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Postby RUNSABER » Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:33 pm

Introducing DAMNED.. when being DOOMED isnt enough.

Tested via 3dge 2.0.2 w/ BTSX E1, AZGTHTH, NDCP, Riot Control, LONGWAD, Claustrophobia 1024, Crimson Canyon, Baker's Maps, Memento Mori, REQUIEM

DAMNED is a gameplay mod created to enhance the definitive experience DOOM in it's raw nature provides. The mod aims to enhance Doom by adding random spawners to the sandbox that allows for an even more addictive arcade adventure. Including the original roster of enemies and weapons, DAMNED adds an addition slew of weapons which complement the originals to slay the opposition with fierce determination. As time goes on, the mod will be buffed out to improve content.

-17+ weapons for you to wield!
-5 armor types to collect, including the SHIT armor!
-Rare monster counterparts that spawn in place of the originals!
-A variety of items, from lesser to greater bonuses!
-Support Characters! Touch Assist Spheres to call in help!
-Same old gameplay, different encounters, different ways to get fucked up and die!

New Screenshots:

To Do List:

-Add functionality to the Divine BFG15K.
-Add secondary weapons such as Land Mines for proximity and mob control.

-Add variations into the mix of random monsters that spawn.

-Add LVL2 and LVL3 Backpack pickups to break Ammo Limit.

This was a mod created just for fun and to expand DDF skill. I can now create my own line of code with simple imagination. Thus this mod was born when I created a spawning system for Astral Pathfinder. It proved successful and I've taken the steps to make it better. Now that I have improved upon the spawning system, items, weapons and monsters now spawn more successfully and there is no longer a risk of missing that much needed Medikit or crucial weapon. You are now spared by the Guardians who did not give a shit about your luck in the previous code. :lol:

New improvements have been made for DAMNED and has updated to version 0.9

New Features

-Corona sprites are affected by their surrounding environment's ceiling height. Another method was tested (BUILTIN:QUADRATIC), but looks extremely ugly. Will be plausibly fixed in the final update when a solution is found.

Upcoming Features/Development Ideas for Version F(Final)
+Monsters are capable of becoming Nightmares.
+Archviles can summon Nightmares.
+Praying at certain columns will give you blessings.

DOWNLOAD DAMNED V.09B:https://db.tt/PYuCHwlk Compressed @ 9MB + FIXED M_DOOM and HUD

CREDITS: ID, Midway, Eriance for DE sprites with personal tweaks, RUNSABER for SSG, Corona sprites, Titlepic and MDOOM, Daedalus for Complex Doom, Legendary for LCA, WildWeasel for inspiration, Coraline, Chronoteeth, Ceejay, 3rdeye and Sandstormer of TDG for inspiration, DDF inspiration and development of the 3DGE source port :wub: HXHRTC Project for Quad Shotgun and DBFG sprites, Yholl and friends for the DoomRL Project
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Re: [3DGE]DAMNED-Gameplay/Randomizer[V.09B]

Postby Ozymandias81 » Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:53 am

I like what I see. If I've got some free time I'll give to this a shot.
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Re: [3DGE]DAMNED-Gameplay/Randomizer[V.09B]

Postby StatisticalHourglass » Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:28 pm

pretty fun, I liked the auto shotgun, the dual rocket launcher and the railgun, the rest of the weapons seemed pretty standard to be entertaining to use, even trough they were well implemented.
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Re: [3DGE]DAMNED-Gameplay/Randomizer[V.09B]

Postby zZaRDoZz » Sun Jun 19, 2016 3:50 am

Heyah RUNSABER! I'll be forcing the issue of computer time just so I can play this. Can't wait to find out exactly how the 'pillars' are implemented. B]
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Re: [3DGE]DAMNED-Gameplay/Randomizer[V.09B]

Postby RUNSABER » Sun Jun 19, 2016 5:07 pm

Hi, everyone! Happy Father's Day, and thank you all for playing DAMNED. I feel this mod along with QUACK and Immoral Conduct 2 will give 3DGE users something fun to play alongside their vanilla adventures. I'm planning to do the same with Heretic. The greatest wad I can currently recommend is Memento Mori.

The auto shotgun is one of my favorites, it has a habit of saving my ass when I get cornered or surrounded on UV! I would like to add more extraordinary weapons that fit the functionality of their slots. I feel the Quad Shotgun is a bit common, which is why I wanted to use an energy crossbow for a bit more variety. What weapons would you like to see or feel would improve on the current roster?

Lastly, let's talk about the pillars. The red pillars now interactive and you need to find a Brown Skull (dropped by revenants & archviles by 2%) to pray at them. When the prayer is successful, it will change to a pillar with a brown skull on it and reward you with full health, Divine Armor for +500 DEF, 80% Magic Resistance and a Fairy familiar will be summoned to follow you. She casts protective shields and will sometimes heal you. Enemies WILL attack your fairy as she can't attack to protect her self. Upon death she drops a Good Apple that heals you to 100% health. This doesn't apply to HP Limit Breaking power ups like the Ultrasphere. This will all be applied in the final release.

The Mercenary Girl is a friend of Doomguy's, and will die to defend the Earth in the fight for survival. She has 3000 HP and wears Topaz Armor while wielding a Plasma Rifle and a Railgun. Upon death she drops these items for you to pick up. Assist Spheres have a rare chance of spawning when you pick up a backpack.

Currently the Phantom and Grenade Launchers are in spawn rotation by 5%, but in the final release you'll be able to get these weapons easier from enemies that drop them. Can you collect them all? :)

Are there any glitches or issues with the weapon switching states? Please test and let me know if you can! I don't recommend running wads that use DEHACKED. If DEHACKED changes the weapon behavior, it will affect this mod. Try using Valiant: VE if you want to play that PWAD!
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