[hexen][single][gzdoom] Oracle: the God of Time

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[hexen][single][gzdoom] Oracle: the God of Time

Postby hezenbezen » Thu Feb 18, 2021 3:23 pm

You, the glorious son of an ancient people of wizards and warriors, like all the inhabitants of the capital of your kingdom, worship the God of Time on His Altar, where the Oracle, the marvelous creation of the mighty magicians, gives blessings, gifts and clues to everyone who will honor the God of Time with his... time. But years and centuries have passed. The people of the realm, immersed in luxury and gratification, began to forget their God. Less and less they came to the Altar, less and less time was devoted to the One who had never asked for more from his flock.

So one day, taking advantage of the citizens' lack of attention, a dark sorcerer and demon captured the Altar. He infiltrated the secrets of the Oracle, and now the Oracle began to lie to the people, it gave him evil and suffering instead of the gifts.

When several of your brothers defected to the demon’s side, the wizards and warriors gathered and attempted to retake the Altar. But the demon hid it from the humans, taking it to the Eternal Forest. It’s an ancient place out of our world, full of enchantments and mirages. It was even said that the Forest was flooded. But you, the only one who found a loophole in there, managed to sneak in to try and figure out how to defeat the demon and dispel the darkness. Let’s hope the Oracle prompts...
It seems one of the traitors managed to get in there after you...


Hexen, GZDoom, Map01

Report bugs here.

Good luck =)

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Re: [hexen][single][gzdoom] Oracle: the God of Time

Postby hezenbezen » Fri Feb 19, 2021 12:59 pm

Wad file updated - some bugs removed, and the overall game balance improved.

The description coming soon.

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