[A.1x1 released] - Nightmare of the Sin (NotS)

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[V.1^2 coming soon] - Nightmare of the Sin (NotS)

Postby Pink Baron » Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:40 am

Pink Baron's here. Honestly I would wait for a surprise release on the next few weeks, but discovering how this wad was welcomed on the net, most notably with
a ICARUSLIV3S's Youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g94YX5gv7XI) and James Rolfe's now knowing what Brutal Doom is, I had to change plans.

First of all: I'm working on spare time on NotS since last November, Alucard still isn't included BUT I've almost completely overhauled everything else.
This changes include:
* Code optimization (old D4D standard, so no ZScript);
* The CVARINFO lump now acts as a functional control panel. These doesn't limit to light/particles control or sorta, almost everything gameplay relevant can be edited this way. These include, but are not limited to, Weapons (range/damage/ammouse/radius/arc/speed/cooldown/special/BonusDamageVsBosses/etc.), powerups (duration), special items (how many times backpack should double max ammo), pickups (how many ammo do give first time and subsequent ones), and cheats (yes, infinite Fire Whip is an option);
* As per time of this post, the CVARINFO lump includes over 130 working Custom Variables;
* Added both dynamic lights and particles on specific weapons - such as FireWhip, Cross and Grand Cross;
* As this wad doesn't change vanilla monsters at all, NotS's custom monster routines should work for every other enemy. This means that any imported boss will have a change to drop the Megasphere as well, if desired.
* The whip now actively follows the player, instead of standing still on the map before disappearing;
* The whip now does fixed amount of damage every attack, no matter how long or how often an enemy was in contact with it. This implies that:
    1) You do damage as soon as an enemy touches the edge of the whip;
    2) The enemy does NOT suffer from further standing on it (they take the damage once);
    3) Even if they move away, and then touch the whip again, they won't get damaged a second time;
    4) The enemy can still be damaged by other weapons, or from other player's whip;
    5) If an enemy has 1000 HP, and the Whip does 100 damage, they WILL take exactly 100 damage. In short, guaranteed kill in 10 hits;
    6) Bottom line, the whip will damages enemies ONLY ONCE.
* Other former ripper projectiles, such as che Ricochet Rock and the Cross, will also now work in a similar way (enemies will suffer 1 tick every X times, edited via CVar);
* The Cross now works as originally intented (CV style, boomerang effect);
* The Grand Cross has now a somewhat decent look;
* Something else I just can't remember right now.

The new version (V.1^2) is almost completed, as I "just" need to complete the particles for the Grand Cross, update comments on lumps, try to add a font, and other very minor things.
I'll try to post some screens shortly. I'm very grateful to all. And no, I'm not forgot of you.
Pink Baron
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Re: [V.1^2 coming soon, page 4] - Nightmare of the Sin (NotS

Postby mikecari » Sun Mar 05, 2017 1:10 am

Haha, funny thing is I heard about this mod from the Icarus video.

I can't wait dude. Looks amazing so far.
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Re: [V.1^2 coming soon, page 4] - Nightmare of the Sin (NotS

Postby HolyHeadcrab » Sun Mar 05, 2017 6:36 am

So, I made a logo for this mod... that'd be okay to post here, right?

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Re: [V.1^2 coming soon, page 4] - Nightmare of the Sin (NotS

Postby Captain J » Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:11 am

Contribution for the mod besides posting the modified resources is fine, i guess.
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Re: [V.1^2 coming soon, page 4] - Nightmare of the Sin (NotS

Postby kadu522 » Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:03 pm

That logo actuly looks really good!
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Re: [V.1^2 coming soon, page 4] - Nightmare of the Sin (NotS

Postby Pink Baron » Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:33 pm

Pink Baron's here, just a quick update.

I had some issues with SLADE's ACC for a couple of days, considerably slowing down my work. Thankfully it's now all solved.
Last days I spent my time trying to update the HUD, with his own custom fonts. Here's a preview (on 1024x768):

It's not complete, since final version will also get both map kills and secrets indicator. Those, and the Powerup timers display, will be toggleable via CVar.
And yes, that tiny heart on the upper right is an ammo meter (!)

Jokes aside (?), I'm corrently working on implementing CVARINFO-editable options for the player such as: Speed (DONE), JumpZ (DONE), and Multijumping (5% as for now), plus other minor things on the waiting list.

Seriously, there's so many updates I could write on, but I would waste too much time on that. Delivering the "final" version is a bit better, don't you think? :wink:

P.S. This mod DOES NOT use ZScript, as I don't find yet any real good reason for shifting on this new standard
Pink Baron
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Nightmare of the Sin (NotS) - little sneak peek

Postby Pink Baron » Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:39 pm

Pink Baron's here,

Today I've officially done coding features into the build, and began playtesting for balancing purposes. This cycle should last a couple of days (damn Easter!), and it's the second to last step before release.
Since this wad should also be a platform that modders can build maps/mods onto, I'm busy commenting bunch of files as well.

This build will have 163 customizable CVars, all of them working.

