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Ripnsome Tear Garden-THE ARENA (Horde Map)

Posted: Mon May 16, 2022 5:18 pm
by lulle
Kindergarten is over. I added tons of changes to Ripnsome Tear Garden to turn it into a real arena for only the strongest gladiators.

-Constant supply of health, armor and a small amount of ammo
-Assisting demons (green color)
-Nuke button (@ right side) works only once. So save it for heavy Archvile attacks or other "oh sh*t" situations
-Announcer from MK
-100% custom textures
-MD3 models
-Counter: Killcount (right side) time in minutes (on the left side)
-Goal is to kill 98 monsters (should be 99 but my calculation is a bit off). Not every monster counts! Only the bigger ones: Fatso,HellKnight,Arachnotron,Archvile,BaronOfHell,Cyberdemon,Spidermastermind.
-Environment changes!
-->Sometimes you can hide behind the grandstand
-->Lava keeps floating the garden
-->Doors are opening and closing
-->Sometimes there is a evil pit between the houses

-Play it first on "2 young 2 die" It is brutal.. I warned you. Higher levels = more monsters. I think "Hurt me plenty" is the highest level a human being can master.
But myabe you are not from this world or DOOM Slayer is your cousin idk...
-Hide behind the swing door to gain some health
-Run in circles. I mean: RUN!
-Use infight to your advantage
-Dont get blocked by monsters

I build this map so I'm kinda "blind" of other ways to beat the map. Beating it on 2young2die took me abput 15 minutes. Its rip&tear you'll sweat I swear :lol:

DL: ... sp=sharing

Video of the previous NON-ARENA version:
This time, standing around and watching the carnage is NOT an option!

Last advice: Dont play it for stress relief :geek: