then, but there were problems with it. However, the player pawn as well as the "weapons carried" code in the mod have been improved since then (Mainly to fix voodoo doll issues and co-op) so I believe it may be possible to do now. I think making it an option would be a good idea, since some people may want to preserve the aspect of starting fresh with death exits.

Thanks for the feedback!

There are a lot of general quality of life changes coming to the mod as well as improvements to co-op coming in the next update. A few examples of what is coming: being able to sell weapons or equipment items at any vending machine, health bars of other players added while playing in co-op, Repeaters rework, new equipment items and equipment bonuses, Weapon Enhancers granting slightly more XP as well as being able to stack up to 999, and toned down Dread Trooper and Crusher AI.

It just needs a bit more testing to catch any possible surprise issues, but other than that, a release should be ready soon.

Re: Bullet-Eye - v0.11.6 - Frozen Wrath - 8/9/21 (4 Weapons?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2021 8:03 pm
by user5124
That sounds really great. I only just recently discovered bullet-eye, after finding it sitting in my doom directory. It's a lot of fun and there's a surprising amount of depth.

Re: Bullet-Eye - v0.11.6 - Frozen Wrath - 8/9/21 (4 Weapons?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2021 11:06 pm
by Mor'Ladim
user5124 wrote:That sounds really great. I only just recently discovered bullet-eye, after finding it sitting in my doom directory. It's a lot of fun and there's a surprising amount of depth.

Glad to hear that you are enjoying it! Again, I have Ace/Accensus to thank for helping to make the mod what it is today. As I tend to say often, the mod has strayed far from its original arcade style roots, but I think it turned out for the better. The replay value sure would have been lacking otherwise.

I hope the new weapons and other content I have planned soon will be fun for the players! Thanks for playing!

Re: Bullet-Eye - v0.11.7 - Frozen Wrath - 10/30/21

PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2021 7:20 pm
by Mor'Ladim
New update! I did want to wait until I got some more weapons in before releasing a stable build, but looking over the posts here in the topic - there were some problems that definitely needed to be addressed ASAP such as the possible VM Abort while using the Assassin Vulcan and the Giga Crush outright not working. Problem is it slipped my mind until I read the issues again! The full changelog is below, but here are some highlights:

Major changes:
1. Weapon/Equipment Enhancers were done away with. Upgrading weapons and equipment is now achieved by using GP (money), and money drops/acquisition have been increased to compensate the change.
2. Damage randomization for the player's weapons has been removed. Now, all weapons (other than explosive area of effect weapons due to mechanics) deal the same amount of damage every shot. This will make it much easier to keep track of how many shots for most weapons are needed to slay an enemy. The damage for each weapon now uses the "middle ground" of the previous randomized values in most cases, so the power still feels consistent.

Other changes include:
1. Reduced aggressiveness for Dread Troopers (Zombiemen) and Crushers (Shotgunners), unless playing on Dread Level 8, which will then revert them to their previous AI.
2. 2 new Tech weapons, with one of them only dropping from an enemy.
3. New equipment items and new equipment bonuses. New "Alpha" equipment items that have no unique effects, but allow for the placement of 5 equipment bonuses, rather than the standard 3.
4. New weapon magazine size bonuses, allowing you to fire more with your favorite weapons, should you acquire an equipment bonus for them.
5. All default Doomguy hands replaced!

EDIT: Minor bugs, but you will still be able to find Weapon or Equipment Enhancers here and there, and the "Repair All" key makes mention of enhancer usage rather than GP, but still uses and removes GP as intended. These are basically visual bugs and should not impact gameplay in a major way.

v0.11.7 - 10/30/21
-Added 2 new TECH weapons.
-Lightning element now affects 3 targets, up from 1. Damage has also been lowered.
-Ice Bulwarks from the ice element can now be kicked with Quick Kick, which can be used to reposition them or damage enemies.
-Fixed issue with elite weapons remaining after pick up in co-op.
-Added small crowns on elite weapon pick ups to better inform the player that they are elite items.
-Weapons now once again have a small chance to drop from enemies.
-Increased cost of some weapons purchased through the shop.
-Removed randomized damage from weapons. Some weapon damage has been adjusted.
-All remaining weapons that were utilizing the standard Doom hands have now been replaced.
-Increased experience needed to level up weapons.
-Upgrading is now achieved with GP rather than Weapon Enhancers. Weapon Enhancers have been removed.
-Intensity equipment bonus has been added. Now also benefits from RAPID Tune Up equipment bonus.
-Now benefits from Attack Strike Orbs.
-Now benefits from Demolisher's Legplates.
-Primary fire projectile radius has been reduced in order to fit through tighter spaces, such as between bars.
-Melee attack is now affected by the Melee Tune Up equipment bonus, since it is already affected by the Siegebreaker Combat Boots as well.
-L3 empowered melee attack no longer causes the player to dash forward, and now instead increases melee range by a large amount.
-Added sounds for when the infinite ammo effect triggers and ends.
-Infinite ammo effect should no longer be heard globally in co-op.
-Wall impacts should no longer be heard globally in co-op.
-Fixed cooldown indicator position.
-Weapon has been reworked.
-Lowered damage of projectiles but now fires 4 orbs at a time, similar to how the Sub-Weapon version was.
-Increased damage of all effects and adjusted area of effect.
-Projectile speed increased.
-Fixed not healing players if you have the equipment bonus that removes the healing limit.
-Magazine size increased to 40 in order to launch 4 full volleys, instead of 3 and a half.
-Updated weapon sprite.
-Element changed to ice. Damage and ammo costs have been adjusted.
-Kills in Bullet-Eye Mode now grant from 30 to 80 GP, up from 2 to 6.
-Increased amount of GP gained from Bullet-Eye Mode kills slightly.

