[REALMS-DEEP-2021] Basilica of a Thousand Torments

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[REALMS-DEEP-2021] Basilica of a Thousand Torments

Postby IvanDobrovski » Fri Aug 13, 2021 10:09 pm


This is my map submission for the Realms Deep 2021 event, it seemed the link for it was missing except for the README, so I took to putting it here instead. I've finished a map that's for another project which is in a hiatus at the moment. I thought it'd make a good map when finished, and I've went the extra mile and optimized a lot of areas and added Quake monsters to fit the theme. The map itself was around 60-65% done, most of the layout was finished. It was missing detail in some places, thing placement + scripting was missing or broken in a lot of places. Proper item balancing wasn't there etc. In the time alotted I basically touched up the whole thing, polished it and am now releasing it for everyone to enjoy.

Spoiler: Screenshots

Good luck and have fun finding the hidden logo :)
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Re: [REALMS-DEEP-2021] Basilica of a Thousand Torments

Postby m1lk » Sat Aug 14, 2021 8:31 am

looks amazing, ill try it out
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Re: [REALMS-DEEP-2021] Basilica of a Thousand Torments

Postby Voltcom9 » Wed Aug 25, 2021 7:21 pm

I love the artistic detail in these screenshots! Looks awesome!
Especially the last shot with the circular cathedral looking area.
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Re: [REALMS-DEEP-2021] Basilica of a Thousand Torments

Postby Kappes Buur » Sat Oct 02, 2021 4:43 pm

Excellent map. Tough adversaries. Great weaponry.
Kudos for making it so that it runs on mediocre computer specs.

:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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