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UAC High-Tech Command Base [Early W.I.P.]

PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:15 pm

The map that I decided to craft based on the content, that I previously collected for my other project (Yes, I'm not a master at inventing complicated names).

In general, a medium-sized map is planned, consisting of a kind of administrative wings, residential, technical&warehouse, and something like a "recreation center" from the Doom Bible. Which, in turn, are located around the central hall (which is in the first screenshots), and you will need to search for the keys accordingly in order to further advance.

Now all this is about 25% of planned map ready, with two base's "wings" of four (the rest, in theory, should have a more complex structure).

I initially decided to focus on the Alpha-like look, from which all this shiny, very ultra-bright look. It is planned to replace (predictably) E1M1. This will be ZDoom compatible, since there are new actors (in particular, destructible bushes and lamps). Tracker music is also planned among other features. Otherwise, it will be close to the classic, without slopes and other new-fashion things.
So far, this is only a layout, so most of the monsters are missing, as are a number of secondary details.
The structure of the map itself is also very simple, without labyrinths and other things, but I will make you look in all corners to get some goodies.

While WIP, because I working on it from time to time. I am thinking of posting a test version, but for this I have to finish at least that is.