Hideous Destructor 4.7.1a

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Re: Hideous Destructor 4.7.1a

Postby Matt » Mon Jan 10, 2022 8:37 pm

Abba Zabba wrote:The steps are simple and straight forward in this case, which is why I didn't elaborate. But for a step by step, here's what I just did that also yielded the same result:

1: loaded the range map
2: spawned an archvile, shot it until the final pain trigger causes the fade out death
3: observed that the archvile's 'corpse' doesn't truly disappear when the sprite fades away, it remains as an invisible, non-obstructing, draggable entity that displays dynamic light flickers perpetually, along with registering collisions with hitscan and projectiles, still spraying yellow blood.

....I'm glad I asked for clarification!
(not one of my 3 guesses had even been close)

The archvile is up for one heck of an overhaul anyway...
EDIT: or I could just add that one little thing it needed to fix the reported bug.
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