Dark Doom Creatures

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Re: Dark Doom Creatures

Postby TheUnbeholden » Fri Jul 24, 2015 8:39 am

http://www.moddb.com/groups/doomdb/addo ... -doom-v112
Going up now.

Addon v36:

* 2 Boss variants, MasterBlaster and DarkCardinal. Boss battles should be more impressive... perhaps to match the other custom boss.
* Vore can't seek you when your invisible in order to make it slightly less unstoppable.
* Ethereal Soul now has a weaker and slower missile than the Shadow, before they shared the same attack.
* Made the Netherimp missile damage less random, and Tortured Elemental poisonclouds move faster like I said I did in previous updates but missed somehow.
* Made Rocketguy not fire when he is in the blast radius, not just avoiding melee.
* PistolZombie sometimes double taps you when your in reasonably good range.
* Agaures now spawn in groups of 2 or 3 (much better than making them tougher since they are a mancubus spawn afterall) and they don't get killed by poison from the GasMancubus anymore.
* Agaures Deathbreath is also faster moving.
* GhostlyAgaures (incarnate spawn) have ghostly looking missiles but some are now slightly homing.
* 1 new boss, Aracnorb Queen.

Boss Image:

addon 36a: Some minor issues ironed out with the Agaures spawn. Deathbreath moves through other Agaures. Made TorturedElemental move faster.
addon 36b: Made Shadowvile darkice less good at homing in on you and gave it a delay but it occurs slightly more often. Gave the Shadowvile clones the same attack range as the Shadowvile. Included Snailbullets in the main download.

* Barrels don't explode from poison or blot smoke.
* Mancubus gasclouds never does more than 3 damage per tick, they should kill less rapidly now.
* Made ChaingunMajor not repeat his poison choking sound.
* Returned Archvile blood to red since his corpse is like that.
* Capped DarkCyberDemon rocket damage. Slightly slower but slight larger blast radius. You can always survive one hit.

Added mutators for Snailbullets compatibility. Basically you load whatever one you want and if you are using the addon then you can also choose to use the SnailBullet_Addon or SnailBullet_WithZombiePlus which will spawn the extra zombies with Snailbullets. It turns bullets into tracers you can dodge, currently theres 2 kinds with 3 speeds.
This will be included in the next release if I ever get to it.

At the moment it won't work with the other compatibility patches. I'd have to make special compatibility for Zero Tolerance, Neocore and ProjectMSX. So far I've made a compatible version for Faspons (WOS) mod: viewtopic.php?p=849991#p849991
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Re: Dark Doom Creatures

Postby TheUnbeholden » Sat Aug 01, 2015 1:05 am

b30 and Addon v37: Made Dark Doom Creatures more compatible with Faspons mod, kicks should be causing pain and knocking enemies back. Except on ghosts, mini-bosses, bosses, and archvile. Made ZombieMarines, SMGguy and Zspecops drop grenades occasionally with Faspons mod (the latter that uses a machinegun still drops the combatrifle, that will happen even with regular Weapons of Saturn).

Addon v37a: Made Shadowbeast also immune to poison and blot damage.
Addon v37b: Vore is easily stun locked by the WoS chainsaw (and Faspons mod), but since he spawns near GasMancubus hes immune to poison. Shadowvile clones have higher pain chance.
Addon v37c: DevastatorGuy no longer kills himself with his attack. Agaures only makes a scratch sound when it hits his target. GasMancubus was still infighting with Agaures/Vore, thats been fixed.
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Re: Dark Doom Creatures

Postby DoomKrakken » Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:17 am

You know, I was thinking about making a monster pack like this... making a monster pack featuring a whole bunch of shadow/stealth-oriented monsters... although I was thinking I'd put it in with Dark Doom.

This looks very cool. :D Looks like stuff I'd want to use in my Monster Pack. :)

EDIT: By the way... what are those maps featured in the OP?
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Re: Dark Doom Creatures

Postby Daniel2 » Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:06 am

What is the difference btw Dark Doom http://www.moddb.com/games/doom/addons/dark-doom and Dark Doom Creatures? (sorry for dumb question).
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Re: Dark Doom Creatures

Postby Caligari87 » Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:10 am

"Dark Doom Creatures" is a monster mod, read first post.

"Dark Doom" is a horror-type mods compilation to make Doom scarier.

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Re: Dark Doom Creatures

Postby Daniel2 » Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:05 pm

Thanks, i had read the first post but wasnt 100 pct sure. (eng not mother tong)

e: could use both together then?
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error while running with russian overkill

Postby doomguy214 » Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:03 am

I get following error while running ro with latest dark doom DMGMOD1.12b30a_addon137c in z doom latest:-
R_InstallSprite: Sprite CUBE frame N is missing rotations
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