Smooth Weapons Enhanced [v3.2.1]

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Re: Smooth Weapons Enhanced [v3.2.1]

Postby Xtyfe » Wed Nov 18, 2020 11:36 am

Nash wrote:@NightFright:

I have been playing with a personal fork of this mod that adds the following:

- screen recoil FX (purely camera-only; it does not physically alter the player's pitch. Utilizes bleeding edge ViewAngles feature of GZDoom to achieve this)
- bullet casings (all-new not-seen-anywhere sprites and sounds made by me)
- true 3D cone for hitscans (meaning when you look straight up/down and fire the shotgun/SSG, the bullets actually spread correctly, instead of just being a single straight line. Same goes for the pistol and chaingun; the spread is true 3D)
- visible bullet tracers (using a model; therefore not compatible with the software renderer)
- enhanced bullet ricochet effects (the vanilla puff is unaltered; I just spawn extra effects for the ricochet. These effects are surface-normal-aware; they align to the flat/wall angle. Uses models, won't work in software)
- floor/ceiling bullet holes and scorch marks for the rocket, plasma and BFG (again, uses models; won't work in software)
- dynamic blood stains on chainsaw - monster blood color-aware! The blood stains are universally compatible with any blood color, the stains dynamically change color depending on what was sawed
- also manually merged in m8f's "fire at crosshair" feature

These are my personal tweaks that I enjoy playing with, but keeping in mind with the original concept of the mod that they must fit the vanilla aesthetics. And IMO I've achieved that.

I'm unsure if you have any interest in having these in the main mod. If you are, I can merged them in, of course with all of them disabled by default. Though there is one catch:

It's either all or none. Since these are my own personal tweaks, I will not go through the trouble of selectively adding one or two features for the sake of other peoples' convenience. It's quite a bit of work to code these in the first place and I simply have no energy to separate each part out individually. Either take them all or reject them entirely.

And again, as I said, if you want these in the main mod, they will be disabled by default so they don't even exist to the first-time user. :)


Hey Nash, would you ever release these as is? I'd be interested in them being alongside this mod even if only unofficially
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Re: Smooth Weapons Enhanced [v3.2.1]

Postby Nash » Wed Nov 18, 2020 11:53 am

I have every intention to release it. :) Currently the changes are only done locally; I have not pushed them to NightFright's repo yet because they're not at a level of polish I am satisfied with yet and I don't want anyone prematurely using them (as once it's out in the wild; it's out of my control).

The enhancements will come - just give me time. Currently I'm very busy with several different projects, as well as coping with some health problems very recently which severely limits the amount of time I get to spend on computer activities.
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