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Re: [Hexen] Realistic Weapons Mod (WIP)

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 2:12 pm
by PouncingAnt
Davidos wrote:I guess it just acted wonky when I started the game the first time, using the same save later on.

But for some odd reason everything is working properly now.

Even Bows work

But sometimes, for no reason (possibly throwing and picking up too many times to get the right weapon out of a stack of other weapons) they'll stop doing damage.

I found a few (rather rare) cases in which where I dropped a heavily worn weapon and picked up a new one, quickly dropping THIS one again to the old one 'd make it reset it's stats again. The same works the other way around in which a new weapon 'll break after just a few hits.

It's hard to figure out which weapon is more usefull though as you only see info once you pick it up, and when you drop it again the info is actually removed. See, I tried picking up other weapons to see what weapon'd be the best choice under certain conditions, but to my surprise, attempting to pick one up again it was just named 'Sword/Club/whatever' and it didn't state a title like 'Dulled sword of toxicity' or whatever it was. It'd be more usefuill, I think, if the title given on pickup was also stored in the hud, but using shorter versions (Sword (T/D+/DULL)) or something, just saying.

Whelp... that's about all I can remember, it's been a... rather fragged up day today.


Not true, just got another idea.

What about the hands/fists 's alt attack be able to disarm certain types of enemies or atleast steal equipment? Kinda like Thief ya know? Just steal a knife and stab him down.
Alot better than starting with fists only right? XD
I'm glad things are working a bit smoother now... mind you, I'll admit that not everything is exact.
Thats a good idea with having the weapon stats come up again... I'd already thought of it, but not come up with a way of doing it... however, now that you've reminded me of the problem, I've thought up a workaround I should implement..

Or should I have the full name (or an abbreviation) in the held weapon display in the top right? (e.g. "sword of might"/ "sword of M" etc. as opposed to just "sword") I realise this goes against my idea of "you should make note of what you pick up" idea, but I get the feeling not knowing what you're holding is a bit frustrating... (mind you, you can kind of tell: by how quickly it takes a weapon to kill an ettin... A wooden spear killing an ettin in 2 shots is v. good, for instance)... Anyway, feedback appreciated.

Oh, and sorry, there is a bug i forgot about.. if you repeatedly drop a weapon and pick it up, it sometimes loses some strength.. This seems particularly true for bows... I don't know exactly why though. But that should explain at least one of your problems, and should be fixable.

Not sure about the fists altfire-disarm thing... Opinions, people?

Re: [Hexen] Realistic Weapons Mod (WIP)

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:51 pm
by Davidos
Note to self:
Stop thinking about good old times where ya played Dark Messiah and Oblivion 24/7
Get back to work.

Note to topic:
... the code is making my eyes burn.
It's too advanced for my tired mind right now.
Yes, I'm a moron. XD
... then again it 'HAS' been 29 hours since I last bloody slept with this screwed up laboratory job epicfailthingcomputeradddetailsandmakeanicelittlegraphwhatever mister bossjustfreakin'tooktwohoursoffamypaycheckshowhimwithanaxeuphisarse-guy!

... I need more coffee...

Re: [Hexen] Realistic Weapons Mod (WIP)

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 4:15 am
by PouncingAnt
Well... at least you're not looking at the Diabolic code... There are so many hacks and workarounds and god knows what in there that it make my head hurt, and I'm supposed to know it back to front..

Laboratory job eh? I happen to be a laboratory-sorta-chappy myself, although its more of a technicality..

Anywho, I might have time to work some more on this over the weekend. (fingers crossed)

Re: [Hexen] Realistic Weapons Mod (WIP)

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:15 am
by PouncingAnt
I've released a new version because of the bugs as previously discussed. As always, the link is in the first post!

@Davidos: Thanks for the bug reports. I was unsure about the weapon strengths, but I looked over the code and found a couple of really obvious points where strength can go missing. I might not have bothered if you'd not kept the pressure, so that was really useful.
Spoiler: Changelog
It might be worth noting that, since the only extra weapon I've added is a spear, the soldier will be slightly overpowered in comparison to the other classes (mind you, you'll be pretty lucky to find an iron spear until at least the Heresiarch level). However, since the bugs were a lot worse than I thought, I think a release is appropriate :)

As ever, my apologies for the graphics, I'm still looking for any help I can get.

Re: [Hexen] Realistic Weapons Mod (WIP)

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:44 am
by MoominJuice
hey little bro, u say u want help with graphics the mod?
i think i could help, i kinda enjoyed doin all those sprites for u before :)
anyhoo cya

Re: [Hexen] Realistic Weapons Mod (WIP)

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:56 pm
by PouncingAnt
@Moominjuice: Hey bigger bro. You know you can just email right? Anyway, you might want to subscribe to this topic to stay up to date.