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Re: Aracnocide v4.0 [LU 06/03/17] NEWS PAGE 16

PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:44 pm
by Mere_Duke
GAA1992 wrote:Well, wish i could, but i can't fill more weapons in. The slots are more than occupied. But i'll give weapons a bit more of treatment and maybe this won't make you regret it.

So, boys, i received a great gift from TerminusEst13 today. He did a stream with the new class, Stella Gibson in the Scimitar mapset. It's almost THREE hours of pure action! he showcases not only the new weapons, but also the upgrade system. I suggest you grab some popcorn to watch it.

I don't like to promise, but i may upload a better version to make it official in the future, so thanks for following the progress so far!

It says I need time machine to watch that stream... meh, could anyone lend me one?

Re: Aracnocide v4.0 [06/03/17]

PostPosted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 8:57 pm
by hitmanx
GAA1992 you've done it again!

Definitely one of my favourite mods and now you've made it even better!

Nice work!0

Aracnocide V5 [21/10/18] Aracnocide is back!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:41 pm
by Dr_Cosmobyte
Well, it's been more than one year and six months since the last time this game was updated! I truly confess i tried to quit in the middle, because it didn't seemed to overcompensate the efforts.

During the last 4 months i've been working in and out this mod more and more, adding some details and i thought better to just release the goddamn thing, and work the other details along the way.

This new update just turns Aracnocide into a hell of another thing, and i see more room for polishment. I can't give a detailed changelog, but here's what you can expect:


Also, any doubts, ask in here! I hope you like this new update and thanks kindly for all the 3000 downloads over this time!

Re: Aracnocide V5 [21/10/18] Aracnocide is back!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:49 pm
by Someone64
I'm really liking the new version of the mod but I feel there are a few issues with it. It used to be surprisingly difficult before but now it's EXTREMELY difficult due to a few factors. First, weapons are now abysmally inaccurate due to the fact that they only actually hit your crosshair on luck, going all over the place most of the time. Usually other mods add inaccuracy after first shot of of a volley but even the first shot is as inaccurate as the rest. Combine this with small and fast moving targets, you might as well be using melee weapons most of the time. But melee weapons are extremely difficult to use, too due to the fact that they require pinpoint accuracy at a close distance due to the fact that your target has to be exactly aligned with your crosshair for a hit and this is an issue because again, a lot of your targets are small and quick and like to thrust and jump around frequently when they're close to you. Fighting the bigger, badder enemies is SO much easier and it seems that the shotguns are the most reliable weapons because unlike the ones that you'd think should be accurate, shotguns are inherently inaccurate due to their spread which is ingrained into their design anyway. And PLEASE add the option to remove the jump landing camera jerk movement. It's extremely dizzying. It could also use some toning down in general.

I'd also like to request a middle ground for difficulty. What's lacking is the HMP and UV difficulties with 100% everything without fast moving. As of now the only version of those that have 100% everything includes fast monsters and the one without fast monsters has more ammo and weaker enemies.

Lastly, I really appreciate the lore and stuff you added, however grammatically flawed and oddly phrased it may be. I actually think those flaws make it all the more endearing.

EDIT: Wow I forgot there was a quick kick. It's actually so much more reliable and damaging than the actual melee weapons. You might wanna make the melee weapons stronger than the kick otherwise they seem to be pretty obsolete.

Re: Aracnocide V5 [21/10/18] Aracnocide is back!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:44 am
by Dr_Cosmobyte
Heh, thanks for the honest feedback ;)

I can rework the accuracy charts, i made some and posted on the WIP thread some time ago.

As for the camera pitch, i am not so skilled in ACS to make it "toggleable". The ACS code was borrowed from Dukewooze's Doom Commando. I may remove it in the future if too many people complain about it.

Now, i know english isn't my mother language, but, can you point out which parts of the lore are badly written? Not word by word, but at least some examples =p

Hope this doesn't bring you down and you keep on playing the game!

Re: Aracnocide V5 [21/10/18] Aracnocide is back!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:25 am
by Crimsondrgn
Yeah, it feels like the inaccuracy of the weapons got jacked up real bad, fooling around with Blake and shooting walls, the shotguns are actually both more accurate at a distance than the FG42 and MP40, weird with a mod themed around shooting at small fast stuff.

