Doom 2 Map - Forbidden Depths

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Doom 2 Map - Forbidden Depths

Postby NoahMT9 » Wed Apr 14, 2021 12:36 am

Google Drive Download Link: ... sp=sharing

This is my very first attempt at creating a full length, large original map for Doom 2. This level took me about 4 months of on and off development (around 2-3 hours a day 5 days a week on average). Being pretty new to the Doom mapping scene, this took me quite a while to complete as I was learning everything on the fly. Thanks to a lot of trial & error, experimentation, Youtube videos and help from the friendly ZDoom discord, I was able to create something that I'm actually very proud of. It is quite a hard level and also quite long but I think I was able to create something that could actually belong in a fan-made map pack similar to TNT or Plutonia Experiment. I will admit that this level suffers from that classic "Final Level Syndrome" in the sense that I made a level that would be one of the final levels in the game considering its difficulty and length. Overall though I am quite proud of it, especially considering the entire level was put together on my own.

I am a fully qualified Game Designer and am looking for jobs currently within the industry. One of the main reasons I decided to get into Doom mapping was because my favorite aspect of Game Design is Level Design and I would absolutely love to be a Level Designer in the near future at a studio. I thought this would make a nice portfolio piece.

Please give the level a try and give me feedback, I would love to hear what people think and what I can do to improve and get better, thanks!

You've heard rumors about strange happenings in an nearby ancient forest such as disappearances, ritualistic gatherings and even human sacrifice and cannibalism. Curiosity getting the better of you, you decide to one day venture deep into the forest all alone in order to get some answers and find out if the rumors are true or not for yourself. After hiking for hours deep into the wilderness, you begin to think that it is all just a folk tale made up to scare tourists, when suddenly, you trip down a deep hole and land yourself in what seems to be some ancient tomb or temple. With no visible way out, you decide to bravely venture deeper into this dark place... may god have mercy on your soul.

Gameplay Video:
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Re: Doom 2 Map - Forbidden Depths

Postby Camper125Lv » Sat Apr 17, 2021 5:02 pm

Feels squerish and had trouble figuring out big bloody red room, ended up spending there way too much time in it. I enjoed the most outside area, even tho it felt kinda uneven in it's difficulty and trying to figure out where to go next, it was quite fun. Also quite often it felt like i have barely enough ammo, it mostly happaned in foresty area( where i didn't really mind) and in big room (where i really minded, mostly because of other irritations like difficulty spike and not knowing where to go).

Sadly it's not blind playthrough cuz my recodring sofware failed so here is a video of me playing it again and comenting all the flaws in it and my thoughts. I had quite bad day + original recording failed, so i might sound harsh. Don't take it too close to heart.
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Re: Doom 2 Map - Forbidden Depths

Postby NoahMT9 » Tue Apr 20, 2021 11:15 pm

Appreciate the feedback! Thanks for taking the time to play the level and give me some advice.
I think the problem with the difficulty was because I was the only one who tested it and being the creator of the map of course I'm going to play it perfectly. I thought I gave enough ammo but I guess that's only because I played the level perfectly hahaha.

Thanks again for taking the time to play it and give me feedback!
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