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Re: [Release][Alsmost finishe]Duke Nukem: War Against the Do

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:41 am
by DevilBlackDeath
xenoxols wrote:
DevilBlackDeath wrote:Well I'd just like a fix for the MAP07 event bug even if I had to apply it myself. I had tried the +BOSSDEATH flag thing back then and tried it again now and it doesn't work =/ As a result any map using the MAP07 event instead of ACS to trigger event on monster death is broken. I'll try removing all monster defs to see if the problem even comes from that and if I can at least somewhat come up with a fix, I'll share it, if xeno authrozies it obviously ^^
I'm not too active here, but you have my preemptive permission.
Thanks for that ^^ Now I would need some minor help from a DECORATE god (if I should post that in "Scripting" too, please tell me, but since it falls within the scope of this mod only, I'll keep it there for now). I've pinpointed the issue. Fatso is replaced by the actor FatsoReplacer. This FatsoReplacer actor in turn uses an ACS function to determine what type of enemy is spawned and goes to a state in which it spawns either a monster or a RandomSpawner using A_SpawnItemEx. The problem is that what the level is expecting to die is FatsoReplacer. But since all states end with a frame with a duration > -1 then stops, the actor is destroyed (at least according to the wiki, correct me if that changed.

Now what I tried to do :
-Adding +BOSSDEATH flag to FatsoReplacer (it will need it if is expected to die and tag 666 needs to check for its death)
-Adding a Death state containing

Code: Select all

TNT1 A 0 A_SpawnItem("SuperShotgun")
TNT1 A 0 A_BossDeath
(the SpawnItem is used for debugging purpose, to see if it is called)
-Adding SXF_SETMASTER to the SpawnItemEx call, so the monster's master is the spawner (although, according to the wiki, that should already be the case right?)
-Adding a call to A_KillMaster in the Death and XDeath states of the mod's fatso
Then I tried those solutions :
-Replacing Stop by Goto See and adding a See state containing only

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TNT1 A 1
I tried replacing the sprite to see if it went into the See state, and it does enter it, but A_KillMaster doesn't make it go into its Death State
-Making all durations of the A_SpawnItemEX frames be -1, so Stop wouldn't delete the actor, but still no good, Death state is never entered into

The obvious solution is to kill FatsoReplacer whenever the monster it spawns dies, and that's why I thought A_KillMaster would do the trick here, but it doesn't sadly =/

I'll later take a look at DemonSteele's fatso since it works here, but maybe it works because it just "replaces" Doom's fatso.

Oh I should precise that trying to make Fatso1 (the mod's replacement for Fatsos) replace the Fatso made it work, but then again, that's just a cheap trick that remove features :S

Edit : I had DemonSteele hanging around, so I figured I'd peek at it before leaving that behind for the day and as I feared, it works exclusively because DS's fatso actually replaces Fatso in the actor declaration :(

Re: [Release][Alsmost finishe]Duke Nukem: War Against the Do

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:06 am
by DevilBlackDeath
Hello everyone,

At last, the MAP07 bug is FIXED. After a lot of tweaking things, testing, trying to figure out and understand some advanced DECORATE stuff I never delved into, the problem is solved. The tag 666 used in MAP07 will properly trigger, no matter what combination of enemy replacers you use withing the Duke options menu. I will go through the technical details in a post in the Scription section of the forum.

Note : xeno, I took the liberty of commenting out the Arachnotron replacer as it didn't work because already replaced by Arachnotron1, it seems it was supposed to spawn a Nazi and DN3D replacement for the arachnotron later on but was not coded yet. Also feel free to reupload on your account and update th link on the OP ;)

For those who've been waiting to play this mod on any map using this trigger, here's the download link :
Duke Nukem: War Against the Doomed hotfix

Also, this is not an extension, I actually kept all the content in, don't load this AFTER the old DN:WATD, just load it as is.

Hava a good day and have fun guys ;)

Re: [Release][Alsmost finishe]Duke Nukem: War Against the Do

Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2021 11:27 am
by kabuto
Hey, sorry for necrobump but it be ok to make my own version of this mod ?
In case someone cares i will change the bubblegum sprite for beer,change some lines and add a railgun (Or a least i will to try to)

Re: [Release][Alsmost finishe]Duke Nukem: War Against the Do

Posted: Sun Aug 29, 2021 4:24 pm
by Alptraum
i made a video about Duke Nukem mods for Doom and got covered War Against the Doomed as well :)