HXRTC Project Golden Edition (Updated 17 aug 2019)

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Re: HXRTC Project Golden Edition (Updated 12 jul 2019)

Postby Gorec » Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:42 am

oh yes another update and a big one :D
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Re: HXRTC Project Golden Edition (Updated 12 jul 2019)

Postby Spaceman333 » Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:53 am

That 2018 stuff shocked me, its unbelievable how suddenly things can from safe to horrific. I am really happy you survived it and not only that, published an enourmous mega update for the mod. Thank you for staying alive and positive despite all that!
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Re: HXRTC Project Golden Edition (Updated 17 aug 2019)

Postby Hexereticdoom » Sat Aug 17, 2019 2:57 pm

Hello again Doom mates! :)

First of all, I want to say a big 'thank you' for your kind words, I appreciate it a lot. Thanks again my friends... Hope the bad past things stay just there, in the past, although they occasionally be a pain remembering them. Life is really hard sometimes, sadly... :cry:

I have been still working in the mod this last four weeks, because I felt that in the last released version a few important things were missing; also it still had some silly bugs I have discovered recently, which of course I didn't want them to stay any longer in the mod. So then, here I bring for all of you a rather important update of the H-Project, with a significant list of changes described just below...

This is the recent changelog:

    - Three new junky-robotic enemies have arrived from an unknown and far away dimension, all of them ready to prevent you from escaping alive of your doomish adventures. As usual, right? So then, let's take a quick look into their description to know more about them:

      + Demondroid (a quite big metallic beast intended to serve as a war machine. It's equipped with an advanced scanner and a powerful blaster cannon installed on its mouth, and it constantly walks around and chases its opponents without mercy. If it runs out of energy when being attacked repeatedly, it will immediately enter into auto-destruction mode and will explode like a big bomb, so you should stay away when this happens).
      + Spectredroid (a stealth version of the aforementioned one, it may be more difficult to be detected, but otherwise it maintains the same behavior and the same attack patterns like the Demondroid. So don't forget, it should be better to avoid cornering him, because it will burst violently causing great damage to everything that is attached to it).
      + Cacotronic (another mechanical device programmed to search and destroy, but this one is a bigger menace because instead of relying on bio-mechanic legs it is supplied with a potent drone engine to fly anywhere and chase its targets at great speed. Also, its better armed with its integrated weapons, a mouth-cannon and eye-lasergun. So if you face one of them --or more than one-- you should get ready to aim and shoot your best weaponry to survive!)

    - A new special monster weapon is available from now: the Tentacle Twinblazer! And as you might have guessed, this is the toy that the Tenta-brothers have equipped on their shoulders to attack the player. Now with some luck, you'll be able to steal it from them once they are shot down. By the way, this is the first weapon in the mod that is able to use two different types of ammunition! Specifically, its primary fire shots Tentacombust's fireballs (using Gasoil ammo for it) and the secondary fire releases Tentachemical's venom bolts (employing Venom ammo likewise).

    - Following with special monster weapons, the Tartarus Keeper's Magic Staff has been improved with some extra elemental bolts: in addition to Fire, Ice and Venom bolts now it can also shoot Electric and Stone bolts! So while its primary fire shots a random elemental bolt, the secondary fire releases now a burst of five different elemental bolts (for example, Fire, Ice, Electric, Stone and Venom, but the sequence may vary randomly from one fire button press to another). Likewise, the Tartarus Keeper monster now employs the same attack pattern, shooting also five elemental bolts instead of only three, so keep it in mind when you face him on the depths of Hell! :!:

    - Replaced the Glint Master's primary attack electric bolts for another different ones (because they resembled too much the Tartarus Keeper's ones, so from now and due to recent changes, each aforementioned monster use their own exclusive projectiles).

    - The Ying Yang Slither has gained a new attack: the multi-coloured Killer Wave, which makes it even a bigger menace than before. In addition to attacking the player just by tossing cursed coins, this masked ghastly specimen can release a really powerful sonic-wave attack that instead of bouncing around walls and floors, it will explode immediately in contact with any opponent or surface, causing considerable radius damage. Take care and avoid it at all costs! (By the way, if you get too overwhelmed with this extremely slippery beast, your best option might be the use of seeker projectile weapons, so remember this tip for future confrontations).

    - Now the player can't drain Health Points from the destroyable Toxic Barrels when he is under the effects of the Draining Potion and his health is less than 100%. (Discovered by chance from a video I saw a few days ago in YouTube by user ObjButters, so special thanks going to him!) :thumb:

    - The Calming Pills sprite has been updated by a better made one. (Yeah, I didn't like much the previous one due to its too low detail, it looked like a small flask of coloured anisets). :mrgreen:

    - Fixed a minor issue related to the Flux Wave Cannon, where the bouncing sound of the fired wave missiles was completely missing.

    - Updated the HXRTC-HUD for compatibility with the new Tentacle Twinblazer monster weapon.

    - Some other minor tweaks and bugfixes.

That's almost all from now, check the updated download links at first post as usual!

Enjoy it and have fun, my dear Doom comrades! Nice doomsday to everyone... 8-)
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Re: HXRTC Project Golden Edition (Updated 17 aug 2019)

Postby ANTARES74 » Sun Aug 18, 2019 1:10 am

Great work! Thank you. With each update it is better and more interesting. There is only a request. Could you pack the mod in pk3 format? The problem is that when playing on Delta Touch, the modes in pk7 decompress much longer and harder, which leads to freezes. I usually repack your mod and add-ons in pk3 for personal use. The weight becomes a little more, but it feels more comfortable to play.
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Re: HXRTC Project Golden Edition (Updated 17 aug 2019)

Postby barosans » Sun Aug 18, 2019 4:01 am

hexereticdoom, your mod crash by discovering a secret room with the version 4.1.2 and 4.1.3 of GZDoom ( in 4.0.0 , this work)
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Re: HXRTC Project Golden Edition (Updated 17 aug 2019)

Postby GamingMarine » Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:08 am

barosans wrote:hexereticdoom, your mod crash by discovering a secret room with the version 4.1.2 and 4.1.3 of GZDoom ( in 4.0.0 , this work)

That doesn't seem to happen for me. Try updating GZDoom to 4.2.0.
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Re: HXRTC Project Golden Edition (Updated 17 aug 2019)

Postby batos2 » Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:25 pm

This mod is great, but for me it requires a nerfing:

-Items that are not weapons should not be replaced by handguns and assault rifles.
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Re: HXRTC Project Golden Edition (Updated 17 aug 2019)

Postby Alptraum » Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:07 am

Such a packed out gameplay mod ^^
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