I'm very sorry but posting screens would distrupt the flow, but you can read the following guide in the meantime - it will included in the release as well, and explains to modders some concepts I used on the mod (sneak peek, anyone?)


ALSO...I've tried running with DamNums and yes, they finally work as intented
Pink Baron
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Re: [V.1^2 coming soon, page 4] - Nightmare of the Sin (NotS

Postby kadu522 » Fri Apr 14, 2017 7:58 pm

Documentation is inportant even if its just to keep things organised.

Also DamNums is a great mod, usefull both for gameplay and testing!
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A gameplay lover,heck i play a ASCII Based game is your gameplay is good enough.
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Discord: kadu522#0658
Twitch ID: kadulal
Operating System: Windows Vista/7/2008 32-bit
OS Test Version: No (Using Stable Public Version)

Re: [A.1x1 released] - Nightmare of the Sin (NotS)

Postby Pink Baron » Tue May 02, 2017 3:17 pm

EDIT: Final ALPHA version, 1^2, AKA 1x1, is released and avaiable for download on first post. Sorry for the delay but you know, in order to do something good, it takes time.

More rather useless images:

NSFAQ (Not so Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Please briefly describe the changes of this version.
A: In short...no new character, new visual effects, strenghtened code, updated HUD, balanced weapons, a TON possible customization via CVars and some extras. An Alpha 1.0 done (supposedly) right.

Q: Will this mod work on Ultimate Doom?
A: Not tried yet, but should be compatible as well.

Q: Are custom monsters included in this mod?
A: No. Making custom monsters requires both dedication and time, something I can't afford to. On the bright side, someone will likely want to "fill" the gap, as everything else is already in there: all they have to do is create the DraculaClone V.666.2 monster and that's all, no additional coding required.
Also note that this wad doesn't alter enemies AT ALL, meaning that all special "rules" applying them (es. Bosses may drop Megaspheres) can also be used on custom ones as well.

Q: Are custom maps included in this mod?
A: No, see above answer. As I've already said, those interested making CV-themed maps for this base are free (and encouraged!) to do so.

Q: Who is the protagonist? You call him Richter, but in game sounds like Simon...we don't know the answer!
A: Neither I do.
(Seriously...this is intentional. Modders should be free to add in whatever voice pack they like. Be Simon, be Rolfe, I gave you a canvas. You decide.)

Q: But--
A: You should remember that NotS was born as a base for further CV-themed maps and/or mods. Albeit it's perfectly safe and right to use it straight as a gameplay wad, this aspect is secondary.

Q: What about ZScript?
A: No ZScript whatshowever was used in this mod, for a few reasons: one, there isn't enough support yet (you can't look the wiki for how to use certain functions, nor see examples); two, shifting standards requires time (especially when you have just "mastered" DECORATE!); three, I don't see any real advantages to justify the shift, yet.

Q: Is NotS multiplayer compatible?
A: Nes. I coded with the optical of multiple players in mind (for example, the Whip already has 8 separate lines when it comes to dealing damage - 1 per each player - to correctly calculate recovery time on monsters in some circustances), but I didn't make any test on this side, nor I know how to do such a thing. Same when comes to Zandronum. Thus nes, the multi support is there but you have to correctly link the cables to do so.

Q: I want to make NotS multi compatible, may I count on your support?
A: If doing so you encounter in a bug, and/or if you don't know what a code piece does, I'll try my best to lend you an hand.

Q: I want to make NotS Heretic/Hexen compatible!
A: Go ahead...but I didn't play neither of those, so you are on all of your own. Be warned.

Q: You said there was +150 CVars, but when I go on the options I see only a dozen or so...
A: The vast majority of them is shelted in the CVARINFO lump, if what you want is to edit some gameplay values you HAVE to open the WAD with SLADE and manually edit it. This is intentional, as encourages players going on modding.

Q: I want to use your stuff in my wad!
A: Free to do so, just give me credits. Note, this only counts when it comes to my stuff, see credits page if you have to ask permission on other users as well before using NotS material.

Q: I think this X thing is unbalanced!
A: If so, simply edit those CVars to match your likings.

- Konami, for his CV franchise - basic inspiration, sprite concept (as I've redone most of them), sounds, etc;
- ID Software, for its Doom/Doom2, also for Plasmagun sprite used as the Ricochet Rock;
- PillowBlaster, who let me (?) use his Mace sprite from RO in earlier releases;
- The crew of following mods as source of both inspiration for features included in NotS and reference material:
  • Russian Overkill (by PillowBlaster, again!);
  • D4D ("obsolete" DECORATE coding standard, ripper damage, CVar customization, Powerup manager);
  • Graceful Doom (by Lork - monster CV pain effect);
  • Beautiful Doom (by Jekyll Grim Payne - dynamic lights master switch);
  • Agent ME and its Multi-Jumping ACS script;
- Skelegant, for a couple of sound effects;
- Unusually Unearthed Productions, for the incipit of this mod;
- amv2k9 and his Heretic Compatibility, sadly of a now obsolete version;
- Hornetzero, the first NotS supporter EVER;
- Pink Baron, who passed through all this.

Pink Baron
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