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Twisted Reality (Hexen - Gzdoom only)

PostPosted: Thu Jul 08, 2021 2:03 pm
by Zedonk
Story intro:
Something is wrong here. Very very wrong. Nothing makes sense. Why does nothing make sense?

Twisted Reality is a Hexen map for Gzdoom (only) that takes place during Korax's occupation of Cronos. It contains a new weapon and a few modifications to some of the enemies.

Download link: ... 6ZWAa?dl=0

Old download links:
v1.0: ... L-y-a?dl=0

Play information:
This map is very hard on skill 5 so I recommend playing on a lower skill if it is on your first time.
Must play on Gzdoom (tested on 4.6.0).
Singleplayer only.
My recommended settings is to play using mouselook with autoaim turned completely off but feel free to play with whatever feels comfortable.
Jumping is mandatory.
Crouching has been disabled.
To skip the intro, press the jump key.


These are spoilers for the map so read at your own peril!

For credits see the enclosed text file.