Bullet-Eye (SNES/Retro Style Mod) v0.10 - 1-Up!

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Should Weapon Leveling Be Removed?

Yes, as long as all current weapon effects are kept.
Somewhat - move all effects to level 1, and reserve the other two levels for bonuses such as mag size capacity.
No, it makes the mod unique.
Total votes : 34

Re: Bullet-Eye (SNES/Retro Style Mod) v0.10 - 1-Up!

Postby Mor'Ladim » Mon Jan 04, 2021 3:46 am

Gourry wrote:Questions on weapons and equips for the git ver.:

For the equip enhancement bonuses, does it randomize the bonus perk on the item? Was using a bunch on equip enhance orbs and misclicked on a good perk going to the next bonus.
How far does the weapon level enhancement go?

Equipment bonuses are randomized, and once an item has two bonuses (the max amount of bonuses an equipment item can have) on it, you can reroll the bonuses. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to select which bonus you want to reroll, so it changes both in one go. This may be changed in the future.

Weapons can level up to 4, but since the short-lived durability mechanic was removed recently, L4 weapons currently have no benefit. When durability was a thing, L4 would cause weapons to no longer suffer durability loss. There are no plans set in stone yet, but one idea is to make an entirely new effect for L4 weapons (which will cause the lore to have to be removed or placed somewhere else), or just have it grant a flat damage bonus - but that would be boring.
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Re: Bullet-Eye (SNES/Retro Style Mod) v0.10 - 1-Up!

Postby Dreingon » Wed Jan 06, 2021 4:57 pm

Dear lord this mod is amazing. Its unique, its... PERFECT!!!

>The unique guns you find and how they perform its real amazing, my favorite so far is the shotgun that shots down and creates a shockwave!
>Some weapons with unique mechanics like the halberd that builds fire if you walk around with it
>I love the shield mechaning feels like im parrying in Dark Souls

This mod reminds me of Combine_Kegan
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