RoTT in Hell!

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Sgt. Shivers
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RoTT in Hell!

Post by Sgt. Shivers »

RoTT in Hell!

A while ago I put together a little class mod where you played as various Rise of the Triad enemies. I revamped that and ended up with this.

In RiH you play as either THE ENFORCER, DADKICK (Facekick from Laundry's dad) or NINJOE. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses.
I guess calling it RoTT in hell is kinda weird considering only one of the characters is directly based on a rott enemy but whatever...

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no ammo/weapon pickups. You have infinite ammo for all your attacks.


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DOWNLOAD: ... IH_2.3.pk3
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Re: RoTT in Hell!

Post by Miguel371xd »

omg nice mod :D and nice weapons
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Re: RoTT in Hell!

Post by comet1337 »

the backpack replacement cracked me up

also have you considered adding "minicrits" to the shotgun?
Captain J
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Re: RoTT in Hell!

Post by Captain J »

They'll sure bury 'em in a lunchbox! anyway great piece of mod!

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