SpaceBase, my first map

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SpaceBase, my first map

Post by Xtra_Krispee »


This is the first map/wad I've ever worked on, and is the result of my first dive into doom mapping. This is not an undercooked map however, as it is fully textured, contains secrets and music (MAP01 music b/c I felt it fit well), and has different difficulty settings implemented! If you decide to give it a shot, I hope you enjoy!

- Xtra_Krispee

More info in the .txt file




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Re: SpaceBase, my first map

Post by armymen12002003 »

Wasn't too bad man good job.
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Re: SpaceBase, my first map

Post by _bryan »

The first area was pretty spicy with the knights since you're stuck at that doorway. I think I found 2 secrets, but only one registered.

I would suggest having the low tier guys in the first area and the knights/etc outside.
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Re: SpaceBase, my first map

Post by WhatTheDuckXD »

Not bad! The Plasma Rifle secret is a bit too nice, the Super Shotgun with some more ammo would be more balanced.

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