Lizard Squad: A cartoony ZDoom mod - Version 5.2b release!

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Re: Lizard Squad: A cartoony ZDoom mod - Version 5.2b releas

Postby Captain J » Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:56 am

Ahh yes. I still remember this EDGE mod you made back then. I guess it was based on another EDGE mod called Immortal Conduct? Anyway really good to see some oldest concepts of Lizard Squad. My mod is also based on my old concept artworks as well, but not much older as yours. Heck, i hadn't finished making the mod back in time! I'm still working on this, so you're the winner! Thank you for making this neat and decent mod.

And i think i saw even more of old artworks you drew by googling. I also found this fan art of mine!

Now come to think of it, seems like Current mod, Lizard Squad pretty much lacks weapon variety unlike EDGE one. I also liked some enemies like chaingunner lizard, big nazi lizard and the nefarious morden lizard. But hey, bringing out the new and big guns were creative too.
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