If I didn't know better it would legitimately feel like these weapons were designed around having hip fire accuracy, and an aim down sights mode that's just missing.

Edit: Went back and checked the old version before I tossed it, the least accurate character there is still more accurate than even Stella, this is just weird.

I will say the visuals of the mod, like the hud, character select and main menu are way better than the previous versions, also neat to see more stuff from Parasite Eve 2 like that intermission screen.

Re: Aracnocide V5 [21/10/18] Aracnocide is back!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:40 am
by TheLightBad96
Congrats on the new update, I actually decided to play the complete version "the one with mod and enemies in one" considering I've never actually played it with the insects considering I Loathe Bug-type enemies due to them being nothing more than an annoyance and I have to say these little bugs are a lot harder to deal with than I thought, you've nailed it down on the head on these little critters and the weapons being a bit inaccurate is not really helping matters much.

I mean it's okay when shooting at demons and humanoid monsters as you know at least most of your bullets are going to hit their mark at medium range but even medium ranged confrontation of these bugs tends to suck a bit.

But for the most part it's pretty good.

Re: Aracnocide V5 [21/10/18] Aracnocide is back!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:06 am
by Dr_Cosmobyte
So, here's a new chart that redefines all the Horizontal and Vertical spread of all weapons. I am going to implement them and test it around in the game. The old charts are together for comparison :)

Code: Select allExpand view

CD: Common Difference

OLD (1.4 CD):

____ [Pistols] __ [SMGs] __ [ARs] __ [HMGs]
A)==== 5.60 ==== 7.00 ==== 8.40 ==== 9.80
B)==== 7.00 ==== 8.40 ==== 9.80 ==== 11.2
C)==== 8.40 ==== 9.80 ==== 11.2 ==== 12.6
D)==== 9.80 ==== 11.2 ==== 12.6 ==== 14.0

NEW (half starting values with a 0.7 CD):

____ [Pistols]  [SMGs] __ [ARs] ___ [HMGs]
A)==== 2.80 ==== 3.50 ==== 4.20 ==== 4.90
B)==== 3.50 ==== 4.20 ==== 4.90 ==== 5.60
C)==== 4.20 ==== 4.90 ==== 5.60 ==== 6.30
D)==== 4.90 ==== 5.60 ==== 6.30 ==== 7.00

OLD (0.7 CD):

A) ______ 2.8 _________ 4.2
B) ______ 3.5 _________ 5.6
C) ______ 4.2 _________ 7.0
D) ______ 4.9 _________ 8.4

NEW (Half starting values with same CD):

A) ______ 1.40 _________ 2.10
B) ______ 2.10 _________ 3.50
C) ______ 2.80 _________ 4.90
D) ______ 3.50 _________ 6.30

OLD (0.4/2.8 CD):

___[Sniper Rifles] ______[Super Shotguns]
A_____ 1.4_______________ 11.2
B_____ 1.8_______________ 14.0
C_____ 2.2_______________ 16.8
D_____ 2.6_______________ 19.6

NEW (Half Starting values, same CD):

___[Sniper Rifles] ______[Super Shotguns]
A_____ 0.70 _______________ 5.60
B_____ 1.10 _______________ 7.80
C_____ 1.50 _______________ 10.6
D_____ 1.90 _______________ 13.4


OLD (0.8 CD):

___ [Pistols] _ [SMGs] __ [ARs] ___ [HMGs]
A)==== 3.50 ==== 4.30 ==== 5.10 ==== 5.90
B)==== 4.30 ==== 5.10 ==== 5.90 ==== 6.70
C)==== 5.10 ==== 5.90 ==== 6.70 ==== 7.50
D)==== 5.90 ==== 6.70 ==== 7.50 ==== 8.30

NEW (Half starting values with a 0.4 CD):

___ [Pistols] _ [SMGs] __ [ARs] ___ [HMGs]
A)==== 1.70 ==== 2.10 ==== 2.50 ==== 2.90
B)==== 2.10 ==== 2.50 ==== 2.90 ==== 3.30
C)==== 2.50 ==== 2.90 ==== 3.30 ==== 3.70
D)==== 2.90 ==== 3.30 ==== 3.70 ==== 4.10

