[LZWolf]Astrostein Open Invite Mapset [SUBMIT YOUR MAPS]

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[LZWolf]Astrostein Open Invite Mapset [SUBMIT YOUR MAPS]

Postby AstroCreep » Mon Dec 14, 2020 6:47 am

With the success of our first community project, the LZWolf First Ever Open Invite Mapset, Dunkelschwamm and I are pleased to announce our next project: the LZWolf Astrostein Open Invite Community Mapset! Similar to the last submission-based mod, we aim to collect levels from various modders, both new and veteran, from all corners of the internet (and maybe the galaxy?!). Simply download the toolkit (found at the Moddb page here), set up WDC, make a map, and send it to either me or Dunkel! (Additional contact info is included with the toolkit.)

A few guidelines:

*Limit of 3 maps per submitter
*You can add custom actors/textures to your map! Follow the instructions included to set up an alternate XLAT file so you can define your new tiles
*If you are simply making a map, you can send it to us in either WAD, PK3 or WDC MAP format, just please provide some basic details such as song selection, flat color/texture, par time, etc
*If you are using custom assets, please use PK3 format and an alternate XLAT
*You can choose your own song if you do not want to use the songs included in the pk3. Please use IMF, WLF or ModPlug formats. No OGG please, trying to keep file size low.

Basic Instructions:

You can find a very basic step-by-step video tutorial here.

1. Set up your WDC project - set your base data folder to your vanilla Wolf3D folder, your extension to WL6, your output folder to a blank folder of your choosing, and the map data file to "astrokit.wmc" (included with this toolkit) Go to Maximum Values and change the Map Planes to 4 if you wish to use the 4th Plane (switch tagging and other ECWolf specific features)

2. Make your map and save. Export your map to WAD. You can do this manually by exporting your map to regular WDC format as PLANES.map and injecting into a WAD (look at the demo map for an example), or you can use the WAD exporter (requires wl6map.txt, included with this toolkit) Refer to Dunkel's tutorial videos for detailed instructions, or the guide in the MAPS folder (as explained with this helpful video)

3. Dump your new map WAD file into the "Maps" folder of this PK3. Remember to make your definition in mapinfo.txt! Repeat steps 2-3 for each map

4. Play that shit!

This is a quasi-vanilla themed kit, so no extra EC/LZ features such as flats, parallax skies, halo lighting, brightness or any other fancy bells and whistles are included. However they can very EASILY be added to this pk3. Refer to the ECWolf tutorial page on Wolfsource, the LZWolf wiki on bitbucket, or simply tear apart a LZ mod to see how it's all done!

These are indeed only basic guidelines, and the included scripts/defs can easily be modified within SLADE and WDC! Feel free to add things such as light levels, parallax skies and flats to create a completely new experience!


If you make a map with only the included assets, simply send me the Map Wad file and I can handle the rest, as long as you provide me with proper details such as music selection, par time, and ceiling/floor color selection

If your map contains new custom assets we would prefer you to package your new map in pk3 format, arranged in the same way as this toolkit - if you have new sprites/sounds/ scripts/whatever, please put them in a folder with your name

EXAMPLE: /sprites/dunkelschwamm/ /actors/dunkelschwamm/ etc

Remember to make a new XLAT file! Refer to the instructions in the XLAT folder.

Please design your map for pistol start and with no secret exits, maps will be accessed from a central hub map, much like the prior community mapset. You can name the map wad whatever you like, as I will be arranging the maps in a logical fashion so the teleport triggers function properly.


You can submit your maps to either myself or Dunkelschwamm - there are multiple ways to contact us:

A) DieHard Wolfers Forum, if you are a member, simply drop one of us a message with a link (member names: AstroCreep; Dunkelschwamm)

B) ZDoom Forums, if you are a member, simply drop a message with a link to AstroCreep

C) Twitter, @AstroCreep5 and @dunkelschwamm

D) Discord, we are both active members in multiple Wolfenstein/Doom/id discords, such as WolfSource, Team Raycast, ZDoom, The Wolf's Den, etc. Feel free to send a message to one of us and attach your map. (We can both be found easiest on WolfSource)

E) ModDB, send a message with a link to your map to AstroCreep.

Now get out there and make some great maps!

Toolkit - DOWNLOAD
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Re: [LZWolf]Astrostein Open Invite Mapset [SUBMIT YOUR MAPS]

Postby cubebert » Thu Dec 24, 2020 7:57 pm

Here's my second map that I'll submit to the mapset. I've decided to not only work bigger, but I've added more decorations such as ceiling lamps to the map so it won't be as barren as my first map. I included a custom song and credited the person who made it along with the website in the MAPINFO file. This will likely be my last map I'll submit, but it was fun to try mapping Wolf3D maps for the first time.
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Re: [LZWolf]Astrostein Open Invite Mapset [SUBMIT YOUR MAPS]

Postby AstroCreep » Fri Dec 25, 2020 7:22 am

Awesome bro. Thanks much
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Re: [LZWolf]Astrostein Open Invite Mapset [SUBMIT YOUR MAPS]

Postby Voltcom9 » Mon Dec 28, 2020 5:52 pm

These memes are priceless! A+ for the promotional art and star trek memes.
This promises to be a really cool set of maps.
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Re: [LZWolf]Astrostein Open Invite Mapset [SUBMIT YOUR MAPS]

Postby AstroCreep » Mon Dec 28, 2020 7:07 pm

Keep an eye out on Twitter and discord - there are more out there and more coming lol. Follow @AstroCreep5 or @dunkelschwamm to keep up with the latest updates. Dunkel dropped a short video of one of his submissions that is very worth checking out.
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