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a_tryv3.wad- My third edit

PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 9:57 am
by KSPBaron145
OK, you get it. Day go brrr. I improve maps, and don't make new maps. Anyway, here ye go, but beware of thee ghosts.

Re: a_tryv3.wad- My third edit

PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:15 pm
by Dewzanity
Well, I'm assuming this is this is your first time mapping, and if it is, then I would recommend lots of practice to get used to the tools and to eventually develop a style of the kind of maps you enjoy making, and you should also experiment with other mapping styles too while your at it to find out what maps styles you enjoy most. I suggest observing other maps that you find impressive and using elements from those maps as inspiration for things like map detail, map flow, and well, anything really. Keep working to improve if you enjoy mapping, and you'll be an expert before you know it.

Now regarding these maps, I have some constructiveness to point out.

- Map01 has demons above the blue key where they aren't a threat, unless you're playing with infinite height actors. I was expecting for them to lower down once you grab the blue key, so that might be a good suggestion.
- Map02's lift at the beginning is bugged. Take the two linedefs where you press the lift for it to lower down and flip them by pressing the F key. (if that's the right hotkey for DB2, but I use GZDB). Flipping the linedefs will allow you to activate the lift by the linedefs front side. You can't activate something from the linedef's back side, unless its a "walk over" line. You can tell which linedef side is the front side by which direction a spike in the middle of a linedef is pointing.
- Map02 has no exit.

Is was still very fun to play. Fun isn't much of a mapping skill that you learn, and that you can still make something fun from your very first map. Unless you intentionally make it boring by making the level very repetitive and/or unfair.

Also, I think you should keep all your posts and replies on the same topic, rather than making a new topic for every update. You might anger some people if you keep making new topics for a new update. Keep up the good work!