[wip] the rising land of Lightbringer 1 made for zandronum

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[wip] the rising land of Lightbringer 1 made for zandronum

Postby haruko haruhara » Wed Nov 25, 2020 6:21 pm

hai! i have not been on here in quite awhile but i have been making doom maps for a long time now and i came up with this idea ever since i played, hell after dream's 1&2, and, swan fox 1&2 and then i thought i could make something like it but better i
been making this concept for a long time first i started a wad called,hell's realm, which was a little mistake because i used a map format that was doom in doom zandronum which can't do scripts so i cancelled that one and one of my great friends
[hevn demonic] has came up a name for me called the rising land of Lightbringer i made 2 attempts, first was not good 2nd was awful 3rd i'm liking this so i made a video on it, but here is some screenshots an a video.


the video

the wad is not released yet but here is the credits

Lolo_is_cool [for some assets]
hevn demonic [for some assets]
angel neko X [for some assets]
gignanic lemonade aka gameloverenjoyer [for some assets]
yuki senmatsu [for some map help]
gaia74 [for code help maybe]
cu2 [for map help an playtesting and editing]
Psi boredom q [for map help]
Mr.s.retro [for code help and might merge into pk3]

thats pretty much it for now any feedback on the video and screenshots an for me to improve i will try to improve

now for a little extra i'm currently working on

hells realm horror still wip
my hells realm wad but horror theme hells realm was going to be Llightbringer until i cancelled it

but yeah tell me your thoughts on it if i need to improve on something i will
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