Deon's Techbase - DOOM2 basic mapping project

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Deon's Techbase - DOOM2 basic mapping project

Postby Deon » Sun Mar 21, 2021 4:00 pm

Hello fellow doomers.

I have tried to publish a couple of mappacks on these forums, and if you had a chance to try them, you know that I went crazy with furniture and custom textures.

This time I've decided to try myself in a more classical "DOOM" style, and I playtest it using GZDoom.

The rules are:
- Not using voxels/complex furniture models.
- Only using base DOOM2 textures.
- Not using 3d floors or other "magic".
- Only standard ACS and GZDoom map format.

Here's the first level I came up with. It's just D1MAP01 (type "map D1MAP01" in the console to launch it), it doesn't take into account difficulty levels yet, and it's only 3 days old, but I've spent some time on it, and I would like to hear your feedback.
The level is not 100% linear, although there are areas gated behind keys needed to progress. The level is small, and all detailing I've done was just to make it look nicer, but not over the top. I took inspiration watching youtubers like Decino playing WADs like Sunlust.

Download: ... 1.wad/file

DISCLAIMER: I don't have many traps/monster closets. There are a couple of areas which teleport monsters in. There's no frequent use of blinking light.
GAMERULES: Jumping/crouching/freelook are allowed. Flying is not allowed.
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Re: Deon's Techbase - DOOM2 basic mapping project

Postby Deon » Sun Mar 21, 2021 5:33 pm

A quick update: I've made the exit actually switch to the next map (by default: Doom2 MAP01) instead of doing nothing. The plans are to have the next level, but I need to work on that first, and in the meantime any feedback is appreciated.
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Re: Deon's Techbase - DOOM2 basic mapping project

Postby Deon » Sun Mar 21, 2021 9:38 pm

An early work on the map 2, an overgrown tech base.
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Re: Deon's Techbase - DOOM2 basic mapping project

Postby Camper125Lv » Sat Mar 27, 2021 4:46 pm

Very nice map, kinda odd that it doesn't have any music and that u need to open it through console, also it's very easy, otherwise pretty cool. That name makes me want to make my own techbase map and call it Camper's Techbase. Oh and in video i mentioned that radsuit position is kinda bad, i still stand by that, but position where i suggested to put it isn't the greatest.
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Re: Deon's Techbase - DOOM2 basic mapping project

Postby MartinHowe » Sun Mar 28, 2021 4:41 am

Very good, I really enjoyed this.

General remarks

Please use a standard map name, i.e. (for a single map wad) MAP01; tools, editors, and particularly launchers, will be able to find it; (a) it shouldn't be necessary to use +map at the command line or map in the console just to start the map and (b) I don't normally play with music but using a standard map name means at least the usual music for MAP01 will play; alternatively please include a MAPINFO lump to specify the music.

Not enough monsters - and I'm a casual player and not that good! Some parts, particularly bigger areas, would benefit from a chaingunner and a couple more hell knights, as well as a few more zombieman.

There is a fair bit of copypasta in places, particularity tech columns (those made of map geometry, not the sprite type); why not make a few custom frankentextures of comp panels, broken screens or whatnot?

Good move on the imps in the washroom - and I love the washing machines, that was inspired :thumb: For bonus, make them explode if shot or something, or perhaps attack the player with electrical sparks; I believe GZDoom now has destroyable map geometry, though not tried it myself yet.

The impression of concrete walls with gaps is broken by the cacodemons shooting through it; it might be better to use real walls or maybe a 'block everything' flag on parts of the line corresponding to the non-gaps. If you can guarantee that at that point the player is only facing melee enemies, it would work (i.e., the demons).

This is only a minor nitpick, but if the player has to take lava damage to get all the items (particularly ammo) either put a radiation suit that is just about reachable before the health boxes or make them medikits instead of stimpacks; obviously not near the parked aircraft as, presumably, getting the backpack is meant to be difficult :)

If there is no benefit to exploring the lava pit right round the far corners, i.e. no monsters to fight, no good stuff to pick up, why not make it obvious? For example, put a grating or fence in view at the end of the pit. Or for better gameplay, a slightly hidden radiation suit and some stuff to pick up around the corner.

So please keep at this, overall 8/10
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Re: Deon's Techbase - DOOM2 basic mapping project

Postby DavidN » Mon Mar 29, 2021 8:59 am

This was really good :) Only the squareness of the rooms is really an indicator that this map was made by a relative beginner - your detailing with the ramps and sector furniture and everything is really good! It makes the map look good without getting in the way of the gameplay.

My playthrough video:

Also, here's the tutorial I mention about how to define your own episodes through MAPINFO!
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Re: Deon's Techbase - DOOM2 basic mapping project

Postby Rex705 » Fri May 21, 2021 9:06 am

This was a fun map :)

My gameplay video
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