Hexen + Wrath of Cronos: Hell Climber (v0.14b)

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Hexen + Wrath of Cronos: Hell Climber (v0.14b)

Postby Derddy » Sat Oct 30, 2021 1:31 am

About this mod:

This is intended to be an extremely co-op friendly adventure & parkour focused Hexen mod with RPG elements, on the Zandronum source port(thus far). While open ended, the gameplay is quite linear. While its meant to be less confusing than vanilla Hexen; it is harder gameplay. Namely, the parkour (it can get quite dangerous...). You will find this to be true when you realize how difficult some of the challenges and parkour are. I suggest you save often. Also, there are many cutscenes. Try to clear any area of monsters before "doing the thing".

Please be aware that lava differs in attributes. The deeper the lava is the more deadly it may be. I recommend avoiding lava at all cost as some of it is instant death.

:idea: Also, be mindful of the dialogue and lore as it will guide you. You may miss out immensely if you put things off or disregard them! Trust the clues.

This is a work in progress. I consider this a demo or Chapter 1 rather. There are only 3 weapons as it is short (1-3 hours long). One of said weapons, you may need to find in the optional "secret map", Winfield Cave.

:!: It is strongly recommended you set the WoC experience multiplier to 275 given the current size of the mod. I say again, it is strongly recommended you set the WoC experience multiplier to 275. This seems to be the best balance. As I add more maps/hubs I will adjust my recommendation. :!:

--- Co-op ---

If you feel like playing/testing co-op, please do and let me know of any issues or concerns. If you do not have anyone to co-op with and still would like to, then stop by the Hexen: Amateur Hour discord server to find other players online. There is a channel just for Hell Climber.

:idea: Suggested command line arguments for co-op: +ZaCompatFlags 2 +sv_weaponstay 1 +sv_unblockplayers 1
(I often use "+sv_cheats true" in any given co-op just in case someone finds a softlock and needs to use kill. In this mod you can save your character & inventory then reconnect if needed. This is just a matter of preference.)

:idea: Suggested DMFLAGS for co-op: 24 (To be used in conjunction with the above command line arguments.)

--- Known bugs ---

--- To install this mod ---

--- Random screenshots ---

--- Future plans for the mod ---

--- Credits ---

Please feel free to let me know of any issues or concerns. Recommendations, ideas, and requests are also very welcome. However, I wont be paying much attention to complaints about resources if you haven't even found the secret "loot cave". This first one(in this release) is literally handed to you if you follow the lore.
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Re: Hexen + Wrath of Cronos: Hell Climber (v0.14b)

Postby Derddy » Thu Nov 11, 2021 1:41 pm

UPDATE(11/11/2021) to v0.14b:

* I changed some of the cut scenes to help guide player. Mostly to make gameplay more straightforward.
* I added to the lore a bit to make things more immersive.
* I nerfed one of the parkour challenges.
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