[LZWolf[ Wolfenstein 3D in G Minor

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[LZWolf[ Wolfenstein 3D in G Minor

Postby AstroCreep » Fri Feb 26, 2021 4:56 pm

another steaming pile of shit by AstroCreep


This is a 1-level miniature game modification (also known as a "mini-mod") for Wolfenstein 3D using LZWolf, a source port
maintained by Linuxwolf, based on ECWolf by Blzut3. It may only be 1 map, but it's pretty large - 128x128 to be exact, which puts
it at about 4 times the size of a normal Wolf3D map. Asset-wise, this is a pretty vanilla mod - using only a select few Spear of
Destiny and MacWolf actors and a few bosses from Dunkelschwamm's Wolf3D Boss Generator to spice things up a bit. Feature-wise this
uses a few tricks specific to EC/LZWolf, such as triggered pushwalls/doors, ROTT style elevators, changing music and trigger-activated DECORATE
actors. To put the icing on the cake, the entire mod is set to the classical music of Beethoven, to fit the classical vanilla overall theme.




You're on your own for Linux, as no binary packages exist at the present and you must compile from source.
The compile instructions for ECWolf work perfectly for LZWolf as well,
however you must (obviously) pull the source from the LZWolf bitbucket instead.


Map, Title screen/Credit screen, IMF Conversion - AstroCreep
Bosses - generated using Wolf3D Boss Generator by Dunkelschwamm
Music - Beethoven, Erik Satie
Special thanks - other modders



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Re: [LZWolf[ Wolfenstein 3D in G Minor

Postby Ashat Maself » Fri Apr 02, 2021 9:59 am

is this doom engine or not? if not then it really doesnt belong here
Ashat Maself
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Re: [LZWolf[ Wolfenstein 3D in G Minor

Postby wildweasel » Fri Apr 02, 2021 11:42 am

Ashat Maself wrote:is this doom engine or not? if not then it really doesnt belong here

It is for LZWolf, and the thread title indicates this. Therefore, it is fine being here.
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