[Community Project] (Open) JAMP#2: Tropical Dynamite

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[Community Project] (Open) JAMP#2: Tropical Dynamite

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(TITLEPIC art by Ayeloo)

Jonathan's Arcade Mapping Project (JAMP for short) is a doom mapping project that first started out in my discord server. We're opening up submissions now this time for anyone to join for JAMP #2. We love what we have so far and thought it would make an interesting community project. While not required, we encourage you to join our Discord and head into #jamp-dicussion to chat with other JAMP mappers.


After working your ass off for several years, you finally get enough PTO to get a month long vacation. Tired and wanting a getaway, you go to one the most exotic places in all of brazil: Jericoacoara Beach. Little did you know that once you got there, you spot a bunch of demons eating all the sand and hogging up the waves. Looks like they also managed to take control of several other exotic locations and paradises around the world thanks to the UAC making quick teleportation to said locations easily available to the demons. Well, guess it's time to crash this party.

  1. Map must be made for Doom 2, and can be ANY format/complevel, as long as it's in the tropical theme.
    • Yes, that means Vanilla/Boom/UDMF, whatever!
      No jumping and/or crouching though!
      Tropical theme implies sandy beaches, cozy caves, vast jungles...
      You can make it as easy or as hard as you want. Just don't make it impossible...
  2. You can include any custom resource (monsters, textures, etc,.) with your map...
    • ..As long as it doesn't replace any stock Doom 2 stuff.
      And isn't an entire TC or whatever.
      Oh, and no DeHacked either.
  3. Resource wad which has all the new textures and sprites can be found HERE.
    • Textures are selected from UDMX and 32-in-24-15.
      New sprite replacements for several objects such as the torches that fit the theme (other stuff is currently a WIP)
      There are also some ZDoom exclusive textures and objects if you wish to use those.
      Some textures might be broken? I'm still going through the duplicates, so lemme know if anything is broken. Textures should be fixed now. But it's still not final, so expect updates.
      If you're using a texture pack like OTEX, don't include it with your submission, just lemme know what texture pack you're using and I'll add it during compilation.
  4. Deadline is August 31st, 2022! When submitting your map please include...
    • Map Name
      Difficulty Settings
      Par Time
      Source Port/Complevel
      Music & Credit
      If your map uses any MAP07 or custom boss triggers PLEASE let me know! I can fix it during compilation using UMAPINFO...
      Not required but would be nice: Co-Op starts/DM Starts
All of the maps will be compiled into one wad ordered by complevel and then by difficulty, which then can be selected using a GZDoom UDMF Hub Map. Other ports like PrBoom can just start the game from MAP01 and continue from there.

Have fun!

Current Slots:

DoomTheRobot - "Cozy Cove", GZDoom (UDMF)
Ayeloo - "Hell's Kitchen", Boom
NaN - "Duo Eye Pogo", GZDoom (UDMF)
Matacrat - ???
gabirupee - ???
OiaHusk - ???, GZDoom (UDMF)
Agent Manovic - "Caustic Caverns", GZDoom (UDMF)
The Gaming Fox - ???, UDMF
General Roasterock - ???

Lazorinc - "Sopa de Ma Caco", Boom

Current WIP Screenshots:

Here's a bunch of screenshots from a selection of maps by us:


(JAMP#2 not done yet lol)

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