Ghoul 3 Survival modification

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Ghoul 3 Survival modification

Postby adeon » Sun Mar 13, 2011 6:54 pm

This weekend I modified the Ghoul3 mod a little (woa, a mod of a mod :o ? ). It's a great single-player game, however its coop could be improved IMO, and that's what I did.

The game is way less scary when you are able to respawn in the middle of the round. So I adapted this to be a survival-based game.
If the player dies, he becomes a spectator and sees another player on a third person view. Almost every addition was made with ACS.

I modified the terrain too. It's now larger, with two firecamps, each one hosting 4 player starts (maximum player limit is now 8) and added some new details (a small graveyard, a house in ruins, another slime lake and so forth) so that the scenario isn't just a bunch of boring trees. Of course, it's still playable in single-player.

I made a few variations of Victory/Failure screens with some short music tracks as well.

I haven't tested it with many players yet, but I am confident everything's working good.
(BY THE WAY, I focused entirely on GZDoom while making this)


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