Sandstone [Single Level Tech Base//My First WAD]

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Sandstone [Single Level Tech Base//My First WAD]

Postby OrbitalSpaceGarbage » Thu Dec 31, 2020 9:24 am


Tasked with infiltrating a secret underground base of some nefarious agency, you're promptly captured and thrown in a cell. Not long later, however, you hear screaming and strange noises coming from ou[url]tside your cell. It seems like your captors have been transformed into (surprise surprise) demons! Now is your chance to escape!

A Bit About the Map

So after a few false starts, this is my first finished DOOM level. I know it can be better, but I'm really looking forward to some feedback on how to make my maps play better - be more fun etc. While I can do detail (less so here) I struggle with making encounters that are fun to play and move through, so any help there would be a massive help. I'm also looking for input on texturing, I struggle a bit with making areas feel cohesive. 

This level was imagined as the start of a larger (and mostly theoretical) MegaWAD where you'd be escaping the island lair of some James Bond-esque villain who's minions have all been turned into demons. 

Music: Swing of the Axe (Executioners Tax) by Power Trip (RIP Riley)
Secrets: 3
Monsters: 142


Starts on: MAP01
Tested with: GZDoom (well and PRBoom but it crashed)
Freelook: Recommended
Jumping: Recommended to access all areas, but is completable without
Crouching: Players choice, it shouldn't impact anything
Difficulties available: UV and HMP

More Screenshots


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Re: Sandstone [Single Level Tech Base//My First WAD]

Postby Thanuris » Fri Jan 15, 2021 11:05 am

Gave it a spin in UV and the difficulty feels fine for the first map of a potential MegaWAD, albeit a bit boring since you can backtrack from all but two fights (which IMO were the two most fun fights of the map, specially the elevator at the end) and the enemy count is a little too tame for the size of the hallways and rooms of the map and the amount of resources it gives to the player. Some enemy placements were very questionable, like 90% of the Hell Knights who pose no threat whatsoever since as I said earlier you can backtrack from any fight so it's pretty much impossible for them to close down on the player, I feel the one on the elevator at the end was the only one which was used properly. And the first secret is kind of pointless given the player is going to explore all the rooms anyway for the ammo you put there, so it's not really a secret. Overall I'll say it was fun to play through and it's very nice for a first WAD!
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Re: Sandstone [Single Level Tech Base//My First WAD]

Postby Chubbs » Sun Jan 17, 2021 10:18 pm

This is a really good map for a first one, it's fun to run around in! I like the aesthetics and style of it; it hits that sweetspot for me between modern and "vanilla" mapping sensibilities. There's some really eye catching set pieces (I liked the imp sludge jacuzzi that later becomes an archvile spawn). While the geometry was fun, the only thing I didn't like was the lack of pickups. The sectors can feel a little lonely if you don't give em health vials and decorations as friends! I feel like you could've split it up into 2 levels and it would've presented better. Good map tho, fun to play and great for a first!
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