Samsara Monster Swapper Thing

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Re: Samsara Monster Swapper Thing

Postby Untitled » Sun Jul 28, 2013 7:26 pm

you select one based on size. ZorchEffectTiny for things like Lost Souls, ZorchEffectSmall for imps, ZorchEffectBig for Mancubi, Arachnotrons, Barons and Cacos, and ZorchEffectHuge for Bosses.
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Re: Samsara Monster Swapper Thing

Postby armyman12345 » Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:45 pm

Here's the new version:

CHANGES: SOD mission pack enemies added

ST monsters now can be zorched or freezed

Angel of death buffed

CREDITS: jink565: suggestions and link to the zandronum only mixer

Unknown: Tutorials

Realm667: ST monsters

Shadowlink and minasse: Original monster mixer

Kinsie: duke nukem monsters

President people: Reminding me of shadow link and minasse

terminusest13: Samsara

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Re: Samsara Monster Swapper Thing

Postby R17Quake » Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:42 pm

Is this still going and being worked on? Cause I just had a bunch of (probably not so great) ideas and suggestions in mind for the Marathon/Quake/Unreal monsters.


Arachnotron > Red Cyborg
Archvile > Grey Trooper/Fighter
Baron > Green Hunter
Hell Knight > Brown Hunter
Cacodemon > Orange Compiler
Cyberdemon > Blue/Grey Hunter
Pinky > Green/Purple Fighter
Spectre > Purple Fighter/Simlacrum
Chaingunner > Green/Purple Trooper
Imp > Orange/Blue Fighter
Fatso > Red/Green Cyborg
Lost Soul > Drone
Pain Elemental > Defender/Purple Compiler
Revenant > Enforcer
Shotgunner > Orange Fighter
Mastermind > Grey/Orange Juggernaut
Wolfenstein SS > Simulacrum
Zombie > Drone/Green Fighter


Arachnotron > Ogre
Archvile > Guardian
Baron > Shambler
Hell Knight > Death Knight
Cacodemon > Wizard
Cyberdemon > Armagon
Pinky > Knight
Spectre > Knight/Fiend
Chaingunner > Enforcer
Imp > Grunt/Enforcer
Fatso > Ogre
Lost Soul > Spawn/Spiked Mine
Pain Elemental > Wrath
Revenant > Vore/Ogre
Shotgunner > Grunt/Rottweiler
Mastermind > Overlord
Wolfenstein SS > Zombie/Mummy
Zombie > Grunt/Rottweiler


Arachnotron > Skaarj Infantry
Archvile > Skaarj Lord
Baron > Skaarj Berserker/Officer
Hell Knight > Skaarj Warrior/Trooper
Cacodemon > Gasbag
Cyberdemon > Warlord/Behemoth
Pinky > Predator
Spectre > Predator/Lesser Brute
Chaingunner > Lesser Brute/Merc
Imp > Krall/Krall Elite
Fatso > Brute/Merc Elite
Lost Soul > Manta/Fly
Pain Elemental > Gasbag
Revenant > Merc Elite/Skaarj Gunner
Shotgunner > Krall
Mastermind > Stone Titan/Skaarj Queen
Wolfenstein SS > Space Marine
Zombie > Pupa/Spinner
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