OLD (0.4/0.8 CD):

A) ______ 2.3_________ 3.1
B) ______ 2.7_________ 3.9
C) ______ 3.1_________ 4.7
D) ______ 3.5_________ 5.5

NEW (Half Starting values, same CD)

A) ______ 1.10 _________ 1.50
B) ______ 1.50 _________ 2.30
C) ______ 1.90 _________ 3.10
D) ______ 2.30 _________ 3.90

OLD (0.4/1.7 CD):

___[Sniper Rifles] ______[Super Shotguns]
A_____ 1.1_______________ 7.1
B_____ 1.5_______________ 8.8
C_____ 1.9_______________ 10.5
D_____ 2.3_______________ 12.2

NEW (Half Starting values, same CD):

___[Sniper Rifles] ______[Super Shotguns]
A_____ 0.50 _______________ 3.50
B_____ 0.90 _______________ 5.20
C_____ 1.30 _______________ 6.90
D_____ 1.70 _______________ 8.60

Re: Aracnocide V5 [21/10/18] Aracnocide is back!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:11 pm
by YukesVonFaust
- Derrick, discovering some new dangerous species of spiders to mess with him

About time we got a new update! ;)

Re: Aracnocide V5 [21/10/18] Aracnocide is back!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 1:44 pm
by Vostyok
Dem spiders.

I like this mod (obvious if you played Ashes). Glad it's got an update.

Re: Aracnocide V5 [21/10/18] Aracnocide is back!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 6:41 pm
by Dr_Cosmobyte
I updated both the Weapons and Main version, changing the accuracy charts according to the one i've posted earlier. Not only that, i fixed some weapon pickup sprite inconsistencies and the weapons-only version has some different names for Blake's sper shotgun frames, to avoid conflicts with Shades of Doom.

I apologize and beg of you to download it again, so you can have a far far more enjoyable experience with the weapons. The melee weapons weren't buffed yet, but i do have plans for them.

Re: Aracnocide V5 [21/10/18] Aracnocide is back!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 6:57 pm
by Enjay
That does seem much better, thanks. :)

I noticed an error flying by during startup.

Code: Select allExpand view
Script warning, "Aracnocide Main.pk3:actors/weapons/marion/arrc1cd.txt" line 122:
Numeric type expected, got "ARBullet_Puff"

Re: Aracnocide V5 [21/10/18] Aracnocide is back!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:16 pm
by Dr_Cosmobyte
hmmm, i "ate" a comma while copying and pasting values. I haven't noticed before because i used ZDL to launch the game. Thank you enjay! As soon as i upload this again, i will edit this post.

Also, i haven't warned you guys of two things: If the game feels too hard, there's an option on the extra menu called "Shotgun Starts", which grants you a shotgun right from the start in the game!

The other thing is, now everytime you zoom any weapon that has a scope, you have 25% more accuracy! This might influentiate players to put the snipers to good use =p

EDIT: Links are up again. Now i think i am done for today :)

Re: Aracnocide V5 [21/10/18] Aracnocide is back!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:34 pm
by Enjay
I use ZDL too. ;) However, I also tend to have developer messages turned on so maybe that only showed up with those active.

I had noticed the shotgun starts option. I haven't used it yet though.

I think the accuracy increase when sniping is s very good idea.

Re: Aracnocide V5 [21/10/18] Aracnocide is back!

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 1:46 am
by Someone64
When I said the flaws in the lore were endearing, I really meant it. No need to change! I love it that way.

EDIT: Found a bug with the mask. It seems if you pick up another powerup after picking up the mask it stops whispering. Also, may I request that you be more generous with ammo but only for the main mod? And maybe give the standalone monster mod ammo pickups at low frequency of drops (like sometimes enemies won't drop ammo). As it stands, playing through Doom II is EXTREMELY hard usually due to lack of ammo and playing through a lot of community wads that rely on enemies to give you ammo from drops is nigh impossible. In general there should be ways more ways of obtaining ammo if you want to retain the same ammo pickup sizes as playing on the lowest difficulty for more ammo is WAY too easy. I'm liking the new weapon accuracy, though.