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Re: EDAY Vanilla for vanilla and mods

Postby kalensar » Tue Sep 14, 2021 2:54 pm

Serathis wrote:This will come very handy for Hideous Destructor! Eday works surpsingly well with that mapset!

Yup, Hideous Destructor is on the clean list. Eday is built upon a lot of very natural designs from cities to valleys to wilderness. Map EDAY17 is especially cool because it is a Suburb styled level.
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Re: EDAY Vanilla for vanilla and mods

Postby primavoltage » Wed Sep 15, 2021 12:56 am

kalensar wrote:I don't really expect Eday Vanilla to work on old Zdoom due to the BDv21 ACS module. QCDE is trying to replace custom trees and failed. But it works on Zandronum just fine? I can't test on Zandronum so that is really cool to know!

I'll test Doosk and QCDE( if I can find it) to see whats up and if the trouble persists on GZ 4.6.1

Well, its ZDoom Fork of a an old ZDoom with some features from GZDoom 1.9x, developed by drfrag since it has smooth run than GZDoom or his LZDoom ports and i primarily use it for non-ZScript mods like DoomRL Arsenal (which i still need to test if it runs with this mapset) so maybe it would run normally fine (actually it runs fine besides it runs BD v21 with no problem)...

And yes, it runs Zandronum on those two mods with no problem while ZDoom32,GZDoom (latest included the GLS branch) and LZDoom (latest) doesnt so i have been wondering why it runs Zandro just fine. Maybe probably that 'PowerUp function error that pop out by those two mods are the reason behind it...

Btw, i run it with Combined Arms Gaiden (of course, using the ZDoom32 port) and it works as well...
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Re: EDAY Vanilla for vanilla and mods

Postby kalensar » Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:49 am

Updated the Success list with CODBW Call of Duty Black Warfare.
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