[WIP]Colourful Hell 0.97ccc (+brown Beta Final)

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What do with black shotgun spawn?

Poll ended at Fri Feb 19, 2016 7:24 am

keep as they are
No votes
modify a little for ranged options
No votes
Remake the crew for better variance
Remake with focus on the leader as the boss
Rehaul and scrap the concept, make something else shotgunny instead
No votes
Total votes : 7

Re: [WIP]Colourful Hell 0.97ccc (+brown Beta Final)

Postby BasilBonehead » Wed Apr 14, 2021 9:23 pm

When I'm playing this mod, I get an error that says "out of bounds access to local variables in ACS VM" in GZDoom

This seems to happen when I encounter large groups of demons

the only other mod I'm using for my playthrough of this mod is spawn: path to damnation but I couldn't imagine that would affect colorful hell
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Re: [WIP]Colourful Hell 0.97ccc (+brown Beta Final)

Postby Craneo » Tue Jun 22, 2021 5:47 am

I'll have to agree on the "zombies should have the armor colored, not the full body" criticism, maybe you can recolor the hair too (for example: blue zombie has blue hair), or give them a hat like the WolfSS from vanilla then recolor that one based on the tier, because as is, they look weird

maybe colored hair for Zombiemen and colored hats for Shotgunguys?

EDIT: Well, I think I agree to the brown Zombieman not fitting all that well now that I think about it, maybe you could use the Zombiefied SS Zrrion the Insect did? that one would fit more I think as the "Brown Zombie" variant
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Re: [WIP]Colourful Hell 0.97ccc (+brown Beta Final)

Postby bowserknight » Mon Jun 28, 2021 6:57 pm

After a long time I've finally played around with this mod again. After just finally having beaten every map from Hell Revealed 2 on UV with pistol start and no saving (which was already tedious enough) I tried some of its maps with the colourful monsters and it was quite fun. I see no problem with the brown monsters so far, other than the brown Fatso / Mancubus being very hard to avoid, especially at range since his shots spread out quite a lot and are lightning fast. If you're unlucky they can oneshot you without armor, dealing close to 200 damage if you get hit by more than 1 of its projectiles.

Also, I was messing around with the Cyberdemons, I loaded Mock 2's MAP06 "Speaking of Stupid", which has around 702 Cyberdemons in it. I noticed 2 things:

1.) The white Cyberdemon is ULTRA rare. I reloaded the map about 15 times and only encountered him like 5 times. That's like 5/10.530, which would be around 0.04 or 0.05 %. Maybe I was just unlucky but that seems insanely low. But I understand that it's also one of the strongest variations in the entire mod, and perhaps some of them were replaced by the brown guys instead.
2.) When the black Cyberdemon spawns, it says "Congratsulations", with an extra "s". Is that a typo, or a reference to those typos from the old NES games etc?
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Re: [WIP]Colourful Hell 0.97ccc (+brown Beta Final)

Postby zm5 » Sat Jul 03, 2021 3:04 am

Fireblu being ugly as sin I'd think is intended given what texture its based on. I'm not that bothered by the weirdness of how the enemies look personally (atleast imo with the zombies having their skin colored it makes it immediately apparent what tier they are).
I personally would suggest adding some kind of PDA thing maybe, even after playing this mod for a long time across different versions I still wonder exactly what some of the different colored variants do exactly thats different from the original (aside from more damage+more HP)
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Re: [WIP]Colourful Hell 0.97ccc (+brown Beta Final)

Postby ClessxAlghazanth » Sun Aug 01, 2021 3:55 am

Thanks for this mod :) Greatly enjoying it alongside with some of my favourite weapon mods such as Doom Incarnate , Final Doomer and DoomRLA :wub:

A few questions if you don't mind

1)Is it ok to use CH with Champions or Legendoomlite ? It works fine as far as I can see , except Champions have special colors like healers being red , toxic monster being green etc... Legendoomlite doesn't seem to have any obvious clashing elements atm , is it recommended to combine those , or is CH best experienced as it is ?

2)Would it be possible to use Nashgore alongside CH ? It seems that there is a textfile that disables gore effects coming from other wads , and allows Nashgore to override them viewtopic.php?f=46&t=69485

Looking forward to updates 8-)

Best regards
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