Chap DM 3

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Chap DM 3

Postby PRFunky » Wed Oct 06, 2021 2:06 am

Chap Deathmatch 3 is finally here! You should download it immediately
and find two to seven friends to play it with. If you don't think that
Chap DM 3 is great, you're weird. Everyone you know thinks Chap DM 3
is the best deathmatch DooM wad file ever made. Their only complaint
is it is too small. They keep screaming more, More, MORE!!

Chap DM 3 is seven finely tuned deathmatch maps OR six, notso-great
single-player maps, but still totally playable in single player mode.
It took seven years to make Chap DM 3. When you age a wad file that
long, you KNOW it'll get yo ath drunk! What are you waiting for?!
Don't miss out! Download Chap Deathmatch 3 right now from:
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