-Upgrading is now achieved with GP rather than Equipment Enhancers. Equipment Enhancers have been removed.
-Adjusted equipment drops. Getting a full set of almost maxed out gear by Map 06 or earlier is too much!
-Increased cost to level equipment after L2.
-Added "Alpha" equipment items. These have no unique effects, but allow for 5 equipment bonuses, as opposed to the standard 3 of regular equipment.
-Added 8 new equipment items. (+8 Alpha equipment items for a total of 16)
-Added 9 new equipment bonuses and individual weapon magazine capacity bonuses.
-Fixed Giga Crush (Armor) not working.
-Added indicator for when Giga Crush (Armor) is on cooldown, and reduced cooldown of Giga Crush effect to 3 minutes, down from 4.
-Lowered volume of Bomb Dispensers (Shoulders) effect.
-Belt of the Veterans now returns Bullet-Eye Mode to its pre-"ultimate" mode form.
-Resourceful Belt effect changed due to new equipment bonus.
-Relentless Headguard now affects Bloodletter Magnum and Repeaters.
-Turrets from Sentry's Guard (Helm) now last slightly longer.
-Onslaught Helmet now grants 5 seconds of benefits after picking up a Strike Orb, up from 3 seconds.
-Hasty Boots movement speed bonus increased considerably.
-Increased damage of Retaliation Pauldrons (Shoulders) effect, and now also causes resurrected enemies to take extra damage.
-Increased damage of Intense Flames equipment bonus.
-Added a "Repair All Equipment" keybind. Prioritizes more damaged items first.

-Flash Guard deflect sound no longer plays at any distance.
-Players who are crouched can now be launched like a football after being kicked by other players.

-Weapon Enhancers and Equipment Enhancers have been removed.
-Survivors no longer grant Enhancers and now grant more GP.
-Increased max number of Old World Manuals that can be carried.
-Players can now press Reload on the Weapon Status Panel to use 4000 GP and grant a weapon 2000 XP.
-Health Augments now disappear after a short time, just like other health items.
-Keys (key cards/skull keys) are now shared. This works universally without replacing anything, so it should work with modded keys.
-Ammo drop rates are now increased depending on amount of players.
-Adjusted ammo spawns from some sources such as low tier enemies and ammo boxes. Made all ammo types equal in drop rate.
-Cost to purchase equipment items from the gacha machine increased to 2000, up from 1000. Since items can be sold now, it makes it easier to purchase than it was previously.
-Added 20 more collectible items. These were in the backlog since 2019.

-Fixed Aberwraithers using their area attack when they cannot see the player.
-Now has a lower chance to launch shields and also incurs a cooldown when they do so. Reverts to former AI at Dread Level 8.
-Fixed Cycloptic Brute dropping ammo less often compared to other high tier enemies.
-Fixed Cycloptic Brute not aiming the projectile melee attack towards player if attacking from different heights.
-Movement speed slightly increased.
-Movement speed is now lower and jumps are used less often. Reverts to former AI at Dread Level 8.
-Fixed some enemies not removing the Lobolashi's Howl buff when entering their pain state.
-Projectiles now have slight limited homing.
-Changed projectile attacks, and now fires faster. It now mainly shoots smaller projectiles that rarely leave trails of flames, and now has a chance to fire the original larger projectile that leaves flames on impact.
-Reduced hitbox radius, and now won't attack the player until it can be properly targeted. The player can still be hurt by the radiation aura, however.

-Clearing map objectives now rewards some GP.
-Fixed keys not being taken when opening chests. Again.
-Players can now sell equipment items to vending machines by dropping an item near one and while Equipment Lock is on (to prevent accidental selling when comparing equipment, which usually requires Equipment Lock to be toggled off). The sell price depends on the item and also its level.
-Increased invincibility time after taking damage. This time is increased with shields.
-The current page of the Status Panel will now be saved and will open to said page when the panel is next opened.
-Swapped Equipment and Shop Status Panel pages. Now the order is: Weapons > Equipment > Shop > Collectibles.
-Upgrading items in the Status Panels will no longer alert enemies, and now also disables reloading.
-Fixed "Auto Reload On Empty Magazine" option not working.
-Fixed a VM abort with death exits and invulnerability.
-Renamed health bar frame HUD size CVar to be more logical. As a result, this change resets the option.
-Added player frames in co-op. This will allow you to see the health, shield, name, and position/direction of co-op partners. These can be disabled.
-Added ability to spy other players' inventory without co-op spy. If co-op health bars are enabled, looking at a player within approximately 2000 map units will display their weapons underneath their bars.
-If you have the Equipment Status Panel open, looking at a player would allow you to browse their equipment items. Input will be frozen until you can see your own inventory again, which can be done by looking away.
-Certain props now remove their SHOOTABLE flag in order to no longer show up in the Target Spy mod after they have relinquished their items.
-Fixed skipping of Shop Status Panel in Shuffle Mode.
-An altered palette has been added in order to utilize player colors in co-op while not butchering the original player colors. This does not affect the player sprite when changing colors, but a small gem which hovers over players.
-Added two new sounds for when enemies fall from great heights.
-Added one new enemy damage sound and 2 death explosion sounds.