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BANANA FACTORY ACCIDENT 1.1 now in zdoom forum

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2021 8:14 am
by bigsmokeisgod

summery : a banana factory owned by UAC has been attacked by those demon bastards and you have to save it!

this zdoom forum thread was made so the wad can be more accessible
you can check the doomworld page here: ... ew-update/
as well as a modb page:

some stuff about the map:
its one big level full of different places to explore!
a ton of secret places to find!
45 min of play time ! (this time is for my playthrough so you may get less or more time which depend on your skills)
(IMPORTANT) this requires: jumping and freelook (crouching is optional)

(SUPER IMPORTANT) heres the things you have to do before playing :

- play this wad with gzdoom source port and doom 2 iwad.

- use opengl rendering (hardware rendering) for best gayming. I know it sucks but the map kinda plays bad on other renders for some reason (like the fogs are eye melting)
so please use the opengl rendering for the best experience.
(you can turn off the texture filtring in the texture option if you dont like the filtrirng)

- turn on the disable menu clean scaling (search clean on option search). It will make the menu smaller so you can see some words that you
couldn't see.

- turn on dynamic lights to see the lightning in some parts (optional)

- turn on "always run" on players setup

this wad might have some bugs or issues
which i never saw any while play testing it
but still there might be some of those
so if you found or saw any bugs please either reply to this forum
or just message me in discord ( big smoke#9277 )

DOWNLOAD: ... 1.rar/file


oh and btw keep in mind that this wad is for a wad contest by broleg
so you may not get all of the jokes in this wad

thanks and have fun !