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Re: Re: Fast Heretic v3.1

PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 3:10 pm
by Drake Raider
Okay. I have a goal list if I ever decide to do a future version. However, some of the things on it I don't know how to do. Mostly centering around reusable artifacts and artifacts that use ammunition. I'll add it to this post later today.

Re: Fast Heretic v3.1

PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:30 pm
by Alexandra
If you have the time, a high-level list of changes and then a running list of each version's updates (if there are any further ones) would be appreciated.

Right now the only way to see what's changed is to play it, which is not very efficient. :)

Re: Fast Heretic v3.1

PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 4:27 am
by Drake Raider
No, it is not, and I understand. I'm torn, because big part of my love of these old games is finding the new things as I go, so I love the surprise and hate spoilers. But throughout testing, I've become acutely aware of the tedium of playing each version. Wouldn't it be nice if a different couple people tested each version and gave feedback, and then each just waited for the final version after that? But you see, the rub lies in the fact that I don't actually know what my final version will be like. Anyway. List time. Also be adding this to the first post. There are things I don't know how to do yet, so this is just my vision. I'd also like to add coop only attacks to monsters, but I don't know if that can be done.


Gargoyle-Nothing visible until aggro'd, summons a swarm of four imps when alerted, but out of sight of player. Smaller and weaker than normal.
Fire Gargoyle-A larger than normal gargoyle that throws arcing fireballs, and summons swarms of the smaller variant while hunting.
Golem-Still and grey until approached. Breaks off grey layer when triggered, has a charge attack, is resurrectable.
Golem Ghost-Teleports, wanders around invisible until aggro'd, not grey./needs invisibility
Nitrogolem-Same as golem, but has a ranged attack where he fires three flaming skulls, and leaves a flame trail when charging. Orbited by flares that deal splash damage./needs flares
Nitrogolem Ghost-Golem Ghost+Nitrogolem, natch./Needs invisibility, flares.
Undead Warrior-Corpse until aggro'd. Throws two variants of axes, either a pair of green magic homing axes or a single bloody ripping one. Can be resurrected
Undead Warrior Ghost-Invisible until aggro'd, teleports./Needs teleport, invisibility
Disciple of Dsparill-Fires multiple variants of burst of magic spheres, fires off a shockwave when wounded and near death, or at the end of a combo. Resurrects enemies, can be resurrected, can teleport./Teleport
Ironlich-Can resurrect enemies, more destructive attacks, gets stronger when wounded, can shockwave when near death.
Weredragon-Has a human form that hits like a truck in melee, and leaves a flame trail. (Beastiary courtesy) Turns into beast when near death. Beast form spouts larger fountains of flame, and can ignite when hurt. Can be resurrected
Sabreclaw-Has a variety of slashes, and a charge attack. Counters when in pain. Explodes in death.
Maulotaur-Leaves flame trails when charging, has new attacks, is more durable, gets more dangerous when wounded.
Ophidian-Projectiles home or rip, fires them like a machinegunner, more aggressive.
Dsparill-Wide variety of lightning attacks. Uses a few when riding serpent in addition to the breath, has the ignition of weredragons while riding. Gains a larger variety of lightning attacks when serpent is killed. More durable, aggressive.

Weapons(Powered Mode)
Staff-Projectile based thrust rather than hitscan.(")
Gauntlets-Can resurrect dead foes to help, otherwise shocks targets(Four resurrection spirits at once)
Wand-Fires rippers(Fires homing rippers)
Ethereal Crossbow-IDFK. I don't know how this weapon works. King Crimson. I just made it cool. Sorry. I use it, and it's natural, and I look at the code, and it makes an instinctive sense, but it kinda just happened. Can be chained or burst, I guess, for varying effect.(More shots?)
Dragon Claw-Slightly homing beam darts. (Heavy exploding ripping shot)
Phoenix Rod-I haven't changed this, apparently. Going by code anyway. I thought I had. I'll think of something cool.
Hellstaff-Shots leave damaging trails. (rain lasts a long time, covers more area.)
Firemace-Shots bounce more, rip. (Original)

Artifacts haven't been touched, and my goals are a bit more lofty, as I wanna work a mana system in which I don't know how to do fully when it comes to interaction with them. Toggle artifacts won't be consumed by use and effects last until the end of a level. Repeats only give mana.
Green mana: Dropped by Knights, Nitrogolem, Weredragon, Maulotaur, as crystals, also given when weapons are found. Weapons are slightly more effective/aggressive when you have it, it costs 1 green mana a shot of any weapon.
Blue mana: Dropped by Disciples, Ironlich, as crystals, given when mana consuming artifacts are found.

Can be dropped at your feet or thrown long distance. Has a longer timer, but proximity detonation and shrapnel. Never effected by gravity.
Can be carried or placed as a lightsource/diversion for enemy attacks/wanderings.
Heals 25/can be thrown to heal 25 on target. Damages ghosts, undead knight, ironlich, D'sparil in splash damage, heals all else.
Always used four 100 automatically when out of health. When used manually, explodes and heals everything for 50 in a large radius, same rules apply as flask.
Morph Ovum: Can't use last one. When only one remains, fires a single morph shot for 5 blue mana. 3sec cooldown. When more than one remains, can be thrown as a grenade, firing a transforming shockwave 360 degrees.
Chaos Device: Triggers automatically on death, or manually. Can be thrown to trigger on enemy similar to Banishment Device from heXen.
Wings of Wrath:
Drains 1 blue mana a second when active, costs 10 to trigger, not consumed by use, costs 2 blue mana when jumping while active. Player suffers low gravity, not none.
Tome of Power:
Can be toggled on and off, Drains 1 blue mana a second when active, 1 mana a shot of any weapon, 15 to activate.
True invisibility in multiplayer, player becomes mildly visible while attacking, similar to stealth monsters. Player is untargettable by homing attacks, monsters. When visible, fires an invisible drone that monsters target instead at player's speed and direction. Can be toggled on and off, costs 10 to activate, 1 a second when active, 4 to return to invisible after becoming visible.
Ring of Invincibility:
Can be toggled on and off, 15 to activate, 1 a second while active, 1 when hit by anything. Each continuous second of being hit drains an additional mana.

There, confusing list and stream of conscious out with, thoughts and advice?

Re: Fast Heretic v3.9

PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 3:55 am
by Drake Raider
New version out today, weird version number. I'll explain later.


It's a rather massive overhaul version. The following changes are finished, for the most part.
1) All weapons are more balanced. Cool but impractical weapons such as the Crossbow are useful now, and the Phoenix Rod has it's own behaviour implemented.
2) The Green Mana system I mentioned has been implemented. It's not fully balanced yet, I'd like feedback for fine tuning. However, as long as you have green mana, your non-tomed attacks are more powerful overall, for varying reasons. If the projectile isn't changed in some way, the weapon fires faster. Nonetheless, everything's been tweaked. Weapons have reached a level almost at Rocket Tag Gameplay now, and would be overpowered were it not for...
3) Enemies have also been redone. Gargoyles spawn in groups of 1-8 now, instead of a consistent 4. Golems have three different idle states which they choose randomly, each behaving differently, adding more variety to playthroughs. Ghosts and Wizards can stealth and teleport. Iron Liches can summon more types of enemies. Ophidians can resurrect each other.
4) Inventory items have been added. Well, a couple, anyway. That's why this isn't just 4.0, there's enough changes to justify it. I'll update the number when I finish the Artifacts. So far I've tweaked
-Timebomb is thrown now, and has a completely different explosion with shrapnel.
-Morph Ovum has completely new behaviour reliant on the new Blue Mana. Basically, when you have more than 1, you throw it as a bomb, but when it's down to your only one, it's more of a firing weapon. Try it out!
-Tome of Power can be toggled on and off, and only one copy can be carried. The others serve as mana pickups. I haven't finished this weapon, as I hope to implement a mana drain whilst active. I have yet to figure out how, though.

Anyway, both you and monsters tend to die really quickly. This leads to a really bizarre difficulty curve, where the early areas are fairly easy, but the late game is stupidly difficult. Not that I personally have a problem with that, I'm a huge fan of nintendo hard gameplay. Especially when Wizards, Ironlichs, and Ophidians take main stage, all three of which can resurrect monsters, making late game really chaotic. It's my kind of masochism.

Anyway, anyway is turning into a verbal tic for me, it seems. However, if anyone has a desire to test some deathmatch, HMU on steam, my name's "Ratt". I wanna see how the weapons flow in multiplayer. Screenshots will be updated sometime tomorrow.

Re: Fast Heretic v3.9

PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 4:27 pm
by Drake Raider
Well. I've been bugchecking. Version 4.0 is still underway, but still in the polishing stage. Additionally, I'm working on an enhancement pack similar to heretic enhanced++, which I talked to mikk about. I'm not including it yet, as A)It's not finished, and B) I don't know how much permission I have yet, but it's an additional file that is included externally. Also. I finally figured out how to post screenshots in the forum, after seven years.... Ouch. Seven years. And I just got it now. Anyway. Now that that's the case, I have some screenshots of the current build, which a buddy of mine and I are working out multiplayer kinks.
Also. I am in the process of adding a decorate bot, not because it's actually part of the mod goals, but because it makes it alot easier to test the weapons. Seriously. Also, when you only have two people, a multiplayer match is extremely sloped. So I wrote the bots to throw in some chaos. They are just as unpolished as the rest of 4.0 so far, as some of the screenshots will show. They are a little OP, and can probs beat some missions on their own. They came damn close in E2M8 anyway.

Anyway, screenshots.
Yes. I play in 640*480. And unfiltered. I don't like high resolutions without high definition. The pixels fit the games better. IMO.

Here you go. I'll update once it's finished.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 5:18 pm
by wildweasel
These screenshots seem to be really badly broken; it looks like you're trying to embed links from a Microsoft OneDrive account that is private, or something? Why not use Imgur instead?

Re: Re: Fast Heretic v3.9

PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:32 am
by Drake Raider
It's all fixed, wildweasel. Thanks for the recommendation. Hopefully it works, I'm using Imgur instead.

Re: Re: Fast Heretic v3.9

PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:54 am
by wildweasel
Whoa. That flaming shockwave looks pretty impressive, is that using only stock Heretic sprites?

Re: Re: Fast Heretic v3.9

PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:15 am
by Drake Raider
Yup. and they use it under different circumstances depending on whether you're playing SP or MP.

Re: Re: Fast Heretic v3.9

PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 12:00 pm
by Legend
Any chance of getting a monster only version?